VOTD : Pankaj Tripathi’s interview

Posted: April 13, 2013 by moifightclub in Interview, VOTD
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At some point most cinema discussion always move towards that rather simple question – who’s your favourite actor in the current lot? And to answer that question, my current favourite is Pankaj Tripathi. But the tragedy is sometimes i do have to explain who this actor is. It was the same for my other favourite – Yashpal Sharma. All these actors are always good, in any bad film or bad role.

A graduate of National School Of Drama, Pankaj has been acting for quite a few years. He got his much deserved visibility with YRF’s tv show Powder in which he played Naved Ansari. And then got recognition with his portrayal of Sultan in Gangs Of Wasseypur. Since we hardly care about actors who play character roles, so it’s rare to see them in mainstream media. Much thanks to Komal Nahta who he did this long interview with Tripathi where he talks about his theatre days, village, parents’ aspirations, struggling days and much more. And it’s quite an honest interview. DO WATCH.

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  1. Sarthak Jain says:

    Excellent. Super Simple Man. My real first brush when I really think I acknowledged him as an actor or anyone was Powder. I think these breakthroughs are needed. I would have imagined Atul Sabharwal would have / should have taken him in Aurangzeb. He is coming in Fukrey as well Gunday. Both will be awesome movies and would give him lot of visibility. I actually even liked Manish Chaudhary in the same TV Series POWDER. Though I think Manish Chaudhary’s breakthrough performance was RocketSingh.

  2. Rasik says:

    He was the best part about the terrible Rangrezz as well!

  3. nice interview and nice pic of Pankaj sir….was clicked during the shoot of a short film by Sonu (Kumar Avyaya) 🙂

  4. j says:

    To see Pankaj and yashpal in something like ishqiyan. Dream on.

  5. I met Pankaj during the casting of a film i wrote…and was blown over by the simplicity how he understood the character i wanted him to play and was pushing my director to cast him. Though it didnt translate for Pankaj, i think he has got an awesome range and nuance.

  6. Koman Nahta ki zindagi ka pehla achha kaam I think. Aur Pankaj Tripathi ko ab ek comedy mein dekhne ka mann hai.

  7. Manas Sahu says:

    My choices are the same as yours 🙂
    I think after Sanjai Mishra and Yashpal Sharma, he is the new legend.

  8. nitinsmailid says:

    moi thank u very much for this piece of art….saadgi and honesty dekhne kahaan milti hai……thank u…..

  9. Komal Nahata ko ab 6 mahine sab maaaf !

  10. sid says:

    मैं इस जीवन में कोमल से कभी भी सहमत नहीं हो सकता. गज़ब की मूर्खता से लबरेज व्यक्तित्व का स्वामी है यह आदमी. खैर, यहाँ तो पंकज जैसा सिमटा हुआ और ज़मीन से जुड़ा इंसान ही खड़ा रह सकता था नहीं तो कोई और इतना मुक़म्मल शख्स होता, उसने बीच में ही छोड़ दिया होता.

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