Finally, the official trailer of Vasan Bala‘s debut feature Peddlers is out. The film is all set to premiere at Cannes International Critics’ Week.

So what works and what doesn’t? Since he is a good friend, i might be biased. But let me try. The visuals look gorgeous, there is a sudden tension in the mood but it all looks calm on the surface. Great! And the ‘ud jayega‘ raw vocals adds to the creepiness. But the text seems to be too vague. Actually it’s the same as that cryptic synopsis of the film. Why? Who does that? Also, font is dull and boring. And it comes on the visuals. Found it too be distracting.

What do you guys think? Do leave your comments.

To quote the official synopsis,

Peddlers – A ghost town, Mumbai, inhabited by millions. A lady on a mission, a man living a lie, an aimless drifter. They collide. Some collisions are of consequence, some not, either ways the city moves on.

And here’s the cast and credit list..

Director : Vasan Bala
Screenplay : Vasan Bala
Cinematography : Siddharth Diwan
Editing : Prerna Saigal
Sound : Anthony B.J. Ruban
Music : Karan Kulkarni

Cast: Gulshan Devaiah, Siddharth Mennon, Kriti Malhotra, Nimrat Kaur, Murari Kumar, Sagai Raj, Megh Pant, Nishikant Kamat, Neeraj Ghaywan and Anubhuti Kashyap.

  1. i just wondered is bombay a character or just a setting , i am tempted to believe the former , which does raise my expectation with the film , ud jayega makes an eerie prophecy , the visuals just tease , they don’t tell much , they just build an intrigue , which works . Also i don’t know why but the trailer does remind me of Dhobighat. Some uncanny resemblance or its just in my head !
    Said that eagerly waiting for this one

  2. ufh says:

    is the girl in the visual puking rasna?

  3. It does not ;let you in on any detail of the movie other than add visuals to that incomplete synopsis. I would have liked to see some more of it. background definitely does work in its favour. It some how leaves us wanting for more. The output in terms of visuals seems rich enough for the budget we hear went into making it. On the whole it is a may be for me with this.

  4. Manu Warrier says:

    Hey Vasan,

    Besides some interesting visuals, the trailer does not excite / intrigue me at all, to be honest very under whelmed by what I just saw. Guess hype around the film in the last few weeks added to my expectations and I was waiting to see this for some time now. Hoping the film is more than what is the promo. Will still look forward to watching the film and Good luck for Cannes.

  5. SAdhu says:

    Bad trailer. Nothing comes across.

  6. extremist says:

    Pretty nice visuals for the budget that was available. I would not think too much about the text – Indian films are usually terrible with the text and tag lines. But great visuals.

  7. Akash Sahu says:

    Very arty… and reminds too much of Dhobi Ghat. But I like that Gulshan guy… he keeps on taking interesting roles like in Shaitan, Girl in Yellow Boots etc.

  8. vasanbala says:

    It’s pretty much how the film is Manu, don’t raise your expectations beyond what you see – I can completely agree with all who did find it quite underwhelming. It’s not meant to explode it’s meant to implode. A concept I will try and write about later. It’s something India does not accept as a selling tool.

    But guys those who disliked/liked it’s an honest 1 min. One can make a clear unbiased opinion of the film from this. Nothing’s hidden actually. Neither the pace nor the intent. It’s quite out there to form an honest opinion. Not to impress but just show what is in the offing.

    Don’t mind people not liking it but comparisons to Dhobi Ghat I disagree.

    • Solan.George says:

      I respect you for not including gimicky one-liners or for simplifying your characters to “speak to audiences”. I suppose the only constructive criticism one might offer is to give us a bit more of a hint about what the “lie”/”mission” might be, or what kind of “drifter” the character might be. I understand it’s just a first trailer and the purpose may well be to say, “here’s a film and this is what it looks like”.

      Maybe in future teasers a few more hints could be offered about the story or mood. The style of the film could be terse and minimalistic, but the synopsis/ trailer could offer more. Case in point, any Haneke trailer (even his early films), Hunger, Shame..You won’t diminish your story by showing a flash of it.

  9. vasanbala says:

    Trishant – Mumbai is a character in the film. It’s been treated more like a ghost town than a bustling metropolis. People locked into their spaces than the crowded narrow spaces of Md. Ali road. It has deserted lanes and influenced with claustrophobic mindsets discarding the truth and embracing a lie to survive. It’s easier and less painful to not be troubled by the truth.

    • jahanbakshi says:

      This frankly looks awesome, Vasan. And I must disagree with Mr Snob- the font and all- and God knows I’m fussy about them- are perfect too IMO. Beautiful. All the best for Cannes!

  10. vinjk says:

    loved the haunting music

  11. fattiemama says:

    Oh am seeing this only now. LOVED it!

  12. Tushar says:

    Hi Vasan, I am very much looking forward to the film. It comes across as very three dimensional, objective. And cold film. Just the way any film should be. I’m more excited about it than GOW. Best wishes at Cannes.

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