We’ve seen all kinds of reactions to Gangs Of Wasseypur… and like many would say, what good is a film if it doesn’t spark intense discussion and debate? But the reactions that are most interesting to see are in the form of fan art. Fan Posters is a relatively new trend here and we’ve recently had a whole wave of Bollywood and Indian movie inspired fan posters.

So here are some interesting ‘fanboy’ posters for Gangs Of Wasseypur… Take a look, and do send us your own if you’ve made any of your own. Enjoy!

The 10th, 11th and 12th posters are by Vijesh Rajan, Akshar Pathak and Abhinav Bhatt respectively.

The first 9  are by Neeraj Ghaywan… Who was clearly very bored during post-production for the film. And also the last one, dedicated to the 3 Womaniyas who were a major force behind the film and had to suffer much at the hands of a certain Mr K. Here they have their revenge. This one is our favorite!

(Update: Added Sumit Purohit‘s Minimalist Poster as well. Keem ’em coming!)

(Update 2: Added  अमित aka @hypnosh‘s fantastic new minimal poster. We love this!)

Gangs OF Wasseypur by Vijesh Rajan

Gangs Of Wasseypur by Vijesh Rajan

Gangs Of Wasseypur Minimal Poster by Akshar Pathak

Gangs Of Wasseypur Minimal Poster by Akshar Pathak

Gangs Of Wasseypur Minimal Movie Poster by Abhinav Bhatt

Gangs Of Wasseypur Minimal Movie Poster by Abhinav Bhatt

Gangs Of Wasseypur Minimal Poster by Sumit Purohit


Gangs of Wasseypur Minimal Poster by @hypnosh


Gals Of Wasseypur

Anubhuti, Shweta and Sneha. Hell yeah.

  1. @Rohwit says:

    Only the one with cow’s head and the caption about kabootar looks like a mismatch baaki sab एकदम जबर

  2. moifightclub says:

    Wow! some terrific stuff. Last one is hilarious. My favs – 3(nine) and 9th (bullets) and 10th (vijesh’s) and 11th one by Akshar pathak.

  3. In the very first poster, there’s a fading image of someone’s face.. cant make who’s is it but should be Tigmanshu’s.

  4. @thepuccacritic : Yes that is Tigmanshu Dhulia.

  5. Tyler Durden says:

    Is there a good pic of Shahid Khan’s Koyla face anywhere? Man! The cut to that close-up shot was epic!!!

  6. amar khan says:

    the one with a finger terrfic striking and also the small jhandi wala

  7. Billu says:

    Saare hi mast hain…Best chunna tension ka kaam hai…

  8. Trishant Srivastava says:

    Loved the one with the buffalo’s face ………. brilliant ideas all of them

  9. SJ says:

    Absolute Bakaiti is every sense possible. If I had to choose one of these to be posters of the movie it would be really difficult.

  10. AB says:

    Amazing fan posters. Each one tells story about the movie’s different aspects.

  11. Roushan says:

    the “ungli” & the “Umbrella accompanied by guns” are the best ones.. would love to see more of them..

  12. forgotten king says:

    most of them are average… too amateurish… but good try

  13. shri krishna says:

    Super like.. Nice work man!! I will keep sharing this all my day!

  14. 6 & 10th for me win hands down- i.e., the cow’s head and the box of pencil’s (maybe without the names on the box- and caption- strike anywhere)

  15. Achha..one more thing.. in the 5th poster.. why there are steps and cow’s head on of those steps?

  16. Neha says:

    Blown away by all of these….each one of them is like a work of art!!! Amazing!!!

  17. 4m1t says:

    awesome really like akshar pathak’s poster…

  18. For those asking me on Twitter: The flag one is a subtle representation of Qureshis Vs Pathans. And the part 2 one has more flags, meaning more gangs (Those two were photographed by Vasan Bala). The beheaded buffalo was just a cool pic from the sets and I used it.

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  20. prashant says:

    great ,,awesome ,,,all were wonderful and very creative

  21. damitr says:

    Great work!
    Esp the kabutar wala


  22. Anjali Singh says:

    what the fuck!
    what is the need of all this?cant u guys let the film talk?trying to make an indulgent film without a plot…rhythm, depth and maturity…….full of gimmicks and all manners of adolescent stunts(gaalibaazis)……into a phenomenon.
    go and tell anurag that when the story teller and his indulgences,penchant for subversive and idiosyncracies becomes greater than the story itself…the story suffers…..and the end result is a gangs of wasseypur.
    the film is just a barrage of nicely acted and executed scenes…without a soul…drama and poetic tension.the film fails as a mockumentary…..fails as a social commentary …..and ends up being a dissent+commentary=dysentary.

    • sam says:

      Ms.Singh, i believe u need to redefine the meaning of ‘story’ here because as for public knowledge goes, a story is an account or recital of an event or a series of events, either true or fictitious which GOW has devotedly stood by in the 320 minutes dedicated to Ur so called ‘dysentery’. What has the world come to where realistic sentiments n gestures are perceived as gimmicks n adolescent stunts? Wake up from the Ian Fleming vision, n feel the grime n gore of realists. The idiosyncrasies n perverse indulgences are verity of life which many ignore to accept under the mask of tons of pancakes, stilletoes n fake spick n span way of life. Sad to know that people have forgotten to appreciate the veracity amidst the phonies..

  23. in “bullets-of-wasseypur.jpg”/poster 9 it says tigmanshi, but that should be tigmanshu no?

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