Bhaag, DK Bose.

The first song promo for Delhi Belly is out and it looks pretty quirky and interesting, though a little more OTT than we would have liked (and yes, the Hangover hangover remains, like in the poster). Still, the song is pretty catchy and the film looks promising; looking forward to this one.

Take a look.

(The theatrical trailer, which was launched today should be out soon too. Also, you can read the synopsis of Delhi Belly right here.)

  1. suchita b says:

    “sabun kee shakal mein tu toh nikla keval jhaag jhaag jhaaaag” superb!!

  2. yayaver says:

    Black mark on eyes of Imran Khan reminds me of Aamir Khan in DCH 😛

  3. assman says:

    I like it. Interesting production design aur D K Bose bhi sahi hai.. 😛

  4. pokerface says:

    looks good and sounds good too but jab se game dekha hai Abhinay Deo ke naam se dar lagne laga hai.

  5. Prasun Banerjee says:

    Guys … Have not seen any official retraction of your post on the shelving of Delhi Belly ?
    Have i missed something ?

    • simplyrdb says:

      lol forget about retraction by their own admission they should know that the film was shot way before Hangover even released and still they shamelessly say it looks like hangover.

      Well if it looks like hangover then the credit must go to the writer and director for they made this film without any ‘Hangover’ hangover. And of-course Aamir deserves the credit for choosing the script in first place when their was no Hangover at all. His idea was a lock stock and two smoking barrels.

  6. vikram says:

    Nice one..n abt Abhinay Deo..Rememeber Ashutosh bfr Lagaan or Farhan after DCH or Abbas Tyrelwala after JTYJN..Aamir the name matters n i m sure DB is gonna be a kickass stuff

  7. rohan says:

    amitabh bhatacharya full form mein hain.after Dev D,udaan ,character dhilla nd many more comes this one \m/

  8. Spectator says:

    yar kitna bhagaoge dk bose ko? 😀

  9. pokerface says:

    My friend just explained me the hidden message behind “bose d k bose d k” lol and now the song is something else for me.

    Now the lines “dekha toh katora jhaka toh kuaan” and “piddi jaisa chuha dum pakda toh nikla kala naag” remind me of two most famous non-veg jokes about female and male reproductive organs respectively.

    Amitabh u dawg 😛

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