Ranveer Singh – New hero of YRF and his Band Baaja Baaraat (Trailer)

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Once it was only about Shah Rukh Khan films. Then they had films with Saif Ali Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham. And even Shahid Kapoor and Neil Nitin Mukesh got into the so called YRF camp soon. The brand wasn’t about A-list anymore. And now, after ages, they are launching a new actor in their new film Band Baaja Baaraat. Naam hai Ranveer Singh. The film is directed by debutant Maneesh Sharma and it co-stars Anushka Sharma. And its all about some more weddings! Spare us.

Here is the official synopsis of the film…

Shruti (Anushka Sharma) is a 20-something no-nonsense girl from a middle class Delhi household. Focused and determined with preplanned ambitions, her goals in life are well laid out by the time she reaches her final year of college.

Bittoo (Ranveer Singh), on the other hand, has no real aim in life. As a final year college student of Delhi University, he whiles away his life having fun with his buddies, barely scraping through his exams.

A chance and inopportune meeting (or as you would call it, fate) brings the two of them together on a tumultuous journey where they become partners in their very own, “Wedding planning ka bijness”. The rules however, are clear: “Jisse vyapaar karo, usse kabhi na pyaar karo” (Don’t mix business with pleasure).

Together, their friendship and business, enters the ups and downs of the lavish Delhi weddings. And while trying to find themselves, Shruti and Bittoo discover each other and realize that in the course of their journey, unke khud ke rules ki bajegi band!

And here is the trailer…

  1. Ratnakar says:

    Arre yaar, how many more movies are we going to be having about chance encounters, discovering friendships, and all that Dosti Pyaar stuff. Gimme a break Please.

  2. Ratnakar says:

    Arre yaar, how many more movies are we going to be having about chance encounters, discovering friendships, and all that Dosti Pyaar stuff. Gimme a break Please.

  3. @pvijay says:

    When the film is a guaranteed nonsense, how can its heroine be “a no-nonsense girl”? 😛

  4. amit says:

    @: @pvijay: Interesting point dude. 😀

    Well the trailer doesn’t excite me. Neither the story seems interesting nor the characters. Any takers of its music ?

  5. d'jango says:

    a little birdie told me that ranveer’s dad paid yash uncle 9 crore to launch him high into the bollywood sky. bring on the band baaja then – time for lunch!

  6. Ksmommy says:

    Ranbir Kapoor’s competitor has arrived! #RanveerSingh

  7. Fatema says:

    Gosh he is so ugly he makes Mimoh look handsome!

  8. Rusted rick says:

    are they targeting the bhojpuri audience now?

  9. ana says:

    if Ranveer Singh like guys are into shoes of hero then who r gonna do the villain part? he looks just TAPORI class…yawk!Anushka ki high time launch with Shahrukh ki band baj gayi!!!

  10. rachit sharma says:

    its gud dat Y.R.F givs chance 2 new dreamers 2 xploere dr potential, best of luck yash raj films, waiting for 10 Dec

  11. Gulsan says:

    Nice effort of yf camp gudluck 4r ranveer come @be the shining star

  12. Abdulllah kazi says:

    the story seems to excite me and its good that YRF is giving newcomers a chance ranveer has done ekdum must delhi wali acting and as usual anushka rocks…here is the link of BBB Facebook Official Page http://www.facebook.com/BandBaajaBaaraat

  13. Gurpreet says:

    This movie looks interesting…I think YRF is great for giving Ranveer his first movie with Anuska, shes a gr8 actress. I look forward for this movie. Cant wait. and by the way hes not tht ugly calm down @Fatema

    • pal says:

      ranveer has done greatjob….he looks nice and his acting is awesum , and his dance is rocking …i think new srk has cum…

  14. Sonia says:

    Ranvir has actd lyk a rockstar.. N has danced vry wel in d song ainvey ainvey..

  15. Reshma says:

    story doesnot seems interstng.. but some of the songs rocks.. ranveer is simply superb… just love him

  16. randomorange says:

    i think ranveer singh is fantastic 🙂 and you gotta cut this guy some slacks , it takes a lot of courage to be an actor without a film family. besides he’s a natural , i cannot say the same about many recent actors 😛

  17. strawberrysky says:

    i love ranveer 🙂 this guy sure would give ranbir some competition since imran cannot 😛

  18. zingerzinga says:

    yeah dude, this guy knows his thing for sure , thank god for a good actor who just doesn’t look pretty in screen and cannot act … exhibit a. a certain mr r k 😛

  19. Blitzkrieg says:

    what an ugly monkey! and what courage r u talking about? his dad funded the movie!

  20. rhea says:

    the movie is too gud.. thoroughly enjoyed it..

  21. rani says:

    hi guys i agree he’s not good looking like RK ;bt if he’s a good actor then its fine cos we do like Ajay devgan n we all knows he’s agly aswell.

  22. rani says:

    film sounds good n funny ,anushka is good actress.
    good luck to both of them.;

  23. humbugable says:

    Dont know if his dad funded the movie!!

    Who cares I ‘ENJOYED’ this movie

    Great music, Ranveer Singh rocked and had fantastic chemistry with Anushka

  24. monika says:

    Ranveer singh is my favourite actor.In anivayi anivayi and dum dum he was so rocking…! and also in the movie. I dont why they are giving this type of comments about him.What the hell they think they are.

  25. monika says:

    Ranveer u r so dashing!!!

  26. monika says:

    I am eagerly waiting for ur next film. keep rocking… man

  27. gazala says:

    ranveer u r very smart and dashing. i think u can compete with ranbir kapoor. i also want to be an actress and do a film with u so wait for me. till then take care and keep going.

  28. ibrahim says:

    we indain people have a great problem that we know nothing but r expert in pulling others leg who is trying to prove himself better…..by the time we dont learn to encourage a person……we can never compete with the western nations or any other…and yes the movie was awesome………common india this is just a begining….. we have to reach the top and we will……..!!

  29. bandar says:

    This movie was hilarious BINESS! Hope to see more of Ranveer Kapoor! Anushka Sharma is the only one of these actresses (like katrina, deepika, etc) I actually like.

  30. imbisat says:

    this flim is very interesting and ranveer is looking ousome

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