First Look : Ashim Ahluwalia’s Miss Lovely (Poster + New Trailer)

Posted: May 10, 2012 by moifightclub in cinema

The official trailer of Ashim Ahluwalia’s trailer is finally out. It looks like they have combined all the three teasers which came out earlier, put it all in sequence with some new footage. Do check out.

Miss Lovely has been selected to premiere in the Un Certain regard section of the Cannes. The film stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Niharika Singh and Anil George.

And here’s the new poster and official synopsis (has minor spoilers)

And the poster is very similar to this poster of Nehle Pe Dehla. Is it tribute or plagiarism?


Bombay, 1988. Vicky and Sonu are brothers and partners in crime. They produce “C” grade films in the lower depths of Bollywood – lurid horror films, erotic bandit pictures, sleazy social dramas. From a humid one-hour hotel, amidst spilled whisky and bouts of womanizing, Vicky churns out illicit titles like “Dolly Darling” and “Lady James Bond” for India’s small-town picture houses. He leaves the donkey-work to Sonu, his withdrawn, dim-witted younger sibling, who often cleans up after him.

Returning exhausted from a sales trip peddling erotic reels in the hinterland, Sonu encounters a mysterious girl on the train and is drawn to her fragile beauty. She’s only just arrived in Bombay and her vulnerability soothes his own sense of despair. Her name is Pinky and she appears to be a struggling actress.

Vicky dismisses the girl as a gullible piece of flesh but Sonu is desperate, bewitched by Pinky’s silent radiance. He knows that only she can save him; make his emptiness disappear.

As the seasons change, Sonu begins to resent his hard-edged brother. He no longer wants toslave for Vicky’s lawless operation and decides to make a film of his own, with Pinky in the lead. A double debut – producer and star. It’s a reckless, nihilistic venture with no story and no crew in place. But he has a title – the film will be called ‘Miss Lovely’ and Sonu will do whatever it takes to make it.

But nothing is what it seems in this garish underworld of shifting alliances, double dealing, and quivering flesh. Out on the streets three years later, Sonu realizes that his whole world has turned upside down.

A baroque tale of betrayal and doomed love, the animal instincts of the struggling actress prove to be the most cutthroat of all. As paranoia and violence spiral out of control, brother turns on brother, and blood spills like water. Sonu, now alone and abandoned, aimlessly wanders the streets, junkyards and film studios, aching for one last glimpse of Pinky.

Tip – Damoviemaniac

  1. tejas says:

    wow, that’s not even plagiarism!! Simbly copy-paste or to make it worse, they just took the poster of Nehle pe Dehla and changed the background! Aiiiii!1

  2. vivgup says:

    Wow. Frankly, goosebumps.
    And people are raving about Yashraj’s new trailer. Sigh.

  3. amar khan says:

    v hav some substantial movies to luk forwrd to this year eargerly waiting to watch this one..

  4. amar khan says:

    nawazuddin sahab take a bow he is the next naseeruddin..

  5. Zaresh says:

    The whole film is a tribute to classic Bollywood cinematic styles and it’s very upfront about that. It’s so obviously not plagiarism when you have an obvious quotation – very different to quote a historical reference than cut pastie a Hollywood poster that’s a few months old. Look at the new tarantino posters for example – i mean even inglorious bastards is the title of an old Italian film. Is that plagiarism?

  6. Imad Ahm says:

    The trailers looks f@@king INCREDIBLE. Almost too good to believe.. As for poster : who cared about nehle pe Dehla to begin with – isn’t it great that a movie would make us look back at our cinematic heritage with pride? You should know better.. Didn’t The Artist use music for Hitchcock’s Vertigo?

  7. Sita Negi says:

    Just one word .. WOW!

  8. Movie madness says:

    Kya baat hai – this is Epic! Long trailer is too good bro.

  9. @supermankabaap says:

    wow!!! got goosebumps after watching this trailer….this is gonna be the movie of the year.

  10. AMH says:

    Too much hai.

  11. Akash Sahu says:

    Very interesting trailer… and Nawazuddin seems to have delivered a very raw and real performance. But I think the other guy in the trailer would be the real revelation as far as acting goes.

    • Siddhartha says:

      The guy who plays the elder brother is an obscure actor called Anil George. Totally new discovery made by the Ashim Ahluwalia. I looked him up too after seeing him in the trailer – absolutely unbelievable performance! Even more intense than Nawaz!

  12. vjani says:

    Anybody knows what’s the background music used in the trailer? Unable to find it anywhere and it is just too good to be ignored.

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