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We had no clue about this film. And we don’t know anyone associated with the film. Not even a friend’s friend. Between bouquets and brickbats, we got a mail from a stranger asking us if we can put a post on the film. Low-budget, indie and in black and white. Why not? So, here it is. The poster, trailer and official synopsis of the film. Do post your feedback in the comments section.

Kshay revolves around the personification of an obsession, fueled by nothing more than intangible desires. Chhaya is a simple housewife who has an artistic bent of mind and a seemingly happy life with her husband Arvind. Money trickles in every month and life goes on for an unassuming Chhaya, until her eyes catch hold of an unfinished sculpture of the Hindu Goddess, Lakshmi.

Her values and relationships as she knows them begin to decay day by day, surrendering to the clutches of an ugly obsession that feeds on her weaknesses and past disappointments. She must have the “Lakshmi”, as if to make up for all that she has yearned for in her life.

Kshay takes an unforgiving look at obsession; how it infects the frailty of our minds, corroding reasoning, reality and emotional fulfilment.

 The film is written and directed by Karan Gour and has Rasika Dugal (No Smoking, Agyaat, Tahaan, Hijack) and Alekh Sangal (Summer of 2007) in the lead.

To know more about the film click here. And click here for the FB page of the film.