Sir, May I Have an Opinion, Please?

Posted: April 13, 2012 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema
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So what have you done to comment on my film or the trailer? – This seems to be every filmmaker’s favourite argument whenever you say something that they don’t like. My film is for common man, not for you. I have always wondered if i can say, sir, i eat, sleep, fart, shit, masturbate and do every other thing that a common man does. Will that count? No? So, here’s filmmaker Kushan Nandy‘s candid take on why we deserve the right to have an opinion. And a filmmaker endorsing this view makes so much sense.

BTW, if you are not on twitter you are missing some good fun – all related to bollywood films and filmmakers. And today is friday. Aha, the fun day. Read on.

I am a two-film-flop director.

My first film- if you may call it so- was so terrible that I think the only person who liked it was Goblin, my dachshund. Incidentally, he passed away after repeated viewings.

My second – the one I am secretly and partially proud of – went unnoticed. Partly because the distributors gave me eleven and a half all-India shows, I had no money to promote it and to add to it, I packed it with Bollywood cliches.

So, actually I don’t have a right to have an opinion. Stop reading now.

For those who have continued, here is the dope. Every time Raju Hirani releases a film, I want to say how much I liked it and what I didn’t. And every time, Bhandarkar releases his next, I want to express how dirty the basin is after continuous throw ups. But the Bollywood law is simple. You have the right to have an opinion only if you are successful.

Hey, wait. The Bollywood, read BullyWood-law is that no one – in absolute terms – has a right to have an opinion. Not critics. Not Twitter handles. Least of all, failed filmmakers.

Don’t comment on the poster. Judge the film on its entirety.

Don’t comment on the teaser. Judge the film on its entirety.

Don’t comment on the trailer. Judge the film on its entirety.

Don’t judge the film. You are being personal.

If you have a personal opinion, tell me personally.

What have you made that you have an opinion?

The only opinion we understand is the one that the ‘common man’ has, the one who spends on the ticket.

Now here are the facts:

You put that poster, teaser and trailer because you wanted an opinion. Correction : You wanted a positive opinion.

Every opinion is personal.

You showed me this film publicly. In a movie theatre with thirty-one people and one usher. I have a right to give you my opinion publicly.

I don’t need to be a Karan Johar to comment on your film. The ‘common man’ is me. I buy six tickets and blow my money and evening on a three-hour film like everyone else. I spend five minutes buffering a one-minute teaser and make an effort of downloading a film poster when I could have spent it more productively downloading porn.

Every critic has a right to comment on your film. Because either you invited him to see it or he has spent his hard earned money to buy the ticket, which invariably makes him your ‘common man’.

Every Twitter handle has a right to comment on your film. Because you inflicted it on them by posting it on Twitter, re-tweeting and spamming the timeline of every man, woman and dog that follows you.

Everyone – successful, unsuccessful, who can or cannot make a film, cast, creed, religion, sex, sexual preference no-bar – has a right to have an opinion. Just the way they have an opinion on the latest book, car, restaurant, cell phone and underwear.

And yes sir, you have a right to have an opinion on my opinion. But you can’t bully me to stop having one. So go out and spend time and make a better film next time.

And I promise you, I will applaud.

PS. And for those who care – and I am sure that it does not include my dead dachshund – I am going out and making my next  film. Hopefully a better one than my last two.

And every, man, woman, critic, handle and porcupine will have an opinion on it.

Bring it on. I will be waiting.

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  1. write2unite says:

    In my ‘opinion’ – this was totally cool and well said. Nail that movie this time!

  2. Scaraffe says:

    “Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one”.

  3. sunil patel says:

    Lagta hain yeh post aadarniya shri vivek agnihotri ko samarpit hain..jay ho

  4. Lohit Jagwani says:

    It makes perfect sense. They make films, we have opinions. If they are so sensitive, they should only make it for their friends and families and not show anywhere else.

  5. bksingh2009 says:

    Rangan too had written about opinion on movies. A good read.

  6. @Rohwit says:

    This is spartaaaaaaaaaaa! Bakchod post!

  7. Thalassa says:

    When did Vivek Agnihotri become so intolerant of criticism? I thought he was an OK sort of chap. By the way, was Kushan this receptive of critical commentary when his films were released :)? Kyonki jab apne par aati hai to log kuchh aur hi raag aalaapte hain.

  8. kingjudas says:

    Awesome kushan great blog …words r not enough …every person has a rite to say ,to have an opinion wether u r related to movie industry or any industry…But wat one say should have a point so tat he can stand on his point…othervise keep ur mouth shut. To drink a wine u don’t hav to buy vineyard…

  9. Octopushead says:

    A small bit of information for all of you: Quoting the source of an image doesn’t absolve you of actually copying it. The original image is from a completely different source (not the one you have listed). This is where it comes from

    Please remember that people here point fingers at a lot of people for lifting stuff. It looks like even you are not bothered to check where an image actually comes from. For those who care, a simple search of, will more often than not, lead you to the original source

  10. numerounity says:

    It’s like a Bollywood oops bully-wood celebrity who for all his/her life crave to be celebrity but when he steps a ladder, the biggest thing he/she misses is privacy. Oops…we want public adulation but no public responses?

    Good one! Criticism anyways comes easier than craftsmanship and we are always good in that 🙂

  11. kayemofnmy says:

    Unless someone has an ulterior motive like rivalry or jealousy or whatever, Kushan Nandy is right – they’ve spent money to be entertained and if they aren’t, they’ll complain bitterly.

  12. Filmistani says:

    Every one who spends money in either buying tickets for a film, or even using the internet to watch a teaser/trailer (remember the Internet too isn’t free) is entitled to either get his money’s worth or rant about it.

    There can’t be CERTIFIED CRITICS (except of course when you are talking of Roger Ebert), each one of us has the right to his or her opinion about film, it can’t be the fimmaker’s prerogative to chose who speaks about their films. Although it is entirely upto him to listen to it or ignore it.

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