This has been a bad terrible year for hindi films. Forget ten, if you can spot even five great very good films this year, you should consider yourself lucky. Try, see how many you can count. And so, we are skipping the list of top films and are counting the exciting moments at the movies this year. Moments that you remembered long after the movie was over, discussion and dissection was done with, and they defined the films. In no particular order.

1. Opening Credit (Stanley Ka Dabba) – I have still not been able to understand why we don’t give much importance to credit roll in bollywood. It’s an ART. And a difficult one too. Click here to check out some of the best credit rolls. And this is where Stanley Ka Dabba scored over all other films. The film was an indie experiment and its delicious opening credit was like a Pixar short film. Done by one of India’s best animator Gitanjali Rao, it sets the perfect mood for the story to follow.


2. Monologue (Pyaar Ka Punchnama) – When the lead actor doesn’t get to kick the villains, he always gets a monologue. But if the actor is a newcomer, who would dare to give him a monologue? And 5minute long monologue? That’s rare, and if it manages to hold your attention, that’s rarest of rare. I have been accused of endorsing a misogynist and myopic view of the world because i like the film 1st half of the film. It’s a long debate but you can click here to read Paromita Vohra’s observation which i agree with. It was a small film with no names, no stars, all newcomers, but the film managed to survive on its own, and everyone who liked the film, talked about two factors – Liquid and the monologue. You can call it brutally sexist but it’s fun too.

3. Slo-mo sequence (Shaitan) – Who would have imagined that a shootout sequence on a classic song would make such a deadly combo. If there is an award for the most imaginative sequence of the year, give it to Bejoy Nambiar for Shaitan. Blazing guns, characters running and jumping around, bodies piling up, blood and gore making the screen red, and Suman Shridhar belting out a classic song, i was watching it wide-eyed. Killing never looked so cool on desi screen.


4. Cunnilingus (Delhi Belly) – Not sure if it re-defined bollywood’s “cool quotient” or “empowerment of mahila mandal” in anyway, but it was surely a welcome change. In a year when bollywood re-discovered machismo by doing zimby zouth remakes and stunts, a hindi film hero going down to pleasure his girlfriend was refreshing. It wasn’t presented as a big deal, it was just matter of fact. As casual as the hero getting a hard-on. Even that’s rare in Bollywood. Isn’t it?

5. The Girl On The Bike who smooched (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara) – Ten years ago if Switzerland was the desi honeymoon fantasy (blame it on YRF), now it’s Katrina Kaif. How else do you explain her success? Just item numbers can’t take you so far.  Zoya Akhtar put her on a bike to chase the hero, grab him and plant a kiss. Was it easy because it was Spain? Or was it because it’s written and directed by a woman filmmaker? Whatever it is, a machine between the legs and a kiss on the lips is much better than dancing in the rain.

6. That Girl On the Phone (That Girl In Yellow Boots) – Pooja Swaroop. Going by the screenwriting rules, telephone conversations are generally boring. But she played a character whose only job was to be on the phone throughout the film. A bit of tease, a dose of humour, a chuckle, she blabbered her away to glory. Interestingly, we never get to see or hear the person on the other side of the line. Well, because there was none. That’s acting. And this was a masterstroke, as delightful as the scene where both characters (Kalki and Pooja) are on the phone at the same time, on two sides of the wall, in the same scene and talking to two different persons.

7. S and M (7 Khoon Maaf) – We got a hint of it in Abhishek Chaubey’s Ishqiya. In 7 Khoon Maaf, Vishal decided to go full throttle with the love story between Irrfan and Priyanka’s character. Benign by day, beast by night, the shayar who loved S&M – is there anything that Irrfan Khan can’t portray and make it look convincing?

8. Tum Ho (Rockstar) – (SPOILER) I had no clue that so many people were confused about the end of Rockstar. The song Tum ho left them clueless – was she dead or wasn’t she? At first instance it looked like a compromise for commercial sake, but once you hear the song carefully, you know it isn’t. As the song played and the credits rolled, i came out of the theater with the visuals of the last song stuck in my head. This was Rumi in Rahman’s song.


9. Booby Balan (The Dirty Picture) – Another monologue. And I don’t remember the last time i was so distracted during a monologue. In the film, there’s a scene where Silk (Vidya Balan) is given an award and then she delivers her acceptance speech. The speech in which she states her moral stand and insults the rest of the industry which is full of people with double standards. But even in that speech, all you remember is booby Balan. Someone should have told us to just hear the scene. Because it turned out to be funny in a weird way, you are hearing something and seeing something else.

10. Videokaaran – I don’t remember watching anything more exciting than Videokaaran this year. This was the best discovery of the year. Varun Grover found it, saw it, loved it and recco-ed it to us. Click here to read Jai Arjun Singh’s column on the film which was published in the Caravan magazine recently.

11. Ek Kwhater Bodvka (Tanu Weds Manu) – This one is for the cheap thrills. She famously said “you Besshterd”. Not once but in almost every film of hers. And we thought that’s the best that we can get from Kangana Ranaut. But she delivered something better in Tanu Weds Manu – ek kwhater bodvka.

What got you excited this year? Do let us know in the comments.

  1. @navjotalive says:

    Jab woh Dhingra ka agreement phaadhta hain..that should be added here..

  2. sukant says:

    a good compilation, missed most of them accept Videokaaran’

  3. Sadhu says:

    Rockstar had much better ,moments than the end credits song.

    Conversations between Khatara & Jordan were brilliant.
    Kun Kaya was amazing.

  4. Zico says:


  5. @Rohwit says:

    Everything about Delhi belly had ‘below average’ written all over it. Except Marketing. Disappointed to see it do well when it had nothing to offer. Absolutely nothing. That’s the only misfit in this post according to me. Baaki sab? Bindaaaaaaas!

    Hope next year is better. Much better.

    • Sam says:

      totally agree with you. In fact you’re the first person on blogosphere who has panned this movie. A are find.

  6. @Rohwit says:

    A little out of context here but I totally agree about the credit roll part. It’s an important touch point with the audience which has been severely ignored since ages (may be because filmwala’s think everyone will reach late…just like you will see most of the film makers inserting a song right after interval because they feel people will be coming and settling down in their seats)

    Luck by chance had awesome credit roll. Let’s do a separate post on this please?

  7. Sujata Chanda says:

    Nice and good pick.

  8. @Rohwit says:

    why did i NOT see Pyaar Ka Punchnama???? wo ungli wala mere saath bhee hua hai!!! birlaaaaaaaaaaaaaant piece!

  9. Sam says:

    totally agree with Tum Ho from Rockstar. That scene defines the movie, leaving me totally stunned, I just didnt wanna move out of that moment, something similar I felt at the ending of Hazaraon Khwahishein Aisi.

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  11. ladynimue says:

    I haven’t watched The dirty Picture yet !
    thanks for rewinding these moments and the feelings for some of these !
    Irfaan in 7KM was brilliant . and so was the credit roll of Stanely ka dabba !! verry innovative that was.
    Rockstar was one movie that made a mark on my memory as a whole .. lot of moments and almost all songs were an experience in itself..

  12. Varun Varghese says:

    Manduk from Shor in the city deserved a mention. Even Tusshar performing the way he did in shor, if not exciting, was at least surprising (in a good way). The list could have afforded to miss KR’s ‘ek kwhater bodvka’.

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  14. aniket says:

    apart from the ones you have mentioned the scenes that stayed in my mind after a movie were mostly from rockstar

    shammi kapoor’s look before “mann ke mere yeh bharam”, contract phaadne waala scene, the whole sequence of the dichotomy of fame

    and from other movies the scene in which the cat walks after irfan khan is buried from 7 khoon maaf and rajeev khandelwal’s intro in shaitan

    i agree with @rohwit on the opening credits

  15. hmm.. says:

    Try getting a hold of today’s t2. Got some uncanny similarities with this list. Strangely enough, that particular section is missing from its online version. Nevertheless, here they are-

    Anti-eve monologue in PKP-Debutant Kartikeya grabbed attention- and kept it for six long minutes-in a riproaring monologue about the fairer sex. The jokes were crude, the tone sexist, but there wasn’t a man in the hall who didn’t want to cry out ‘Me too!’.

    Hrithik-Katrina kiss in ZNMD.

    Khoya Khoya Chand Slo-Mo in Shaitan- The most imaginative sequence of the year-a bloody fight set in slow motion to a classic black and white Dev Anand number. Guns blazed, blood spilled and bodies piled up to the khoya khoya chand remix- voiced by Suman Shridhar-in the background.

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  17. Arun Iyer says:

    Really great selection.

    Zoya’s surreal prelude to a kiss — a gorgeous woman riding a muscle bike– is the moment in “the” movies for me. It’s a mouth watering fantasy. Now onlly, if they could get the kiss right as well.

    The cooking sequence in Stanley ka dabba had my mouth watering. He managed to do it only using “ghar ka khana”; therein lies its genius.

    And Rockstar, it has to be the conversation before she gets married warning him that she’s going to tell the truth in response to any questions he might want to ask. And then, he hesitates just a bit and resorts to false bravado. Absolutely brilliant.

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