VOTD : Ram Gopal Varma turns singer for Rakht Charitra!

Posted: September 28, 2010 by moifightclub in film, music, News, Simbly South, VOTD
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Yes, here it is. Ramuji ke dil ki paak awaaz!

  1. This would’ve been a great trailer had someone other than cold-water-in-the-bathroom-voice Ram Gopal Varma lent their vocals.

    But it looks like RGV has taken a heck of a lot of liberties to make a Paritala Ravi biopic – i see so many things in these trailers that Paritala was never even involved with…

    And most importantly, being a Hyderabadi, and having seen the chaos in the state post Ravi’s death, i can assure you that mofo RGV is fueling the fire with this film. Lets hope this won’t turn out to be another Babri 2.0 – very few even knew who P.Ravi was until he died and the political party goons clashed.

  2. a says:

    Not bad at all!

  3. Jitaditya says:

    love this trailer…a lot of ppl hate RGV nowadays for his last few films. Even lesser filmmakers crack jokes on him…but I hope this one will set the records straight…after all he’s the man who brought darkness & gore to mainstream Bollywood…

  4. suresh says:

    If u heard RGV sing here this too the Hindi version and then compare if RGV is a bathroom or a talent singer. Esp @ Mihir

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