VOTD : Shlok Sharma’s Tubelight Ka Chand

Posted: July 30, 2011 by moifightclub in cinema, short film, VOTD
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Shlok Sharma’s short film Tubelight Ka Chand has been doing the festival rounds since sometime and winning accolades too. The film is finally online. Do check it out.

It seems there is some problem with the upload quality though because the colours look much better if you see it on screen. A delightful film about a kid called Tubelight and his weird dream.

Also, i loved the credit roll done by Vijesh Rajan. Is there anything done by Vijesh that i don’t like? Sooper talented guy!

Do watch and post your comments.

  1. sa says:

    sadly video is removed. can you post it again

  2. anurag says:

    Good music and visuals.A pretty decent short but had a very ordinary end. Like burining of bulbs seems just to add some more visual element ( OK I know there was some mataphor but it didnt come out well).Title roll is brilliant ,no doubt.

  3. Finicky F*cker says:

    Super stuff. Brilliantly shot and carries the emotional core all throughout. Good luck to the team.

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