VOTD : Here is the RAT!

Posted: November 30, 2010 by moifightclub in short film, video, VOTD

Aha, here it is! Screeny is back. But who many Screenys do we have ? I have lost count. Anyone ? Ok, thats secondary. We first got this bit and as expected, here is the short.  Also, attached is a note by Screeny, about the short – the how and why. And its done for us because somewhere  the dots gets connected. Read, watch and put your comments…good, bad, ugly, anything will do.

Screeny went in search of a good fight. The fights were out there in Mumbai. Sporadic, but invisible… Tales of struggle and survival…unseen, untold, unsung… Like lives of larvae braving guppies beneath the algae. He wanted a good fight. And it was never about winning. How do you define victory after all? What is the point of victory if you lose your soul ? What if you win a hundred fights that you didn’t believe in ? He just wanted the bruises… the pain… the exhilaration of delivering even one blow…and blurry pride in be still standing at the end of it, dying to do it again, having learnt to fight better. Even if the fights don’t churn out anything new, it would lead him to some good fighters of the club. Fighters with fire. Whose passion is not in the contest of the fight, but the process of the fight.

The verdicts and thumbs downs are left for those who prefer to stand watching, eternally outside the ring. He needed them for their cat calls and cheers. It gave him direction. They will boo you for the punches you get. But they don’t know anything about the choice you made to fight with bare hands. They will mock the thud of your every fall. But they don’t have to know about your choice not to wait for the crutch of better resources. And Screeny knew the most important thing – The distance between the centre of the ring and the benches of judges or spectators is not a few yards but an eternity of reluctance and procrastination and slothfulness and self doubt. ‘How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?’ Atleast we all know who said that.

If interested in picking up a fight like Screeny,  write to B H Filmix at barehandsfilmix@gmail.com

  1. Vijay Tagore says:

    Also open to multiple interpretations…..Who did this?

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jhandubaba Chinchin, fightclub. fightclub said: If u r curious about the Rat – https://moifightclub.wordpress.com/2010/11/30/votd-here-is-the-rat/ […]

  3. Chor Chor says:

    Plagiarism from Christopher Nolan’s first short film! arseholes

  4. Ravi says:

    ha ha..The dots are well connected Mr. Fightclub, the ending caught me….and the scene in the verandah was crazy….are all of them the same guy or different who look similar ? ..which among them is the real rat ?

  5. B H Filmix says:

    hey Chor ,

    I am very happy to know you have noticed the Nolan connection, unfortunately you have failed to notice a lot of things that we have plagarised from Fightclub, the movie.

    To do full justice to what you have called us in the last word.

    Here is the Thesaurus definition –

    Main Entry: plagiarism
    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: copying of another’s written work

    Here is also the link to Doodlebug, I hope you enjoy watching it again and decide.

    Are you watching closely? – Alfred Borden

  6. Vijay Tagore says:

    Dear Filmix,
    Worry not of self acclaimed critics like Chor chor who have nothing better to do than to find fault with others’ work and call them names.
    I doubt they have had an original thought in their entire lifetime.
    I think the film is a gr8 effort by you and your team.
    Keep up the good work.

    P.S: I saw Doodlebug. There are similarities but there is no plagiarism.
    Methinks Mr. Chor knows not his elbow from his ARSEHOLE 😀

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