Reema Kagti’s Talaash (Trailer & Poster) – what’s your bet?

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It’s raining trailers and how! The much awaited trailer of Aamir Khan’s new film Talaash is finally out. Have a look.

And here’s the so called digital poster of the film.

Directed by Reema Kagti, the film stars Aamir Khan, Rani Mukherji, Kareena Kapoor and Nawazuddin. Produced by Excel Entertainment, Aamir Khan and Reliance Entertainment, the writing credits include Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar, Farhan Akhtar (Dialogues) and Anurag Kashyap (Additional Dialogues). It has been shot by Mohanan.

So it’s a murder mystery. A cop chasing a murder case. A housewife, a prostitute and lot of tension. Well shot and creates the right mood.

And the mystery is the big punch? Seems so. The tagline says – The Answer Lies Within. So what’s your bet? Reminds me of that weird and stupid film called Kartik calling Kartik. Is it on same lines? Murder, murderer, memory, all mashed-up.

  1. Etona says:

    Almost the same. I think it’s a Dexter & Kartik calling Kartik mashed up (Farhan Akhtar’s in the project). so it’s story about a cop who investigating a murder case (probably a serial killer) that has a little evidence & witness (Rani & Kareena), and after all the search turns out… (put KCK here).

  2. Jatin says:

    talaash will be this year blockbaster. it will break all the bollywood records. superb trailer.aamir dedication towards this movie is very sensitive.

  3. imtihaz says:

    AK you r the real perfectionist. this movie wil be superhit. it will break all the records of salman and sharukh. I’m huge fan of u. best of luck AK.i want an item song in this movie.trailer is so wonderful.
    i’m wating for second trailer.

  4. ksunil says:

    not excited by the trailer.wannabe.. dark thriller. kareena completely misfit..i wish filmmakers had gone for irfaan khan konkona sen to bring some gravitas . everyone want star and 100 crore weekend colection i guess

  5. Vivek says:

    Javed Saab’s lyrics to music by Ram Sampath. And additional dialogues by Anurag Kashyap. Interesting!
    I’m sure the movie will be a treat, given the buzz about the terrific screenplay plus the stupendous cast & crew. But wonder if a subject like this can approach the blockbuster standards that Aamir has set for his commercial films.

  6. Anurag Kashyap says:

    let the film surprise you…

  7. vikram says:

    Itna bewakuf nahi hain Aamir n Farhan ki tagine se fim ka suspense khol de 🙂

  8. dlpr says:

    Dialogues by Farhan Akthar. Ok he wrote it in english and Anurag translated it to Hindi:)

  9. Papa jones says:

    Average sa trailer hai.. Dexter ki copy lag rai hai film.. But again agar dexter ke standard ko match kar gai to waise hi blockbuster ho jaegi….

  10. felinei says:

    this film could be indias first proper serial killer/murderer film……hope it is not a remake of what lies beneath….lol someday i think some1 will copy memories of murder for india.

  11. Jitaditya says:

    Was waiting for this one…
    But seriously the trailer isn’t very exciting…
    So is the title… Talash/Search is very unimaginative for a thriller… the project was untitled for a long time & finally they’ve come up with the most obvious one…
    what else would you do in a cop thriller?

    Still hoping the actual film to be better..

  12. Mirza says:

    Dam gud Trailor, And AK Rocks…Best part is when he got the naif in the neck… solid…

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