WTF : The budget of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish is 80cr!

Posted: September 30, 2010 by moifightclub in bollywood, film, News, WTF, Xclusive
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Yes, 80 fucking crores! What are the guys at UTV Motion Pictures smoking ? Please pass the dope. And believe it or not, the budget is not the only shocking part of the film.

Try guessing director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s fees. As wild as you want. And if you are done with it, breathe easy and hold your jaws tightly. Bhansali has been paid Rs 25 fucking crore as writing & direction fees! Beat that. And 25 crore to the director whose last film was Saawariya! BTW, do the guys at UTV read scripts ? Doesn’t look like. Atleast thats what it seems from their last few releases. And those of you, who are still bothered about Saawariya – how it got made and financed, click here to read the curious case of Saawariya. Its a must read. Seems like UTV guys don’t subscribe to Open Magazine. Do it, its good. And Beware!

Also, Hrithik Roshan has been paid Rs 15crore and Aishwarya Rai’s fees is Rs 5 crore for Guzaarish, and both of them command much higher fee in the market. Bhansali’s 25crore fees also include the clause that he will get Hrithik & Aishwarya Rai  at a discounted rate. The production budget of the film is Rs 35 crore. And that’s how the total budget is Rs 80 crore ( 25 + 15 + 5 + 35)

Now, the big question is how do they plan to recover so much ? It seems UTV is clear on that front. If they are lucky, they will break even. If not, its just to make their CV look good, maintain their position in the share market, make it look big to get easy funding. Its all about the big picture with the biggest stars and a big director and Guzaarish is just a 80crore tool to make that picture look good. The film ?  Well, it seems like Prestige meets The Sea Inside meets The Diving Bell and the butterfly.

  1. Rusted rick says:

    and we thought after Kites, all the production houses learned a lesson
    the trailer itself had enough pseudo artsy fartsy-ness to give me indigestion for a week!!
    how time changes…these same UTV guys were the heroes a year back when they were backing projects like Sajjanpur…!!!

  2. chin512 says:

    but if UTV wants to spend 80 crores to look good in the share market, its their choice na !!
    They are blowing away their own money or say public money…public should be worried not critics or pseudo-critics like you…you should be concerned about the film and its content and various aspects of the film..not its budget…
    Let them do it. You can criticize the film, actors, directors – but you would have criticised them even if budget was 30 crores and not 80…so go ahead..thats the point of your existence, isnt it?

  3. Kassam says:

    its not 80 cr. It is 50 cr.

  4. @pvijay says:

    HT City says 35 Cr. Sorry 35 effng Cr.
    In any case, #facepalm

    • Rishika says:

      This is all rubbish…the budget is way less than 80 crores and SLB cannot have been paid so much! Do not trust newspapers…these were the same guys that said Saawariya was the most awaited movie of the year man! CRAP!

      and UTV is one house which is better off the worse we have in the country! It produced Peepli Live at 10 crores, Dev D at 5.5 crores and 60 crores ( inclusive of marketing, production, prints and blah) for the multi starrer – Raajneeti! Comeon, do you think they will just suddenly invest the world for Hrithik and Aishwarya???

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