First Look : Ashim Ahluwalia’s Miss Lovely (3 Teasers)

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Sorry to flood the blog with so many back to back posts on Ashim Ahluwalia’s Miss Lovely. But two reasons – Cannes doesn’t happen everyday. Nor do Indian films qualify there regularly. Also, the information is coming out bit by bit.

First came the news of its selection at Cannes in the Un Certain Regard section. Then, the official synopsis and stills (Click here). And now the teasers of the film.

  1. Manu Warrier says:

    Beautiful .. Now can’t wait to see this.. Hope it comes here soon

  2. vasanbala says:

    BRILLIANT !!!!

  3. @navjotalive says:

    Loved the 3rd one..baaki do random lagey..the third tells me it is a really good film..

  4. desipsycho says:

    Finally ! Looks good.

  5. assman says:

    Certainly looks interesting. Background score sahi lag raha hai.

  6. dope shah says:

    holy shit. love it – i actually like 2 best.

  7. Is the elder brother played by Mr. George. ? He is quite a good actor. and waiting to watch the film. kindly update on the same…

  8. @supermankabaap says:

    boleto ekdum jhakass!!

  9. amar khan says:

    killer uhmazingggg..

  10. Lee Delong says:

    Dark and beautiful.

  11. Ravi Vasudevan says:

    uff. i’m floored. never seen nothing like this from india before – a new beginning! EXCITING TIMES AHEAD

  12. javier says:

    look like you have quite a scoop here – looks like no one else online has these trailers yet? greetngs from barcelona

  13. pritisagar says:

    Now, these seems to be the real ‘dirty picture’!

    • shyama says:

      the inside story is that the script of Miss Lovely was sent balaji 2 years before TDP was made so it’s obvious to many people where the “inspiration” for TDP came from… of course, the final films are totally different so maybe it’s not a bad thing.. and quite typically bollywood. this of course seems like the real dirty picture.. look forward to seeing it…

  14. twitch says:


  15. kandy dcunha says:

    Wow! going to be a sure hard hitter! kudos to the team and Ashim…

  16. daku says:

    Wowowow – looks amaazzzing.. love sasta indian sex-horror – and this looks like the perfect way for people worldwide to see another side of our cinema..JHAKAAS

  17. Nusrat says:

    Superb! Really looking forward to watching this! Couldn’t resist saying this, but its shot Brilliantly! Wah! Google ne bataya, Mohanan.

  18. rakez says:

    Mind blowing…. Teaser is simply superb and hope it comes good in Cannes and everywhere!!!!

  19. radhika dossa says:

    i hear it’s totally dark, abstract/ experimental and non-masala. Like nothing in Indian cinema. Maybe too difficult for indian commercial release? BUT I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  20. boseaniirban says:

    One has to accept the dark reality it portrays.. Hope it doen’t meet the fate of the likes of “Paanch” and “Black Friday”…. eagerly awaiting…

  21. sammy r says:

    cant wait!! ive been waitin all my life for indian cinema to move in this direction — pls feature interview with the director and the actors, would love to learn more..

  22. […] First Look : Ashim Ahluwalia’s Miss Lovely (3 Teasers) […]

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