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This is not going to end so soon. We started with this post, Varun wrote this one, and Subrat took the Mir route with this post.

And in this post we are putting out some of the interesting links that we read recently…VB, Ranjan Palit, 7KM, Ismat Chugtai, prosthetics and more.


Time Out’s Nandini Ramnath did an interview with 7 Khoon Maaf’s cinematographer Ranjan Palit. To quote…

In an interview with Time Out in 2009, Palit declared, “I wouldn’t do a Bollywood song and dance film even if I were paid a crore.” Famous last words, it seems.

Click here to read the interview.

Pratim Das Gupta of The Telegraph also interviewed Palit after the release, much longer and a better interview….what he shot, how he shot and why he shot it that way….To quote…

I had to try and make sure that the prosthetics couldn’t be seen. I think there were around seven-eight prosthetic parts stuck on her face in the aged avatar. She would be made up for four hours every day. So, I was asked to shoot in such a way that those parts were not seen. But you can do that in an interior night scene, what do you do during the daytime? We had decided that we would correct that with computer graphics but it’s hugely expensive and tough to spend so much money after the shooting is done….

…..You know what, I first saw a two-hour-45-minute version. It was then cut by 25 minutes for the final theatrical version. In that cutting, some of the finesse, some of the moments got lost. Maybe the rhythm has also slightly suffered. That director’s cut was beautifully paced….

….People in Mumbai have shown interest in working with me right from the time the 7 Khoon Maaf trailer came out. Boley na, jaatey uthey gechhi! But there’s no existing filmmaker apart from Vishal with whom I want to work. I am a snob that way. I appreciate what (Anurag) Kashyap does. bolley, hoyto korbo. I am not dying to work with anybody. I am dying to work with Vishal again.

Click here to read the full interview.

And if you are bored of the long and meandering reviews, then Nisha Susan of Tehelka has packed the Seven Course Meal in short  and sassy new way. To quote…

+7 FOR THE ISMAT CHUGHTAI moment when PC and Irrfan make an elephant under their lihaaf. 10 for naming the Russian Vronsky and Susanna reading Anna Karenina.

for waving a phallic stump at Priyanka
. Minus 9 points to Neil for setting our teeth on edge a la Kangana whenever he speaks English.

The film scores 98 invaluable points and the point system follows no convention. Bring it on! Click here to read her piece, point-by-point.

If Tehelka is here, can Open be far behind ? Ajit Duara of Open has thrashed the film completely and rated it just 1 star. To quote…

What substitutes for motive is a dark lighting style;  as if to say that if you light a movie dimly enough, depth and hidden meaning will emerge. It never does, and 7 Khoon Maaf ends up as a hothouse of exotic spouses with names scratched off the catalogue at metronomic  intervals.

Click here to read the full review.

Open also has an interesting article titled – Inside the Mind of Vishal Bhardwaj.  His long time associate, co-writer, and the director of Ishqiya, Abhishek Chaubey describes the filmmaker, from his Makdee days to 7 Khoon Maaf. To quote..

After Makdee was made, Vishal called me to a theatre in Juhu. Gulzarsaab and his friend Shivam Nair were also there. Makdee had been made for the Children’s Film Society of India (CFSI). They had rejected it outright, claiming all sorts of problems with it—“Badly directed, badly shot.” He wanted us to see if that was really the case. We all thought their reaction was extreme.

Then Vishal did something courageous, given that he was just a music director then, and not the sort with 20 songs in the bank that he could give producers when they’d come to him. He had worked on very few films. As a producer, he was nobody. And yet, he decided to take the CFSI head on. He told them, “If you don’t like the film, I will buy it off you.” He must have paid Rs 20–30 lakh. He put everything at risk. We completed Makdee and went around town selling it…..

….Vishal had the letter he got from the CFSI framed, and it is still on his wall. It’s right in front of where he sits. Not only was Makdee released, it also won an award at a children’s film festival in Chicago. ‘Courage’ is too goody-two-shoes a term for it. It takes balls.

Click here to read the full piece.

And the last link is a video. Click on the play button to hear Gulzar dissect his own words…the poetry in 7 Khoon Maaf.

Pic Courtesy – Time Out Mumbai

  1. Fatema says:

    Six thumbs up to you MFC! 🙂

  2. @pvijay says:

    Hey, did u miss B. Rangan? I think this time we all agree with him 🙂

    I think he simply nailed it when he said that the story was NOT “one that is inherently capable of making the transition to cinema” and so it ended up being “delectably mounted but dramatically inert”. How true!

    • Jahan says:

      I don’t agree with him. Especially since he hasn’t even read the story! But still, he gives a valid, fairly argued review and viewpoint for the most part. I expected a more in-depth review, though.

  3. bksingh2009 says:

    I am amused by the way you are following up on 7KM and have so criminally chose to ignore a much superior film – yeh saali zindagi.. I know, its your personal space and you the have right to choose whatever you want to say, but I dont understand why you chose to ignore YSZ. YSZ might not be a great film, but according to me – its a very very entertaining film and it boasts of one of the best performaces by Irfan Khan, perhaps second only to Haasil. And its a small film too, which you claim to root for. Then why this betrayal against YSZ??
    It will be a tragedy if after many many years, Irfan’s 2 of the finest performances will not even have a decent write up about them. There is nothing, absolutely nothing worth reading about Haasil on the net. Same holds true for YSZ as well.

    • moifightclub says:

      Aha, guilty as charged. But not sure if there is a solution to it. Can’t help if YSZ didn’t inspire many to write such good posts/pieces. We love Sudhir Mishra and Irrfan Khan too.

      PS – i still haven’t seen it. Missed it somehow.

  4. arijit says:

    7KM promises a lot in its opening shots…and the opening characterizations…that of neil nitin mukesh, priyanka chopra and her assoiciates…however, from there on it’s mostly a downhill ride with highs sprinkled too few and far between…some of the tracks stand out like sore thumbs…the john abraham track…very tackily shot and acted…the irrfan khan track also is pretty redundant…the violence quite unconvincing (it could have been implied…not necessary to show it if you cant’d do it convincingly)…and finally the Russian angle…sprinkled with literal symbolisms…I agree with Rangan (though with the caveat that I too haven’t read the story)…perhaps Vishal tried to make too much out of a story which had too little…also Vishal’s direction lacked imagination…maybe with a tighter script and more out of the box narrative techniques (ala Tarrantino maybe) this film could have been much better…

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