VOTD : Kahaani discussion with Sujoy Ghosh + Origin of Bob Biswas

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Continuing with our initiative to get directors to open up about their films after the film has released, this time we decided to stalk Kahaani’s director Sujoy Ghosh. And he was happy to accommodate us. In twitter language, our intention was to #AttackSujoyG, but everything changed when we reached his office.

Sujoy had fever, looked almost dead and there were tablets and syrup on his table. How can you attack a man in such a state? Plus, Hangla’s biryani and rolls make us go soft. But we decided that let’s record the conversation. And then just after first few minutes of recording, a filmy twist happened – Sujoy’s non-stop hiccups. We paused and re-started again after some 20-25mins. And by that time Sujoy was getting late for another meeting, so we quickly squeezed in whatever we could.

In the video, we discuss reviews, origin of the film, audience ko kya chahiye, dhokabaaz flashback, promo vs film, Bengali characters talking in Hindi, six writers – how does it work, spontaneous school of acting, Aditya Chopra and making it commercial (YRF was suppose to produce it), another cheating – text on screen & Darshan Zariwala’s designation, life versus cinema, cinematography & shooting style, working with a new team, binito Bob, IB so blind, why the informer, Ray’s cinema – running hot water and other homage, life after big flops, copying from films including Chura Liya Hai Tumne, what’s next – Aranyer Din Ratri and Jhankaar Beats, life at 46 and his love for “Sir” Amitabh Bachchan.

Have fun. But DON’T WATCH it if you still haven’t seen it – has SPOILERS.

If you didn’t like the discussion, the culprits are – @Navjotalive, @Damoviemaniac, @SumitPurohit, @MihirMakesMovies and @CilemaSnob.

Video and edit – Sumit Purohit.

Thanks to Sujoy for his time. And now that Bob Biswas has become such a famous character inspiring some great art work (here & here, and funny observation) here’s something more – the origin of Bob Biswas.

  1. felinei says:

    check this work done by saumin patel

  2. AJ says:

    Who’s the loud, irritating, and over cynical guy to the right of Sujoy? Such a pain in the ears!

  3. madmadmadmoviebuff says:

    I have no words to praise this great initiative started by u people?It’s just great to see these great people sitting and having friendly discussion with friends.Hats off to IA,TD and SG.Seems biriyani and rolls are doing the trick for u guys.

    Who is the guy who asked SG “How have u changed as a director when it comes to directing the actors,from a film like aladin to now?”

    Is he a fat- baby? From his voice he sound like a fat baby doing baby talks lol

  4. Aditya Sudarshan says:

    Great interview, thanks!

  5. Piyush says:

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Just a suggestion- Please stick to Hindi the next time.

    “Who’s the loud, irritating, and over cynical guy to the right of Sujoy? Such a pain in the ears!”

    Agree with AJ. If you guys know that you are shooting this and others would be seeing this, one thing you can do is be a little more polished.

  6. Amit says:

    Respect for Sujoy Ghosh !!!

    Very commendable of a director to have such an open conversation with a bunch of movie buffs trying to rip apart and analyze his movie form all aspects .. especially when he knows tht this is being recorded and will go up on a blog.

    “The annoying loud guy” at one point sounds like he was the one who put up the money for this movie and is complaining abt the dir not doing a good job .. asking for explanations … stf*** Up man ..

    I dont think any director would have the balls to be in Sujoy’s spot where he is being asked for explanations on why did he did wht he did .. and being recorded at the same time ..

    Good going Sujoy .. I’ll be following your forthcoming movies

  7. Kumar Gautam says:

    Nice, candid…some sensible questions…keep them coming.

  8. Abhimanyu says:

    Apparently there is a Bob Biswas fan page and some rather random Nomoshkar… Ek Minute memes going on! http://www.facebook.com/Ekminute

  9. asha says:

    a man stakes his future on a great idea, slogs to create a fantastic movie, and these lazy goons show up when the director has fever, and shoot loud rude questions with an air of ‘we know better.’ ‘nonononono he said mrs bagchi’ ‘she seemed to feel pain in the promo’. REally? I can only hope they caught his fever :))

  10. Kumar Gautam says:

    How did the vocal navjot and intelligent cilemasnob miss this…if sujoy is watching this, please respond? “Because apart from RAY there were no inspirations…”

  11. SSD says:

    Nice interview. I like it where he says, “I tell the people what I want, and leave it to them to accomplish it.”

    The guy on the left needs to meet Bob Biswas, man. Very annoying.

  12. read this somewhere on net …..
    “‘A Mighty Heart’ had the same story of pregnant woman searching for her missing husband, even Kahaani’s interrogator Khan total ripoff from Irrfan’s character Captain in Mighty Heart .. They should at least pay thanks to Angelina Jolie for copying her 2 films shamelessly! Ami Shotti Bolchi huh”

  13. misty miley says:

    Really appreciate and congrats to bob biswas

  14. Octopushead says:

    English died here!

  15. Ek Min Madam says:

    A simple THANK YOU to Mr Bob Biswas creator…… check my blog for more info.

  16. […] film has released, Sujoy happily took all the criticism and presented his side of the story when we met him post-release. I hope more directors will learn how to talk post-release and not just […]

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