Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate : self-righteous star to SOS?

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Or is he really serious?

Like his film projects, his tv debut was also kept a secret till it finally came on air on Sunday at 11am. And it turned out to be exactly the same as we had told you earlier. It started with Aamir Khan’s voiceover (aha, the emotional modulation there, noticed?) talking about where we stand today. And then the chat show started where the topic was female foeticide. Case studies, tears, figures, tears, doctor, more case studies, more tears, more questions and finally a song by Swanand Kirkire and Ram Sampath overlapped with visuals of girl child, Aamir asking the kids to come sit close to him. Aha, if the last season of KBC was poverty porn, this is going one step ahead with just one mantra – we will, we will make you cry!

The set was tacky, production value made it looked like straight out of DD and graphics seemed out of CBSE school books. Who said serious issues need to look boring? Oh wait, our TA wouldn’t get it? That aside, i had two big issues with the show – First, the pitch and positioning of the show. Stand anywhere in Mumbai and you can see Aamir Khan staring into the void from one of the hoards. I am not sure why but i feel here’s our Aamir Jesus Christ. That look, that stare, the gaze, it’s all there in the stills, music videos, hoardings and the show. It’s so repulsive, so rehearsed and so bloody fake! The intention might be honest and i sincerely hope it helps in creating some awareness but one issue, one sunday, one episode – is it some kind of quick fix solution? Also, am cynical because he is the same actor who had suddenly felt about the Narmada Bachao Andolan during the promotion of Rang De Basanti and then vanished from the radar. Of course the release of RDB was just a coincidence. Blame it on my cynical mind!

My other issue is if he is really serious about endorsing social causes, why not let go your entire fees for it? Contribute to the cause and i will respect you for lifelong. There’s no harm in taking money and doing the show but i can’t digest the self-righteousness then. Doing 13 episodes for free isn’t a big deal, right? Go ahead, do it. Shut me up! Otherwise how different is it from NDTV Greenathon or IIFA Charity or such events which are organised by event management companies. Stars endorse the cause, gets paid, sponsors feel they have done their bit of corporate philanthropy and all happy. But is anyone really honest and serious? Aha, the cynical me.

But then the other point is our tv shows are pure garbage. There’s almost nothing to watch. At least this show is trying something new, it’s going to stand out. And in that process if it can serve a purpose, that’s great. Agree.

So i asked on twitter if anyone would be willing to write about the show. Posting two views on the same. First one is by Chintan Bhatt. From my previous interaction with him on twitter, i know for sure that he is a big fan of Aamir Khan.

I was not sure I was going to be able to watch Satyamev Jayate, though I had been waiting eagerly for it from weeks, because the night before which was full of drunken revelry, to celebrate the anniversary of another year of living, of yours truly, ended too late. But by some stroke of miracle, my eyes opened just to the tune of 11 am and with blurry eyes I switched on the TV. The show started and at least the format, the set, seemed nothing out of the ordinary. But as Aamir came on stage, giving a small speech, he did not sit on the sofa right away which was stationed on the middle of the stage. He slowly sat on the steps, just in front of the audience. I smiled and my hangover was gone.

He was not a superstar, or an expert, or a know it all and did not pretend to be one. He was like me, and everyone else. Surrounded by the problems, and people facing it, like we all are, and trying to understand it. Though this format, sets, was something we had seen before, this honesty and intimacy was something Indian television had not witnessed before. When he spoke of the problems, his style was not of preaching but was of self discovery, more than anything else, which let the viewers feel part of the show.

What was striking about the show for me was how all encompassing about the issue it was, or much more than anything I have seen before. Filled with facts and charts and statistics to supplement the emotional quotient and the true stories it presented, it attacked the issue right in its guts and where it hurts given the sense of denial, we as Indians have mastered to live in. The experts, the victims, their tears, the shock in the crowd, the silence that filled the room as they grasped the horror stories and the sense of disbelief on Aamir’s face, were all real and in a way reflected what so many of the viewers too felt.

A few days back I was watching Aamir’s interview on CNBC and the interviewer on being told by Aamir that he has invested 2 years into the show and has given up on the endorsements, crores of rupees he could have earned, of how his selection of show timing was termed suicidal, how to telecast the show on DD so that reaches the most commonest denominator of the population sounded impossible and unheard of, etc, she almost out of frustration asked him, which effectively was, ‘But why do you need to push yourself so much and keep such tough targets for yourself?’ And again, he smiled and shrugged.

My rage on seeing the views trying to demean him and the show on Twitter and elsewhere after watching the show, were gradually replaced by indifference of sorts. Fact which cannot be denied is that in a country obsessed with garbage in the name of entertainment and where smartness is equated with how manipulative and selfishly you can lead your life, he made the whole country talk about one of the most inhumane and disgustingly hidden practice which has become a commonality behind closed doors.

The anger towards the pointless and forced cynicism was further nullified by the thought I had of those thousands of families who would have done these heinous activities, which will be taken up in all the episodes of the show, who will now be forced to sit and think hopefully. Of all those silent voices, all those abused and assaulted, all those bullied and tortured who will now again have hope of fighting for their right to survive and live. Yes, its sounds good to say that we don’t need an Aamir Khan to tell us what is good and bad, we are too educated and intellectual for that, but as the biggest revelation of today’s episode was that education has nothing to do with goodness, intellect has nothing to do with being humane. We are living in an imperfect, corrupt and insensitive world, and we need heroes desperately, we need to face harsh true stories desperately, we need to know what being humane feels again desperately, and in this same imperfect world, this show does that. It forces the monsters in laws of the country to look in the eyes of their daughters in law, of their near and dear ones and face the truth. It makes the demonic husbands to feel ashamed and disgusted at themselves, if not from the inside, then the world in their immediate surroundings should have a collective voice to ridicule them, and this show will do that. We are living in a star obsessed country which silently breaths and breeds away from the confines of the cynicism of twitter and their likes, and that’s the nerve this show will catch, hopefully.

No, no one is claiming that this show will solve all the problems of the country. No one is that naive, but it’s worth an attempt, if it gets people to start talking. That’s all. And if that’s the minimum it can do, then be it. As the gentleman sardar who featured in today’s show with teary eyes said, – EVEN IF I CAN SAVE 1 GIRL, ITS ENOUGH. Some battles are worth fighting for, to win or lose is immaterial.

At the end, my bout of anger was gone completely when after about half hour after the show was over, the maid in my house came with a black eye and after few days of not coming to work. On coaxing by my flat mate she revealed that our husband is a drunkard and beats her in front of their two kids incessantly. From the fear of not telling anybody, she does not even scream, she takes it all on silently. And she is too scared to go to the police. Who will tell her and millions of other such stories? Will the cynics look in her eyes and crack a joke on the color of her wound? Well, you never know, they may. But this show talks about these victims, and will give countless number of them the tiniest bit of hope to fight back. By the end of the show Aamir said the biggest contribution was to be done by the youth of this country. And my rage towards the cynics was shifted to anger towards bastards like the maid’s husband, and attempts will be on to do something about it, like they have been from long. As they say there are those who say and crib, and there are those who do. Its very simple.

I remember debates with my father, who used to enjoy the so called escapist cinema which I despise. After a long heated debate, I simply used to ask him, ‘Why do we need to travel to a world unknown to find beauty and strength? Can’t we explore the same around us in our films?’ That is the biggest gift the show has given me. It has given me heroes who exist around me and us, whose beauty lies in their bravery, like all those women who were in the show today. They are the real heroes with real stories. Agreed, there may have been other shows who would do that, but for the first time I felt their bravery and strength, and that is why I thank Aamir and the channel for the show through this small insignificant post. All is not lost, yet.


And here’s the other view. This one is by someone who calls himself The Pucca Critic.

After almost a month of promotion as “Har Baat dil pe lagegi toh hi baat banegi” by Aamir Khan, Satyameva Jayate’s first episode was aired on Star Plus, DD National & also Star Pravaah (with Marathi subtitles) today at 11 a.m. Let us see kitni baat dil pe lagi!

The show started with some scenic shots and Aamir Khan blabbering about himself as an actor and a human being. And that’s what he tried to do throughout the show: I’m The Aamir Khan. I’m India’s inspiring role model. The idol of the common man. I’m here to change your life with this TV show for which I’m charging hefty sum.

No sooner did the show started, we learn that it’s kind of talk show dealing with sensitive social issues. Aamir Khan pretending to be appealing enough for the aam – junta does gigs like sitting at the stairs of the dais while delivering his speech to expect Oh-look, this-superstar-doesn’t-mind-sitting-on-the-floor reaction.

Moving over, we are introduced with 3 ladies who narrated their ghastly tales about how they were tortured after delivering a baby girl. So that’s what the topic of the day was: female foeticide & how it is related with other criminal happenings like ignorance of women in society, sexual harassment and flesh trading. Their emotions were raw. Enough to give you a gulp in the throat.

While discussing a case, crude pictures of the lady being victimized of physical assault by his husband were displayed without a blur (which is how news channels are made to show). A leading daily once made a gore picture of a bomb blast victim to the headline to which their readers irked by remarking them as selling information porn. OK. So this is how Aamir Khan wants his words to touch the hearts?

All through the interview, you can hear Aamir interrogating silly questions. “Aur kaisa feel hua aapko tab?” “Aur kya hua tha?” Genuine thoughtful questions were lacked.

And more irritating were the reactions by the audience. “Haawww” “Ohh noo..” “Ohhff” That’s how general interactions with the common audience were lacked instead they were focused for their shocks and tears as if they were expecting the public watching on TV to cry too.  The flawed direction is made deliberate when a lawyer (part of the related case) interrupts midway of another interview and the interview is carried no further but diverged by the host. I don’t know how many retakes were needed to shoot this!

They also ended up with some marketing of 3G technology of a telecom network by a video conference with some bachelors of Haryana who discussed bachelorhood of Salman Khan. Don’t tell me this wasn’t rigged!

This is how the show meant-to-be inspiring ended with the uninspiring host who asks his audience to send SMS to a number if they support the cause. Do you really think sending SMSes will help?

Finally, Aamir calls up his friend and musician Ram Sampth along with Swanand Kirkire to perform a beautiful, lyrical song “O Re Chiriya.”

What we expect is some improvement in the direction of the show with retaining the raw emotions of the subject and uplifting the enthusiasm of the audience as the show ends.

P.S: If  you really want to see inspiring Aamir Khan, watch Sarfarosh or Lagaan. And if you hate Aamir’s face, watch Anoop Soni on Crime Patrol. He’s terrific.


And here’s a video review to end the post on a lighter note…

  1. sanjaykv says:

    No matter what you do, some people always find the hidden agenda behind it. Being pessimistic seldom helps buddy. Go get a life. Appreciate good things around.

  2. deepman says:

    When “The Pucca Critic” started with “The show started with some scenic shots and Aamir Khan blabbering about himself as an actor and a human being” , it is quit apparent that he is not a genuine critic but clearly hates Aamir’s guts.

  3. keedah says:

    Glad that you have posted this. The only reason for such strong mixed reactions is that amir himself is confused about what he wants to be- his show is tacky and fake no doubt but it will give a window of opportunity for discussion amongst people who wouldn’t have discussed these things before. only because aamir is saying so- however- lets give it some time and see if there is tangible social change- though difficult- its not impossible- Aamir just needs to watch more Oprah and brush up his interviewing skills.

  4. Suman says:

    Arguments by critics are hollow! The set was tacky? What do you expect then? Some fancy stage like a dance show? And fake? What was fake about it? Nothing! The show was supposed to be for all audiences – even the less educated ones who need to be told basic things that Census comes once in 10 years. It was not only for online commentators!

    And I suggest the owner of the blog adopt a no-nonsense approach. Just because someone wrote a post in support of the show, how can you label him an Aamir Khan fan? Only the one who agrees with your view is fair? Another is merely a fan?

    As for the second post, the guys from Haryana discussed shortage of women available for marriage – which is a problem for real. It was not all about Salman Khan. And the writer thinks it was just about sending SMS? He ignored the fact that awareness is most important, which the episode raised & which will be raised further through columns related to this show, and people sharing their letters, videos, experiences with the SMJ team through addresses given.

    The money from SMSes will be donated to NGOs working on this issue. The SMS is not merely a poll!

    Maybe the writer ignored all these points and merely skimmed the surface with a preset mindset to dismiss the show.

    As for the woman’s face not blurred, the show was about sach se nazrein chhupayen kyun? So why blur it? Why not show things as it is? The questions Aamir asked were enough for women to describe their background, the torture they suffered & the aftermath. He didn’t need to probe them beyond a limit.

    The only thing which I had an issue with, was focus of camera on crying faces or the snifffling sounds of audience we were made to hear.

    Otherwise, the show was good enough for what it was intended to be. As common citizens the onus is on us, we can only be aware, pledge not to do such things ourselves, write letters to call for action and donate to raise funds for organisations working on this cause! All options were given through this show!

    It is good we atleast had a show like this! I’d anyday pick such a show over the umpteenth koffee celeb chat show or song/dance reality.

    They are reportedly also doing a follow up segment for each episode to discuss impact & feedback which is another good thing if it’s happening.

    Aamir’s show is not as fake as celebrity chat shows with fake smiles, fake gossip shared over a real cup of koffee! Much welcome over a saas bahu show or another season of Roadies.

    A popular star like Aamir doing such a show makes a lot more impact, creates a lot more awareness. It’s better than nothing & much better than people who only gossip online but have themselves never done anything on their own except pass comments on others!

    This show was meant to show real stuff, get people together. The makers never claimed to change anything in society. I think their purpose has been achieved as people watched it & discussed the issue in their conversations that day with family & next day with colleagues/classmates!

    P.S – Just because I wrote a comment in support, go ahead and label me an Aamir “fan” too. Neutrals are only those who agree with the guy who calls him fake! 😀

  5. Maj says:

    zabardasti ka bumboo karna badhiya baat nahi..aamir ke bahane kitne log ye show dekhenge,iska hum sirf andaza laga sakte hai..kuch bhi hai to public ke liye faaydemand hai unlike other shows.

  6. chintan says:

    Have 1 point about the fees i keep hearing abt. Aamir has let gone of all his endorsments which means he must have let gone of tonnes of money. He has invested 2 years of his life in it, which in monetary terms could have made him earn much much more through films and endorsments. He even postponed his releases.I am not comparing but in the same 2 years,other superstars do a shit amt of movies and endorsments and what not. Besides he runs a production house where the kind of films he has been producing does not need introduction. How do you think will he keep on doing this and survive if he becomes a monk? He has worked his ass of and is getting the dues, which without a doubt will go in making more better films! Why do we respect people only if they are willing to turn into monks and live on air is something i never can grasp. Anyways, to each cynic his own.

  7. if Aamir is being self-righteous, big deal….its better than being brainless, I guess! I agree with the tacky sets and production though. i want to see what comes out of the show…i blogged about the show too, from another perspective..http://ramblinginthecity.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/satyamev-jayate-can-so-much-reality-shake-indians-out-of-their-stupor-may-6-2012/

  8. Sujata Chavda says:

    All said and done tv is the most powerful mode of influencing thoughts. Atleast Aamirs show is making the common public wake up and talk about these serious social issues. Creating awareness will lead to change

  9. The most useless argument against the show being: Oh look he is taking money for the show! People should be cynical, not fools. If he stops making money, there would be no more Dhobi Ghats and Peepli Lives.

  10. Prateek says:

    The show is not out of this world. But it’s not all fake or sham either. The set was okay and simple. It doesn’t need to have glamorous sets. And what is the problem with Aamir’s hoardings eh?He has every right to promote the show as much as he wants to! I’d anyday favour such shows being promoted over the incessant promotions of hyped masala films.
    It is not just one Sunday. They’ve shown it in all languages, invited people to contribute their views through letters and those special sections on the show’s website. They have columns in newspaper (HT I guess?) where each issue will be written about, every Monday. Though all these things are no ”solution”, frankly speaking it’s better than doing nothing at all and way more effective than one blog posts by ordinary people or even a public service announcement by government.

    Why are people suddenly talking about quick fix solutions when Aamir has several times said he’s not out there to change the country? The show is about sharing info, real life accounts, creating debate, raising awareness and helping organisations working on the causes. That’s what it’s managed to successfully do!

    Oh yes, Aamir took up NBA issue before Fanaa. Not RDB. The blogger needs to check his facts first. He might have ”left” this issue, but he’s stuck to all other issues he’s taken up, be it drug abuse, education etc.

    For his fees, well he and his team have also worked on research and making of this show for years, spent a hell lot of time and money, so why can’t they charge for it? And it’s not like they’re earning only, they are also trying to gather donations for NGOs that work on cause of female foeticide. All of Aamir’s other social commitments as on honorary basis. Only for this show he has charged the fees, which I believe is nothing wrong considering how much work they’ve done on the show or spent on putting the show together, getting it dubbed in different languages, putting it on various channels and all that jazz!

    The Pucca Critic commented on just sending SMS. It’s been made clear that money from SMS will be donated to NGOs. He goes on to blabber on Aamir which I believe is just his perception. In beginning it looked like it was all about Aamir. But later they focused only on real life victims, extent of the issue and experts like lawyers, social workers and government officials who worked on the issue! I didn’t see Aamir showcasing himself as some role model or something! Not only Aamir, but even Ram Sampath and Swanand Kirkire were sitting on the floor. So all were pretending?
    I agree on extra focus on ”haws” or crying faces in audience. It was unnecessary. For other ghastly tales, I don’t think there’s any problem as long as they are true. It’s not like such things don’t happen.

    The other guy Chintan has been judged an Aamir fan at the very outset by the blog boss. 😀 He may or may not be one, but to some extent what he said was true. It did make us aware and discuss it. And it’s anyday more appreciable than yet another routine entertainment show. Some simplistic things could have been there because the show was also meant for rural audience and not just smart, know-it-all urban intellectuals who feel ”they don’t need it”. Urban guys only need Splitsvilla or Rendezvous with Simi Garewal I guess! 😉

    • chintan says:

      Awesome points man..very well put..

      • Rahul says:

        Due to my travel schedule i have not been able to watch the show, which i believe will be my first activity as soon as i land. I am shocked reading the arguments against the show. We have been hardly discussing the cause but rather talking about Aamir. Star struck!! The start of the post where Chintan has been right way tagged as Aamir Fan, surely pours in unnecessary bias for the reader.

        I agree with the blogger on the point of why not do it for free, but i am sure money charged would have been reasonable against efforts put in. The real challenge is to deal with such a sensitive issue on a national television. What is the best part of the show it will telecast on DD as well.

        Results will be seen but patience is what we need.

  11. scriptlarva says:

    Again, why are we so obsessed about Aamir Khan’s intentions and his righteousness and his fees and what not? Even while vehemently denying the validity of his stature and persona, we all are falling into his own masterful trap by being preoccupied by it. Instead, why cant we just say that this episode on a relevant social issue with such good coverage is definitely better than nothing? And let us try to ignore or forgive or accept whatever he was trying to do on the side (or on the front).

  12. raghu says:

    wonder if you ever spent so much time thinking if not for the country atleast about yourself, may God bless you.

  13. tyler says:

    The pucca critic very well pointed.i agree with almost everything you said.respect and whoever tells you that you are cynical and pesiimistic ..happy living for them in yashrajsthan and chintan dutt.. yeh barjatya wala item kahaan se mila. achha hai timepass hoga .Women do as much wrong as men.They rape men 1) http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/crime/woman-rapes-man-after-breaking-his-home. 2)http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=200922\story_2-2-2009_pg7_24. they falsely accuse men of rape 3) http://www.indianexpress.com/news/woman-in-dock-for-making-false-rape-charges/897835/ 4)http://news.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews/Crime/Story/A1Story20091108-178582.html.Also they misuse 498a and domestic violence act.5)http://www.mid-day.com/news/2009/apr/160409-Syed-Makhdoom-Indo-Canadians-Child-custody-battles-four-marriages-Bangalore-news.htm .and this is the lajja girl(mahima chaudhary) http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-03-01/noida/31112829_1_vidya-dalal-munish-dalal-nisha-sharma……there are a lot more things a women does in the country and gets away with.

    • srijithunni says:

      I cant make any sense of this comment. Nowhere on this show was this a Man Vs Woman debate.. Rape wasn’t even an issue discussed here..

    • desipsycho says:

      Congratulations ! U are the stupidest person I’ve ever seen on the cyberspace. First try & understand the issue everyone’s discussing,then only start justifying ur own misogynistic opinions.

  14. Prateek Tiwari says:

    To all those who are full of cynicism, my only question to you is, what have you done at your end to face the issues that troubles your soul?

    Here’s something for cynics to reflect upon: compare the efforts that the makers of this show have put with your small rantings. Perhaps, some of you will get, at least, a glimpse of the answer.

    And, quite honestly, any media or art form can only try to provoke thoughts in us and hope that, in some of us, those thoughts may lead to some actions. But that’s all! The next step is for people in command at various positions of the society to take some concrete actions. Why, then, these ranting cynics turn a blind eye toward the actual culprits?

    If the show is able to generate debates, discussions, arguments and denials, then, it has already attained some of its objectives. “Get them to think and talk, and some will act, hopefully!”

    What Aamir is doing with his talent, influence and beliefs is a lot different, innovative and fresh than his peers.

    At last, the cynics will continue to pleasure their egos with pseudo-intellectual masturbation and spew out rantings whenever they get the opportunity.

    People who really want to do some work through their chosen medium will continue to do so, without caring for the cynical world.

  15. artviewblog says:

    the show might do some good, somewhere. and that is pretty good on the whole, but it is just a tv show, so hopes are very low.
    and people on the online media circuit are inherently cynics, or disregarding (we agree all the time in our real life, this is the best place to disagree for a change, and that too without being creditable). but even the cynics have some really valid points as read above.

    lets hope that this show changes the lives of a few, for the better.

  16. kauti says:

    why not go 1 step further and claim ISI is involved here?

  17. 70mmfilms says:

    I am actually glad that all the people who have commented so far have overlooked the Aamir factor and concentrated on the more glaring issue at hand. Yes, there were times when Aamir did appear a little self-righteous, but if you went into the show looking for that ‘Aha’ moment when you could point out to the world how pompous and pretentious Aamir is, then you missed the whole bloody point, didn’t you?

    I don’t care if the infographics were tacky, they were simple and effective and conveyed their point, don’t care that the set design was outdated (seriously, why would anyone look for such things amidst everything else that was going on in the show beats me!). All I care about is that someone in this country, who has leverage, is deciding to use that leverage to inform and educate people. I really don’t have any problem with the fact that Aamir is doing all he can to promote the show by using hoardings, posters etc. In fact, it is not something to be proud of that it takes a mainstream Bollywood star to make us sit and take notice of such heinous crimes that have been taking place under our very noses all this while. It is a testimony to the kind of society that we live in and instead of pointing fingers at others, we should really do some serious introspection.

    I am glad that these topics are, by any means possible, being discussed where they matter – inside the four walls of an Indian household. And if this effort, no matter how self-righteous it may or may not be, saves even one life, it would have been worth all the effort, and more.

  18. Aanya says:

    The show is fake, but only to people like us, who understand the nature of the presenter. But if we do a realty check, almost 80% of the junta watching it will take every word spoken out. Aamir is selfish, but so am I. If I was investing my time into something, I would want it to be successful. If it leads to even .01% awareness, I contributed. All I am saying, is that Aamir is no messiah. He is one of us, who wants to make money. And if he’s making money out of a general awareness so what’s wrong with it ?

  19. chintan says:

    Well, forgive the ‘BARJATYA ITEM’ in me or whatever that meant, but seeing such strong positive reactions for the show makes the optimist in me very happy 🙂 I can personally see people from back home who personally would shun such topics under the carpet talking abt it, and tht more than anything else makes me very happy..

  20. twitsai says:

    So, Mr. Fightclub ( Don’t know ur name, Why so scared? 🙂 ):
    Next, I understand that you have not been very impressed with the show. Let me try picking what you found wrong witht the show and some probable responses.

    – (aha, the emotional modulation there, noticed?)
    ==> So, you wanted it to be a bit funny is it? Why do we have pathos BGM for a sad scene? Why does the modulation change for a sad song? It’s a show and when he is talking people about his sadness it needed to be expressed. Not as if he is reading lines on face (though he actually might be doing the same)
    – we will, we will make you cry!
    ==> 🙂 I know it might appear as Johar-drama, but, in truth, It’s a sad situation and if you try to dilute it or does not present it in raw fashion the impact would not be felt and it can be considered as a not-so-serious problem.
    – The set was tacky, production value made it looked like straight out of DD and graphics seemed out of CBSE school books
    ==> Extremely absurd. Didn’t expect this from you. If ILM produced the graphics and set was designed in Hollywood standards will the show appeal to you? Who is bothered about the set and graphics dude.. Now, I really wonder if you got into watching the show with pre conceived notions. Because, you couldn’t get yourself into the content due to your pursuit of identifying faults.
    – is it some kind of quick fix solution?
    ==> It has been mentioned by Aamir time and again that this isn’t a plan to provide complete solution. It is only an attempt to provoke thought in as many people as possible. Even if it hits the thought of 10% of viewing population who otherwise would have committed that crime, then it is a lot better than doing nothing.
    – release of RDB was just a coincidence
    ==> So, your problem is actually not about the show, but with Aamir Khan is it?
    – why not let go your entire fees for it? Contribute to the cause and i will respect you for lifelong
    ==> How do you care about what he does with his fee dude. Instead of doing a “Kya aap panchvi paas hain?” or that stupid salman khan show for same fee, he is trying to do a socially beneficial show. You might not have any idea of what and how he is contributing already rt. So, better not talk about how he should control his finances. FYI – Even the social workers in volountary organizations receive salary. Doesn’t mean they don’t have intentions of helping soceity.
    – how different is it from NDTV Greenathon or IIFA Charity
    ==> Did he ever try to mention that this is the most unique show every shown on Telivision? I don’t think so.
    – But is anyone really honest and serious?
    So, what else do you think the motive is? Do you think that Aamir khan wanted to earn more money (which he can’t do by doing films in those 2 years. I guess even if he has released 2 movies like 3idiots in those 2 years he might have earned 50-70 crores with his profit-sharing rights for 300crore grossing films)? Or do you thikn that he wanted people to think the is next JesusChrist/Saibaba is it? If you really think so, cannot help you.

  21. Our country is full of guilty people, trying to cover their guilt with brave and empty flourishes in 140 characters. Some in more characters. Then, we have one team of passionate people, trying to naively show a mirror to the society, a society that has committed holocaust over and over again. Kashmir -88, Mumbai – 92, Gujarat – 02, Foeticides – 77 onwards, Nasbandi – 75, Bengal – 71, Mandal – 89, Punjab – 89 to 92, Assam – 85 – 91. If you notice the dates, most young men and women have been born around those dates. Just care to imagine, how many parents would have been involved directly? So, do they not know? I don’t believe that for a second.
    I know of people, now in their 50s and 60s who have enabled most of these written above who try to bravely sit in front of their TV every evening with their samosas and say “main toh yaar apna kaam kar raha tha”. I know of people who ordered killings and went home to sleep with their wives nonchalantly.
    We are a nation full of guilty people. We are a nation of hooded wimps. It is not Aamir we decry, we decry that mirror, we do not want it.

    Apne daag jo dikhte hain!!

  22. rishi says:

    just like communist parties see an american conspiracy in everything same is the case with some media critics who find some hidden agendas in every good work someone is doing. Sitting in front of their computers and by writing garbage they think they are spoke persons of the Indian audience

  23. tyler says:

    “an optimist is the one who thinks bullshit is a fertilizer”- anonymous.Maybe i am going off track here but wasnt there a time when anurag kashyap was called frustrated desperate troubled psycho loser by the majority of the industry when he used to rant on PFC about the dysfunctional workings of the industry. He was anti yashraj,anti bachhan anti johar and anti candy floss.He was called too cynical to be heard. Tomorrow laga chanari mein daag would be given a national award for depicting the ‘plight of women’ and if people criticize they would be called troubled souls, cynics. Cmmon easy tigers before jumping to conclusions and really did you people not know about female foeticide and ‘women issues’ and is aamir khan the messiah(jesus that was a good one blogger) who enlightened you.The doordarshan would run programs on this subject in the 80’s.Humlog was about family planning and girl child.Everyone must have heard about the cartoon on dd meena and mithu.it depicted all women issues .its been done ages back.so what are you happy about?what amazes me is how our society in the name of being liberated show men as villains and run them down. Did we all forget what men have contributed to society.Think of the greatest scientist,cricketer, architect,footballer,mathematician,musician, filmmaker,cook and they all will be men.I respect women but i also respect men.Lets not build a society where professors, coach,fathers and military men are not respected because they are men.And please google what women are doing in this country with false dowry charges,misusing ipc 498a 1983,domestic violence act 2005 and sexual harassment cases.There are good people and bad people. Har aurat sati savitri abla naari devi nahi hai aur har mard bhi prabhu yeshu nahi hai.(pun intended).

    • vinjk says:

      who said it is about men vs women?! 😐 …you definitely are going off topic!

      aamir may not be the first to raise this issue but the fact that, inspite of it being raised umpteen number of times in the past, the problem still exists makes it worthwhile to highlight the issue again. the star value aamir khan enjoy only helps in making more number of people aware of it.

      the set of the show or aamir khan’s style of presentation may not be up to the mark but it doesnt take away anything from the message he is trying to convey.

      • tyler says:

        when i meant off track i was referring to anurag kashyap’s example ..and the show’s first episode was about women the victim and men the villain ..aamir later in the evening(sunday) had a press conference to declare how women gives us birth and “wahi vansh aagi badati hai” sperm kaha se aata hai big bazaar shayad.

  24. moifightclub says:

    If we are just silly and stupid, here you go, something serious. For Aamir Khan fans, on brand endorsements and more – http://www.sify.com/movies/review-does-the-truth-prevail-in-aamir-khan-s-satyameva-jayate-news-bollywood-mfgxFHaghab.html

    • vinjk says:

      that article was plain stupidity! esp the part about muslims and hindus!

      may be he has a point about coke endorsements. but then who is perfect?! and how is it in any way related to the issue he raised in this show?

    • twitsai says:

      My dear friend,

      Firstly, In case you by yourself decided I am AK’s fan, for the record, No I am not a Aamir Khan Fan, I might have liked few of his films, I’ve for sure hated few of his films.

      Now, What is so serious about that article 🙂

      It simply is trying to say the same thing you have written. Just being written in sify.com doesn’t make an article serious. I considered most of your articles in this website serious and significant than the stupid reviews in Sify.com or rediff.com. Even in this subject, he is talking more irrelevant topics than you.

      Now, coming to endorsements, what do you want him to do? The moment he wishes to do a socially relevant act, he should stop all his income. According to you, in case a middle class person feels like donating 10 rupees to a poor person, then he does not have a right to feel good about it, or people shouldn’t consider his this-particular-act commendable. Unless he becomes sanyasi and devotes all of his income to poor people, and become a 100% clean person, any and every act of this fellow should be condemned instead is it?

      Please let him do what he wants to do in his life. And, I don’t think Aamir ever told anyone that he is Messiah and JC. Is it his problem that people/media make such hype?

      Or should he make a show in secret without doing any publicity at all. Why do the show at all in that case. All his marketing is to bring as many people to watch it. And, consequently the little % of people who can change will rise. Instead of simply doing a show for himself and not showing it to anyone. He is simply trying to do what many of Socially conscious people in this country and all over the world did. Do what he can, to help people. Not even Mother Theresa could make this a orphan-free country. Even thought 100 people are still troubled, she saved 5 of them and those 5 survived because of her. I am not trying to compare AK to M.Theresa in the extent of service, but, the intention is exactly the same.

      Instead of trying to examine how good a character AK is, please look and discuss the benefits or/and mistakes of the content of the show.Does it hurt society in anyway? Did it represent any wrong details or support any wrong movement? What should be changed so that it can be better.
      It can probable help someone.

  25. chintan says:

    I read this article yesterday, and in all honesty, only a twisted mind will bifurcate brutality on religion and spreading such non sense filled argument is in all honesty, a greater disservice..we are and always will be our own worst enemies..

    • moifightclub says:

      How naive! Time to ask your house help. For those who are the TA, they will take it that way only. Oh, woh to muslim hai. And what about the rest of the criticism? Coke-Reliance? I wanted to reply earlier regarding your comment on him letting go of his endorsement. Do google and let me know for how long? Just for the show period. And even if he was doing the endorsements, how would it matter? This is exactly what i meant by self righteousness. Coke is spreading joy, i am not!

  26. chintan says:

    To start of, by that definition, every person belonging to minority will think that everyone who is hindu pushes their toddlers off the stairs and gets their daughters abortion done without telling them? Oh wait, but we have levels of cruelty and brutality and on based on this invisible scale we decide which brutality can be shown depending on which community it belongs to, how cruel it is,etc..Even giving this argument is too disgusting to speak off..have heard of much worst things in every community..Its pan community but that argument seems too NAIVE here it seems..

  27. fattiemama says:

    See Chintan it’s about reinforcing stereotypes. Many of our problems arise from there and Aamir and his team of writer’s are blithely ignorant about what they are doing in trying to create awareness through their own ‘marketing-mindedness.’ I am sure the people who’ve spent years on the ground fighting female foeticide will be actually laughing at the myopic nature of the show. Having said that, it’s a tactic very much reqd given our audience metric and what ‘shakes’ them. Dil pe lagegi is the show’s tagline after all. But among all this the show can’t ignore the subliminal msging and sometimes irresponsible that it sweeps along with itself.

    When you are championing a cause, you’ve GOT to be extremely sensitive about the manifold issues that arise out of it. You may not have the answers but you are required to be aware of all the questions surrounding the issue you are championing. All of Aamir’s campaigns have seemed fake, including the show because its a superficial understanding and superficial contribution. He can do a LOT more with his power and influence. But we aren’t asking for it, we never did. It was always his choice and that he chooses to do only so much seems as self-serving as us who are happy the show was made, happy we watch it and happy we sent smses. Pack, up, let’s go home, eat and sleep now. Kal office jaana hain.

  28. oopur says:

    Dude! At least the idiot box dint seem all that idiotic after the show got over. please applaud Aamir for at least starting a dialogue. You cynics will stay the same and critique everything that comes your way anyway. Get a Life darling!

    • tyler says:

      why dont you send us all cynics to LOVE2HATEU.maybe arjun rampal will take good care of us and show us how our hearts have been filled with hate and it needs to be treated with LOVE… and later we can also be sent to simi garewal ,simi aunty the botox museum it reminds me of donnie darko and scene betwwen donie and jim cunningham ….and really you are using the word darling? who are you?sanjay kapoor or rohit verma ?

  29. fattiemama says:

    ‘At least the idiot box dint seem all that idiotic after the show got over’. Oopur, it did to me. Actually a bit more than usual.

  30. cgoenka says:

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and of course I respect yours..which is very well written.. but has it become a trend for bloggers to be cynical and hateful, to criticize everything?

    at least he is doing something… anything…

    at least he is bringing these issues out in the open…

    at least he is doing something more than sitting at a computer and writing a blog…

    maybe this show won’t lead to anything.. or maybe it’ll bring about a huge change… whatever it may end up doing, it’ll make a difference.. even if it is too small for people to acknowledge it …

    “the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in one corner of the world can create a tornado in another”

  31. moifightclub says:

    Everyone can STFU now and listen to Ranjana Kumari, the woman who *works* in the same sector and knows about it more than anyone of us. And she has the same doubts. One episode and over? http://ibnlive.in.com/#hp_player3

    • Ashwini says:

      I didn’t get the memo where the makers of the show claimed that *they* are going to solve all of India’s problems. Please share if you did.

    • mara says:

      can you repost link again? its not taking me to the article you mentioned

  32. Sameer says:

    Agree with most of the things you say here… but Narmada achao andolan meet where Aamir took part happened 2 months after RDB’s release…So, thats a bit harsh…

  33. Ashwini says:

    The argument that ‘I will respect you only if you forgo your entire fees’ is very revealing. We want to tell other people what to do with their money without letting them tell us what to do with our own. Demonizing corporations is the cool thing to do nowadays I guess. Aamir is asked not to endorse Coke probably from an IPhone made by a FoxConn worker making less than 30 $ a week. Also, when one questions the motivations of others, one should be prepared to face a few coming one’s way too. I don’t think I will be watching the show but I am glad that it is not out of some cynical reasons.

  34. SAdhu says:

    I think the show is as confused & bias as is Mr.MoiFightclub.

    I can never understand why & how does it make a difference about what the star’s salary is for a show ?? How does it help reviewing his show ? Will it make you feel better ..if he charged less or paid more tax ???

    Mujhe laga ki show mein kuch resolution nahi thaa..kuch jagah par boring bhi thaa..
    Ek film editor hone ki haisiyaat se yeh bhi jaanta hoon ki show ‘organic’ nahi thaa..
    Phir bhi umeed rakhtaa hoon ki agla episode better hoga.. Use dekhuga main without any prejudice.

    Aur is show ko phir se dekhne ki wajah ab..Aamir Khan nahi honge.
    aur sensitivity ki baat sahi hai aapki.. Aamir ko kuch tips Oprah se zaroor lene chahiye.

  35. chintan says:

    Right, here we go. Firstly, I have my doubts about the coke thing from long, meaning tht i wish Aamir was not promoting it too, although i will not trust the media reports on the actual factuality of the evils of that corporate, as by now its obvious truth is lost somewhere in the maze of media. But aamir must be having his own reasons of doing that, and i am dont mind disagreeing with him on this point, but i will not judge him for that. They same way i dont judge all those champions of independent cinema when they sell out every now and then and take up sell out jobs with the hope that one day they will make it, i dont judge artists and musicians who sell out every now and then and take up assignments and gigs with the hope that they will survive with the money and last longer so as to do something much more substantial, nor the writers who do the same.I dont judge all those politicians either who have the right intent but also know the game played in the practical world, and tag along hoping that their day in the sun will come too. Because, they have the INTENT, which itself is missing more often then not We are living in an imperfect world, where everything is divided into greys, what divides people is this intent, and how they follow it up in the long run, which Khan is doing, by backing it full on.

    There is this hillarious and brilliant post http://aamjanata.com/some-questions-raised-by-satyamev-jayate/ which points out how in the minds of cynics, everyone who wants to do social work or anything for the society needs to wear a kurta and die out of hunger on the roads. I too wonder why this bizarre mentality comes from. So by this logic, if you decide to do something good, then stay poor and dissappear, if you want to sell out to commercial garbage, reap all the money and we are fine with you!! I had with this school friend had an idea very long back, to open centres which trains politicians and activists wherein they get legitimate paying jobs, which will inspire them to join these streams without financial suffering which is often the biggest deterrent, but funnily by the logic proposed here, everyone should be greedy, selfish and a commercial pig. Funny.

    In the midst of the arguments, Anna movement was spoken off and was mocked at. I am thankful in a way, that this cynicism and lack of patience did not exist 70 years back, as otherwise to fight for revolution for decades would have been too ‘IMPRACTICAL’,’STUPID’ for most. Any movement, any such political, social change takes time, and i wonder if the same have actually read lokpal and know of its details. Anyways, lets not go there. Instant results and solutions is too ridiculous an expectation which is in fashion and that is not worth debating about.

    There is this post by Khamba doing the rounds, which says ‘It’s like he’s the only one concerned with what’s happening around the country and pardon my French…like hum sab bas ch***ye bethe hain… as if staring at someone with keen intensity accentuated by soft lighting and adequate depth of field is going to solve the poverty of people’s backs..’ This along with the rest of the opening of the blog tells few things about him and others. For certain people, their worlds, and the idea of India revolves around themselves. Of what their intellect tells them to do. Of what their exposure to the world tells them to do and how the show matches up to those qualities.. It shows an acute lack of connect with the rest of huge country. It shows an incapacity to go out of this closed horizon and wonder what those crores and crores around you are exposed to, think, are used to, understand, etc. The criticism of the sets, production value, simplicity, etc also reflects this lack of understanding whom the show is aimed at, what the rest of country is and what the show is trying to achieve. These things in the show are by design and not out of mistake. For those who know it and still criticize it, well.The views by fattiemama shows the severity of it.

    Also, the definition of FAKE and REAL have taken a real beating. I see so so many middle class people, joint families, crying, debating, etc about what happened in the show. Their reactions to the show were so similar to what the audiences were in. Heck if you are hearing such horror stories, how can you not be moved. In a country filled with people who are doctors and phds who do such heinous activities like one of the victims pointed out, what and how do you think will there be even 1% chance of them being affected unless you are brutally honest. I would really like suggestions from the wise here, as to what can be real, and specially ‘SPONTANEOUS’ when you have such a precise goal to what you want to achieve with this show and are dealing with such sensitive topics.

    Now i was told to STFU,cause well, what do i know, and told to watch a show on cnn and what kumari said, and unless i saw the show on some other planet was, ‘I am happy khan is doing it. We need Aamir, this show is great..’ Sure like everyone else she had apprehensions of how affective the show will be which is natural and only time will answer that question. But by the fear of that unknown future should this show not exist? Well, what can one say. Not without telling anyone to STFU, i will narrate what someone i personally look upto, who runs an ngo in the most sensitive parts of ahmedabad on communal harmony in ahmedabad since the riots, someone who does not come to tv shows and news channels, someone who has got awards for his work but denies and despises fame, someone who has written books and articles on religious bias and has done constant work on upliftment of women and removal of bias said after seeing the show. He said, that he cried after watching the show, cause the show had done more then most leaders of communities has done. Those claiming to know people working at grassroots and enjoy smirking towards the show, need to contemplate again whether this show will be beneficial or detrimental to the same selfless workers after these 13 episodes are over, as these workers can only build on the awareness the show will create. Instead of crying abt the unjustness of star system its best to use the show to your advantage which it is allowing to do.

    Now apologising for this long reply, and before i am told to STFU and preached abt the evils of the world and adviced to be skeptical abt everything, by the lord and mighty of the blog and online world, i just want to remind of some of the things Aamir has said-

    1) I am no activist, i just have few doubts and questions which i want to learn abt and share,
    2) This show will not change anything, (I wonder why then do people think anyone cliams otherwise, its just a small start in a long process to create awareness),
    3) I dont know everything about everything. I am just learning.

    Wonder why then people twist and add their own opinions on what he is, trying to do and claims to know. Anyways, to each his own share of optimism and cynicism.

    • moifightclub says:

      dear Chintan, the way you are accusing others, don’t take yourself so seriously. i didn’t tell “you” to STFU. You can scroll up and see i wrote “now everyone…” and everyone means you, me and everyone else. This is because it’s a person who has been working in the field for last thirty years and am sure she understands it better than all of us. Stop selective dissection.

  36. Why Bother says:

    I’m sorry for your loneliness 🙂

  37. fattiemama says:

    Severe? Asking for a comprehensive approach to difficult issues is severe? (I won’t even go punning on how Aamir’s ‘perfectionist’ image, if at all it is true, should have compelled him to ask these questions to begin with. Simplifying things does not solve them and he comes across as intelligent enough to understand that.)

    Probably you will also find the questions raised here unnecessary – http://positivelybright.blogspot.in/2012/05/fan-mail-to-mr-khan.html Fortunately, the lady, unlike us cynics, focuses only on the issues and not the man and as we have realised, high time we spoke about them. But doing so only puts the show in a poorer light. It’s beyond me WHY everyone insists we pull a blanket over our eyes JUST because a star has decided to ‘do’ something about issues beyond his scope without questioning WHAT is he really trying to do and what are going to be its consequences. Simplifying things does not solve them and I don’t understand why all of us here refuse to see that.

  38. M H Jowher says:

    In a nutshell those that criticized Aamir above said:”OK, you did good, so what is the big deal? You are charging for this”.

    I am no movie buff, much less a critic. But the foregoing comments were not great cinema critiques either.

    It WAS A VERY BIG DEAL to get the laughter, dance, and saas bhi kabhi bahu crowd to sit up, in their millions, and watch with bated breath as the sad saga unfolded.

    Citizens, listen: the man has effectively presented a serious problem that should shame us as a civilized people. Let’s talk about how we got there, who these killers are walking right amidst us, and how to salvage these hapless baby girls from their murderous fathers, grannies, and, yes, doctor-butchers.

    I am willing to forget Aamir, his acting, and the cinematography of the episode. But I just CANNOT ignore the story. His message has shaken me. If it didn’t you, sure you did not experience the reassuring love of a mother, the comforting love of a sister, the sensuous love of a wife and are sure incapable of experiencing the tender love of a daughter. Cure yourself.

  39. 70mmfilms says:

    “Our understanding was that she would continue to cover the costs of school enrollment and room and board for the children, which she verbally agreed to pay with the rest of the family.”

    Ok, let’s for a moment try and come up with the consequences you speak of. Also, let’s assume that Aamir Khan has nothing but pure capitalistic intentions for doing this particular show. Now what?

    The show becomes popular, the advertisers get loads of money, Aamir Khan laughs all the way to the bank and that’s that.

    Now, what are the consequences that would have a negative effect on the population at large? Even if Aamir and the sponsors (who we already assumed got into this charade for pure economic reasons) make truck loads of money, how would that scenario hurt the common man? Surely, you are not saying that this is the only way for Aamir and Co. to make money? They don’t have a dearth of ideas and if not for this, their life would not have come to an end and I am sure they would have continued to make money, one way or the other. And looking at the numerous shows on TV that are pure garbage, I am sure one addition to the list wouldn’t be such a drastic thing.

    Now what are the consequences you speak of? The “worst” thing that can come out of this is that these issues, through the medium of television and media, get due attention. For any god-damn reason, the “worst” outcome that would directly affect the people at large would be that they learn more about these issues, no matter what the intentions of the creators were in the first place! Unless the show was on purpose trying to distort facts and misrepresent information, I see no scenario under which this show would have a negative impact on people. If the show is not accepted by the people, it does not get an extension and we all go back to our apathetic ways. If the show is accepted by people, it would not only give further power to people who are already fighting for such causes but also would make people aware of “how” and “why” they need to bring about a change in this country.

    My point is simple, I don’t care who is anchoring this show, I hardly give a damn about Aamir Khan anyways. All I care about is that I am glad that this show was thought of and was given the green light and I don’t see how it can make the society any worse than it already is.

  40. Arif Saiful Haque says:

    You may consider me the same what I am thinkin about you.

    After reading your above article my honest advice towards you is IMMEDIATELY YOU SHOULD CONSULT A PHYCIATRIST. Cause you are so f****n jealous of Mr. Amir Khan that you cant accept such positive responses which are coming for the initiative taken by Mr. Amir Khan in the TV Show. In the context of the situation, you cant be addressed other than a DIRTY, ROTTEN, MEAN AS****LE.
    May you be blrssed with God’s bless you.

  41. Yash says:

    If this wasn’t for aamir, no one would have cared to discuss about SJ. Daily many shows are being telecasted which handles more sensitive issues and try to give us a proper solution for it. And the deal about money, i heard that Aamir is demanding 3crores for each episode which means 39crores(13 episodes X 3crores) which is a heck of lot of money for 2 yrs and the profit he gets for episodes and money which his production.

  42. Shubh says:


    “Simplifying things does not solve them and I don’t understand why all of us here refuse to see that”.

    “You” may refuse to see anything great in SMJ and you are perfectly entitled to that. However, there are many of “us” ( as is evident from the comments so far ) who have loved SMJ.So you are requested to desist from imposing your opinion on “us”.

    ‘At least the idiot box dint seem all that idiotic after the show got over’. Oopur, it did to me. Actually a bit more than usual. ”

    Fair enough, again…just as many of “us” here strongly feel that the idiot box will stop being idiotic henceforth on the next 12 Sundays between 11.00 am – 12.30 pm

    Thank you for enlightening us with your views !!

    • fattiemama says:

      Oops Ok. The idea was to present another point of view to look at it. The intent clearly didn’t get through, my bad.

  43. Shubh says:

    moifightclub & fattiemama,

    Since you have so conveniently posted links to blogs/websites to support your POV, expect you to also go through below extensive links raving about SMJ :

    Satyamev Jayate : More power to you, Aamir !


    Bravo, Aamir!


    Satyamev Jayate hits the heart!


    One-episode-old Satyamev Jayate strikes emotional chord with TV viewers


    Satyamev Jayate’ gutsy, sensible show: Viewers


    Satyamev Jayate : Why the cynics are wrong !


    TV Review: Aamir Khan strikes the right chord with Satyamev Jayate


    Reality bite: Aamir’s opening act a winner


    Aamir Khan’s a desi Oprah!


    Aamir’s ‘Satyamev Jayate’ review — Truly soul stirring


    Satyamev Jayate : A Movement !


    Some questions raised by Satyamev Jayate


    Has Satyamev Jayate redefined TV shows ?


  44. Shubh says:

    moifightclub & fattiemama,

    And here are 2 of the most telling critiques on the enormous impact of SMJ, for the pleasure of your reading :

    Sandipan Deb : Let’s forget the cynicism for a minute


    Aamir Khan’s show set to change television


    • fattiemama says:

      Thanks for the links. It’s always enlightening to read and understand the other side of the argument.

  45. Shal says:

    Why are we so engross in shooting the messenger whereas we should focus on message of the show? Aamir is the producer of the show he has put his own money, who other stars produced their own show on TV? They were just yielding on their own brand power. Where is it confirmed that he is being paid x amount of money? As far as I see he is putting his own money, time and name at public service and if it brings iota of change to society it is worth all the effort. He is giving voice & face to many issues which various people, NGOs and charitable organisation has been fighting for so long in India – seemingly losing battle. If he becomes catalyst to the positive & better outcome whats wrong with that?

  46. nik says:

    Get well soon Moifightclub…………..

    till date , i thought you as a very sensitive,and intelligent critic or movie lover….

    but your thoughts about the show are a clear sign of how strongly u dislike AK… and not about the show itself..

    Get well soon.. and hope you write something in future with honesty and neutrality towards the subject..

  47. Sir,mera nam sumit hai,mujhe apki organisation se help chahia.Iam 18 yers old.MUJHE FOOT BALL join karna hai.FOOT BALL join karne ke lia paise chahia,aur hamare ghar ke financial abastha bhi thik nahi hai,lakin mujhe pata hai ki mere ghar bale chahe to ho sakta hai.LAKI mere ghar bhale sochte hai ki me parai me kuch nahi kar paya islia FOOT BALL me bhi kuch nahi kar paunga.Me yha pe kisiki burai nahi kar raha hoon,me bas unki soch ko bata raha hoon.Mere man me khayl atat hai ki me socide karlu ya ghar chor ke chala jaoon.Gandhi ji ke gar me bhi paise nahi tha lakin unonhe apni bibi ke gahne bech ke LONDON gaye the.Usithara DADA SHSB FHALKE KI paribaar me bhi paie nahi the lakin unonhe kisi tharha manage karke LONDON gay.Aap sochte honge me kitna selfish hoon,yaha kitni ladkion ki jaan ja rahi hai aur me apna baat kar raha hoon,sach mania mujhe pata nahi tha ki INDIA me itne kam ladkion ki sakhaya hai.Mujhe lag raha tha ki bho sab chala gaya kyuki DD1 pe bho sab advertise nahi dete hai.Wo hamere ghar me DD1 hi hai.Mene 2 RTI bhi kiya tha ye jaane ke liye ki sarkar se garib bachoo ko koi sahayta di jati hai ki ya nanhi.Lakin ek ka bhi jabab nahi mila,pata nahi mere post karne me hi galti ho gai ya bho log nahi bhej rahe hai.Aap ke sho ka me pahle 2 mahilaon ki story dekh paya,kiuki hamare yaha line nahi rehti.Lekin jo bhi dheka dil ko choo gaya.Aapne apni daulat aur shorat ko sahi kaam pe lagaya he.Me 2 tution kar wata hoon aur waha semujhe jitna bhi mile me 1 part garibo ko doonga. Me is sarir ko ek pehchaan dena chahta hoon.Mujhe pata nahi aage kya ho ga. GHAR KA MOBILE NUMBER-8486150625 KABHI KABHI SUITCH OFF ATAT HAI.HAMARA HOME ADRESS-BYE LANE-6,ANANDA NAGAR,ADAGUDAM,LOKHRA ROAD,GUWAHATI-34.Kuch suggesition dena ho to bhejia ga.Baar baar INTERNEt CAFE me nahi aa sakta..Me kuch jaroor karunga.

  48. vinjk says:

    here’s an interview with aamir khan. he talks about most of the issues raised here

  49. 28rupiyakabakra says:

    The fact is we as a society suck!!!! We don’t care for what somebody is saying we always give more importance to who is talking.It is not that what AK has discussed or will discuss in coming episodes are something new to us; lots of not so famous chat show hosts have already discussed these issues infinity numbers of times prior to AK but we don’t care.Now that AK is talking about these issues the whole country is going gaga about it.U see we take our children for polio drops only when Amitabh Bachchan comes on TV and says “Do Boond Zindegi Ke”.

    Even now we are not bothered about the importance of topic AK discussed but we are discussing about the colour of curtains used in the show, the costume of the host, the set, blah blah blah.I mean it’s pathetic.I know lots of people out there who always rate something on the bais of superficial factors like candle march protest wearing white cloth is fashionable but sitting on dharna is down market thingy.

    Who are we to judge whether AK was fake or not.Is there any rule that everything that a popular actor will do should necessarily be fake? and everything a indie film actor or indie film maker will do is going to be 100% real. It doesn’t matter whether AK is fake or real as long as it making the people aware of few things.May be it is a publicity stunt but it,s far better than what poonam pandey or rakhi swant do for publicity.Let AK achieve what he want to achieve through the show what’s the problem?If It’s going to be win-win for both the society and AK, I have no problem.

  50. thepuccacritic says:

    Ok. I found some improvement in today’s episode as far as the treatment to the topic is concerned. The workshop was brilliantly modeled. But did you notice that part..when that Doctor was speaking, Aamir interrupted to inform something to his audience and never went back to the doctor to let him complete. This things.. editing or direction whatever.. needs to be improved. Aamir should give them more time rather than getting himself focused about what is he doing.

    • helpless says:

      exactly.. it’s like the guests on the show never get to tell their part.. the same with the person who was the activist who fought for the kids in courts.. never got to hear his part completely

  51. Abhinav Solanki says:

    He is just making money out of our emotional minds since years…!!! They should call upon Aamir’s first wife on the show who was deserted with two small kids few years back, and should ask her “TAB AAPKO KAISA LAGA THHA”…!!! Endorsing products and making movies wouldn’t have made him a youth icon, which will lead him 2 his political career…!!!

  52. sudha says:

    agree with the pc.AK should let the drs/llbs/sws complete putting forth the point they began.and also not focus often on those shedding a tear or two.But to be fair AK is making very good use of the medium.I would like AK to take up the issue of the stigma that is attached to epilepsy and the plight of people living with epilepsy.How I wish AK reads this.My response to both the episodes is a big YES.Anybody interested,cotact sudha gunjikar:- +91 982133499

  53. sanghamitra says:

    The programme is so tramendous referming in our society.Day to day it raised popularity.But it is only seen & listen in literal society.How we change illiterate society?I think it has also necessary campaigning.There are many rural areas & illiterate person who never understand what are doing in our society.They only seen & silence.When a person faced it noone save him neither our society nor our govt.A lady never safe from her childhood.I think there is no difference in litterate & illiterate.Literal person educated& doing wrong way.Otherway illiterate person uneducated & doing wrong way.

  54. Concerned says:

    I really love the cause of this series and commend Amir Khan for taking this initiative.
    That being said, this Sunday’s episode (dowry) was a dissapointment and a wonderful example of immature, partial, politically influenced journalism. I would expect that from some of the cheap news channels but not from a responsible and accomplished producer like AK.
    Till the last moment, I was expecting the other side of the story to also be mentioned or at least a passing mention of the fact that on one side where a percentage of guys abuse girls for money, there is an inverse relationship that exists in the urban areas where girls abuse, not only guys but their family and at times even friends under impartial laws like DV act, 498a and others.
    I guess when the entire nation’s judicial system is biased, AK is too small a pawn to make any change…. Way to go….

  55. Prof.Dheerendra L.Ekbote,Ranibennur,Karnataka says:

    I salute you for venturing to refine the society and leaving strong message to the youths through SATHYAMEV JAYATE.Really you are doing marvelous job.The SHOW definitely makes India beyond a poets pen;beyond an artist’s brush.The SHOW is the replica that you have a heart to serve the society as EYES to a BLIND;as EARS to a DEAF;as LIMBS to a CRIPPLE. Undoubtedly,I say the SHOW spells SUCCESS and it is a gaining currency.

    The reason for SUCCESS of the SHOW is none other than YOU.The SHOW is dispelling DARKNESS and life is becoming sugary.

  56. Smita says:

    Serious issues are taboo, Bollywood is goldmine. Complexity is trp tragedy while simplistic sensationalism watchable. Such goes TV logic.

    So it may not be cynicism at work here, but a genuine concern. And at least for me it has nothing to do with the presenter’s remuneration or his ‘real’ agenda of which I know nothing.

    It is rather in the way the show is designed- where it is not interacting or challenging the motive, the root of what makes us prejudiced, complicit, vulnerable etc to ‘social evils’, it is merely passing a judgment. Information and action without a deeper understanding of why we act or do not act does not make for the complete picture. It is a little like Sarkari logic.

    Also it’s touch and go. For example, there is considerable discourse on how Sex Selective Abortion needs to be dealt with, why daughters remain undervalued, how women do not have the control over their bodies (http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/article3409175.ece). Like in the dowry show yesterday, to suggest that a large part of the problem is parents spending more on weddings and not on educating daughters does not explain why a number of educated girls, earning women, employable population of women take injustice. That they are socialised to function under patriarchy is not exposed and decimated.

    Without questioning the oppressive structure of patriarchy, to do shows on girl child, dowry, even domestic violence is aiming for something very narrow (though not without its merits).

    Therefore, ‘saving even one girl child’ is not the aim here- the aim is to tell the truth- the premise of the show. The truth for example on one show is that the girl child is undervalued, but the larger truth is that our structure -our religion, our sociology or its interpretation make the girl child inconsequential. So the challenge would be to tear that down. To begin with. While people have interest.

    But if you continue to touch only a part of the truth using this huge stage that you have, it will be as big a disappointment.

    Also, valuing the show by pitting it against whatever else is on tv is akin to hailing serious issue cinema no matter how unrealised, simply because it is not Karan Johar or Rohit Shetty or recently Sajid Khan. Creatively stunting.

    It should be evaluated on the merit of what it sets out to do and not merely because it sets out.

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