VOTD : Ashvin Kumar’s Inshallah, Kashmir : Living Terror. ONLINE for 24 hours.

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Earlier this week Ashvin Kumar released the 7min preview of his new film Inshallah, Kashmir : Living Terror. And now he has released the full film online. The film is available for viewing for 24 hours. Watch it NOW.

After he faced problems with the Censor Board for his last film, the idea is to bypass the Censor Board and reach out to the audience directly with this one. Click here to read a Tehelka article on the film.

You can also click here and have a better view on the Vimeo page.

DISCLAIMER :  This is a compilation of live interviews. The statements of the interviewee are completely their own. The explicit nature of the content may affect the viewer’s sensibility and therefore viewer discretion is advised. Please proceed to click only if you wish to watch the contents. The viewer shall be fully responsible for the access to and viewing this content.

We apologize for the low resolution of the video – it has been impossible to upload larger files. We’ll continue trying.

  1. Varun Varghese says:

    Riveting! And the camera-man speaking to the Jawan in Tamil…hilarious. I hope it gets a theatrical release. A small release at least.

  2. Javaid says:

    Here is shown a small part of happenings / Sufferrings in Kashmir. It is a really great job though and needs a big heart and courage to show such a documentary.
    This can be an eye opening to a common Indian who thinks of every Kashmiri as a Terrorist, but doesn’t know how this so called terrorist is being terrorised by the Indian Forces.
    Hope this picture get theaterical release. Thanks and Best of Luck to Ashvin Kumar.

  3. Bashir Ahmad says:

    This is a really great effort made by a bollywood director to explore the cruelty of indian armed force over innocent kashmiries, who raise their voice against human rights violation. we would like to watch such movies in theater not once but every time.

  4. Tasleem Arif Shah, kupwara says:

    We the most suffered kashmiri people need such support and efforts from artists of different countries and fields, so that we can live a reputed and free life in 21th century in which the voice of equality humanity comes from every mouth and every corner of world.

  5. Shah Mudasir, Bandipora says:

    Bitter, but truth, which so called democratic india has to accept that kashmir is not the integral part of india. this documentary is an example of cruelty and human rights violation in the paradise kashmir. GO INDIA GO BACK…………………………………

  6. Amazing not only to watch this documentary but also see the voices of dissent spill out on this blog as well. We should seriously rethink the way we are going to handle the remote parts of our country. Kashmir is just one of them.

  7. Stone says:

    They should have explored the plight of Kashmiri Pandits in more details, not just in Kashmir but outside of it too.
    Also, should have shown it from the point of view of a “Jawan” from Chennai or Madras or whenever who doesn’t understands the issue at all , whose life is always in danger, who is there just following his boss’s orders.

    It’s a huge collective failure, and the way Omar Abdullah was answering the questions I don’t think even local politicians what to resolve this mess.

    Nevertheless, great documentary!!

  8. protik basu says:

    If after watching this, our beliefs about the holy cows of the media – the army specially is not challenged, we probably were under induced sleep while watching. The raw way in which this was shot made me feel that i was behind the lenses and gave a sense of being there and looking into their eyes. It takes great courage to bring out something like this inspite of all the government machinery opposing it…This one is to be shared widely and not just watched for ourselves

  9. john says:

    this type of movie is made by pakistan and saudi arabia funded radical muslim those forcibly want to convert all the non muslim in islam by large scale killing,rape,love jihad,trapping non-muslim girls.islam is the only religion who have problem with everyone.from philipines, thailand, burma, china, india to serbia ,russia ,uk,usa,canada .if they made 5% of the population they will demand sharia law for them,if 20%sharia law for all non-muslim.when they reach 30% they will start large scale killing,rape like they did in nigeria,bosnia.

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