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Posted: July 28, 2011 by moifightclub in cinema, music, Preview
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If you follow this blog regularly, you must have read a post on the indie film Kshay. If you haven’t, do click here to check out its interesting trailer and synopsis.

We have now been offered a preview of the soundtrack of the film. We are embedding two tracks here. Do check it out. We would like to know your feedback, so scroll down and use the comment box.

Kshay OST – Home

Kshay OST – Everywhere

And if you like the tracks, here’s some more dope on the music from the film’s production notes…

Music for Kshay has been done by director Karan Gour and Siddharth Bhatia. For the music, both Siddharth and Karan knew that we couldn’t be using electronic samples, which would be the independent way to go. We needed a little more character than that to help support the film’s imagery. We narrowed down on a string quartet and a harp, but that would be far too expensive to record in a studio. Hence, we managed to get some more cash together and bought the Vienna String collection off their website which consisted of brilliantly recorded solo strings that could be manipulated in various ways to match a natural, textural string composition. Both of them did their own versions of the movie and we actually had 2 soundtracks for the movie. The final soundtrack was a mix of both the composition types, although it went through a lot more evolution than just that, taking about 3 months to complete.

  1. @Rohwit says:

    Typing this comment as I listen to the beautiful tracks…am neither a literature guru nor good with words so pardon me for any errors

    Home – A haunting beginning…but from the duration 1.09 the piece captivates you with a sort of finality that I haven’t heard in a long time. The way the music ends has the same effect on the senses as one has after one comes back ‘home’ after a tiring journey. Just love this piece

    Everywhere – The moment I was about to make an opinion on this piece is when I heard the magical ‘azaan’. Still spellbound. Have heard lots of ‘Allah’ ‘Maula’ in hindi songs but this has to be by far the best use of an azaan…2 thumbs up

    Cannot wait for the album to release.

    Superb pieces.

  2. When Kshay’s trailer was previewed in this blog..i was thrilled.Now this soundtrack its amazing..
    I’ve seen the dvd screener cover even that was fantastic..let me put in this way,i’m wondering where can i watch this film,when will it hit the theaters .
    For the cast and crew of kshay..bravo!!

  3. Shaan says:

    Kshay included in the films that were able to deploy music with the most skill and precision in 2011 by Twitchfilm – http://twitchfilm.com/featured/2012/01/twitch-crews-best-of-2011-best-use-of-music.php

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