Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – Of men, moments and without any melodrama

Posted: July 15, 2011 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, reviews
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And we continue with the bullet-point report again. Tweet after watching the film and then put all the tweets in one place. Here you go…

– With Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Excel completes its trilogy of “Coming Of Age” films. And since it’s a given fact that nobody wants to put money for 15 year olds going through the same, we have to settle for “it’s not about the age but mileage” when it comes to COA cinema in Bollywood. Of  course there are exceptions like Udaan and no wonder it took seven years to cover the distance between script and screen.

– It’s about three men and their minor issues in life – job, marriage and daddy. If i say these are minor issues, it’s hard to believe because most films deal with just one issue and devote 2-3hours building the drama around the same, giving enough angst to the hero and finally settling for a solution. This one has nothing of that sort. And so it feels like minor issues.

– Zoya Akhtar loves to capture moments, and not melodrama. The film is full of such small moments and she captures them gorgeously. When the camera lingers on, and the characters are in that moment that matters the most, it’s easy to guess that she knows her job and her characters quite well.

– The dialogues are written by Farhan Akhtar and he has saved the best lines and the punches for himself.

– For a change, even Katrina Kaif acts. In other words, she has been used smartly – smile, show your charm and do the kiss!You cant compare her acting talent with tomatoes this time!

– There is too much of Spain in the film. Almost like a tourism film. Who goes to tourist spots on a bachelor trip? Tomato bhi le lo, bull hi dauda lo, upar se kud ja, paani me doob jao! Aha, where are the raging hormones? Oops, its 30+ coming of age. Imagine going to Bangkok (according to our budget) and visiting the Buddhist temples, right?

– The use of poetry through voiceover is a smart move and it blends in so well with the mood of the film. But such juveline stuff! The writing completely defeats the  purpose. Impossible to believe that it’s written by Javed Akhtar. Always rate his poetry much better than his lyrics but this was quite shocking.

– Dear Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, it’s time for you to take a road trip and discover some new sounds. From Dil Chahta Hai, where every song stayed with us, to Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, where all you remember is Senorita, that’s quite a downhill journey. Now go and take a break. Spare us!

– Its feels quite long, takes it own time to unfold and things fall into place easily. No major twists or turns. Aha, the designer issues!

– And finally a bollywood heroine who travels quite a distance just for the liplock. Gimme more!

– After Luck By Chance, there is too much expectations from Zoya Akhtar. Go easy on that E factor and it will come as a breeze of fresh air.

( PS – Did she really shoot the film in Spain? Pedro Almodovar made me believe that Spain is full of transexuals. ZNMD had none.)

  1. bipin says:

    thx for the bullets. will catch it 2moro and spew my comments here 🙂 cheers.

  2. Will wait for Torrent 😉

  3. eric paul says:

    macha..went thru ur timeline and saw the movie..no disappointments..felt dch had some impact on the characters..esp imran has traces of sid and sameer.
    P.S almadovar also captured the beauty of spain with grt dexterity thru penelope..

  4. Shaitan says:

    I can’t see why people spout all this bullcrap about the film being slow. I loved it that the film took it slow, and connected to the movie well.Gotta love Zoya’s guts to make such a movie on big scale. Watching it again today! 🙂

  5. Fatema says:

    Gotto to agree with Shaitan. The pace might have been ‘slow’ but without any of the ‘boring’ connotations attached to the word. Zoya seems like the best thing to have happened to the industry in recent times. LBC showed her talent and skill were in the right place. With Zindagi her agendas of storytelling have been proven too. Kudos!

  6. Fatema says:

    Oh and seriously the poetry was so fuck-all. And Farhan Akhtar’s rendition of it was even worse!

  7. sayali says:

    wud like to have d poetry by javed akhtar cn neone plz send me link

  8. […] Read whole story here moifightclub.wordpress […]

  9. Subhasish Chakraborty says:

    Really good movie. Loved it.

  10. Prasun Banerjee says:

    Loved the movie … the one and only grouse i have is the absolutely inappropriate Sare jahan se accha (thats the only point i agreed with Raja Sen in his trashing of the movie).

    What i love about the brother sister duo is that they make multi starrers really work … come on … all characters in the movie are well defined … i mean Farhan and Abhay Deol dancing on the same screen as Hrithik as a concept itself sounds scary but Zoya pulls it off as were the characters in DCH or even the cameos in LBC.

    And the only time the other famous brother sister duo managed to make a multistarrer work was in one song in OSO. what a pity !!!

  11. haiwaan says:

    Fucking bore muvee! the movie has no story.. some jokes are really good but some are pathetic.

  12. Shaitan says:

    The movie has no story? Rubbish – the movie HAS a story, not as bollydramatic as one would expect, but hey, that’s really a plus in my books. The movie had a ‘sideways’ feel, so to say.

    Oh again for the umpteenth time, songs are good. Khaabon Ke Parinday is lovely and has an indie feel to it. Then there is Senorita, obviously. SEL’s best since Rock On!!, without a doubt.

  13. Arka says:

    sayali……. here’s the link to the poems of ZNMD……



  14. lonely traveller says:

    This was a breath of fresh air among the putrid stench of all those badly done southern remakes. I really liked the way they fit all those characters into the story, I didn’t feel disconnected at any point of time. They could have shot it in India but then you’d need a Santosh Sivan or Ravi Chandran to pull that off. Spain was the easy way out.

  15. Prasun Banerjee says:

    Watched it again … Loved it even more … i guess the lack of awesome songs is made up for by the outstanding background music !!!

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