WTF : Same reviewer and two different ratings for Housefull 2

Posted: April 7, 2012 by moifightclub in bollywood, film, film review, movie reviews, reviews, WTF
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Times of India’s film critic Srijana Mitra Das has given 4 stars to Sajid Khan’s Housefull2. Who is this enlightened soul? Someone please introduce us to him/her. Seems like a bong. And a bong with such unique taste in cinema must belong to some rare tribe. Anyway, if the 4 stars weren’t baffling eough, there’s more to the story. Take a look at this pic.

This is the Bangalore edition of TOI. Have taken a screengrab of the review page. Reviewer is the same Srijana Mitra Das and rating is 4 stars. Now take a look at this next pic.

This screengrab is from the Chennai edition of TOI. Again, reviewer is the same Srijana Mitra Das. But the rating is 2.5 stars. Who ate up my 1.5 stars?

Same film, same reviewer, same newspaper but two editions and two different ratings.


Who writes the reviews? Who gives the ratings? Does Srijan Mitra Das really exist?


Tip – Yashpal Singh/Dhanya Rajendran

  1. Santosh Vasandi says:

    Seedhe raste ki yeh tedhi chaal hai,
    Golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai..

  2. seventhsamurai says:

    Obviously the producers bought plenty of ad space on TOI Bangalore Edition and not enough in Chennai.

  3. srijanapiya17 is her twitter handle it seems.. lolzzz…Another Faridoon in the making..

  4. Raj says:

    Why are we even discussing Housefull 2? Tsk Tsk….

  5. Just a ploy , TOI and bangalore mirror post contradicting reviews so that they can claim atleast one was right

  6. jeevak03 says:

    TOI’s rating is based on sensibilities of people in those cities. Bongs are no fool mind it..

  7. seventhsamurai says:

    @jeevak03 – going by your reasoning the rating in the Chennai edition should have soared through the roof.

  8. Martian Man says:

    Fascinating. A living example of Caretsian dualism – her mind and body are distinct and they respond differently in different cities. Also, have you considered that the ratings might be actually that of the ditor rating the review (meta)? The Chennai editor has stricter standards in language.

  9. Thalassa says:

    Exactly the sort of kerfuffle one would expect from TOI. By the way, this woman has a PhD in social anthropology from Cambridge – methinks she took this whole business of participant observer too literally when she went to see Housefull2 🙂

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