First Look : Vasan Bala’s Peddlers (Poster)

Posted: May 8, 2012 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, first look, Poster
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This is not really the official poster for its India release. But this is going to be used during the Cannes fest.

Peddlers will have its premiere at the Cannes Film festival in Critics Week and will compete for Camera D’Or.

  1. Nusrat says:

    Nice! Arty…very well designed!

  2. amar khan says:

    the bohemian effect greatt

  3. thedailytamasha says:

    Designed by the artist par excellence Gitanjali Rao of ‘Printed Rainbow’ fame.

    • moifightclub says:

      i was going to write about her and her films little bit here. but on the facebook it’s credited to someone called kk muralidharan. and then i was told that they work together. so didn’t put anyone’s name as there was confusion when i posted it.

  4. Mihir Desai says:

    Except for the way the name of the cast is listed, love everything about it. Superb!

  5. deepak says:

    can some one explain me the poster.

  6. aseembehl says:

    Tells me absolutely nothing about the movie. Sorry, but this seems like a pretentious attempt.

  7. assman says:

    I like it. The cast vertical list kinda looks weird when everything else is horizontal.

  8. vasanbala says:

    Deepak – it talks about a Ghost Town that is Mumbai. The Cobwebs and the spider. Innocence trapped within the scarred and the guarded. The accumulation of dirt on the broken glass. A fogged view of the city which is deserted with people locked in. Something like that. Anyways I found it better than intense looking faces looking into some spaces or staring at the person watching with a tagline poster. To each his own.

    • theliveash says:

      Poster goes well with the story concept as given, which itself sounds very thoughtful though…ghost town inhabited by millions… like bheed me bhi akela… great going Vasan… all the very best!!! 🙂

  9. vasanbala says:

    And plus with Gitanjali Rao saying she wanted to make a poster. What more could I ask for.
    aseembehl – maybe might reach out better to you with the trailer and the film…maybe

  10. theliveash says:

    Poster aptly conveys the story concept… though looks very hollywoodish… have a feling that there will be another one for india release… great going Vasan… all the very best!!

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