And here are the Kolaveri di crappy copycats

Posted: January 4, 2012 by moifightclub in bollywood, songs & videos, video, WTF
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If you still haven’t heard why this kolaveri di, am guessing you belong to a completely different planet. If you search for the song on youtube, there are some hundred versions of it – male, female, cat, mouse, chipmunks, bong, punjabi and so on. And since everyone was baffled by its instant success and nobody could explain the reason for it, now it’s the time for the bad copycats to try their luck. If only someone could explain to them that you can’t plan a viral success, it just happens because it’s so good. And if you plan a campaign, at least don’t be a copycat.

The first one is a song called Boka Chor – a desperate attempt by Bappi Lahiri and SaReGaMa. The entire video has been shot like the Kolaveri di video with some bad acting thrown in here and there. What’s worse is this info attached to the video – Bappi Lahiri is combining the Indian languages in the song Boka Chor. Enjoy this slang song in different Languages with Bappi Daa.

Combining Indian languages? Aha, where have i heard that before? Forget the video, even the idea of the song is not new. Lets’ go to the second one.

This one is by T-Series and for the promotion of Players.  With Abhishek Bachchan behind the mic, it’s again the same style, same shots, same almost everything. If you want to copy the idea, that’s fine. But why can’t you add something new to it? Why it has to be a brain-dead one? Control + C —> Control +V. Done.

And the latest one is from a film called Jodi Breakers. Strangely, the makers haven’t released a teaser or a trailer of the film but are hoping for a viral magic with this one.

Am i the only who can’t see anything magical in these three videos? If no, i hope we don’t get any more of such tacky stuff.

  1. AM says:

    you need to be mentally retarded to imagine that kolaveri di was the first music video to have that setup. serriously!

  2. Shoaib says:

    There is another one – a malayalam track, called Iniyoru Chalanam, in terms of Studio Recording video, but its brilliant. Here, you go:

  3. prince says:


  4. rakez says:

    So ok that was nearly 25 times for each video!!!
    WTF Count!!!
    Abhishek ji’s was really superb!!! 😉

  5. hardik mehta says:

    Why crappy?

    I loved the Bappi-da one! he is so original even while copying…!!
    MFC – sense of humor ko kya ho gaya?

  6. Maddy says:

    This is the BAAP video of all the versions of Why This Kolaveri Di. Can’t stop laughing since I have seen Dhanush dancing in Lungi…..

  7. ek_aur_madrasan says:

    Sirf Bhappi chor hai…uski mike me wo thook collecting disc hai jo Dhanush ne bhi istemaal kiya……baaki 2 ne nahi kiya…tum ainvin ilzaam laga rahe ho. 🙂

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