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guide gufraan official poster

This came in our mailbox. We don’t know anyone connected with this film, but it looks damn interesting – the poster and the trailer. So we are featuring the first look of this 50min long feature Guide Gufraan here. Directed by Ayushman Mitra, a graduate from Calcutta’s St Xavier’s  College. It’s made with the help of his friends from Xavier’s who have formed a group called Backgate Studio. Have a look.


Raas, the cosmic meeting of opposite energies, is the cornerstone of all creation. Raas is widely illustrated as a celebration of love with an important involvement of dance and music. A few stories of love live beyond the boundaries of time and society; Krishna’s ‘raas’ is a timeless tale of erotica and passion. For most, he is more human than god. What is amazing is the acceptance that he receives from a conservative society like ours.

Guide Gufraan is Pasha’s journey from repression to acceptance of his own self. As he enters the city of Calcutta to retrace his past and seek spiritual asylum, where questions are asked and many are left unanswered, he begins an exploration of the self, the self he is desperately running away from, challenging his quest for peace. Finally, a city guide acts as the catalyst and pushes him to the limits till he embraces his true self. It is a celebration of acceptance, as people choose to live liberated lives shunning the social stigmas on love, sex and relationships. People come together and tear apart, some are fondly remembered, while some disappear into the chaotic rhythm of the ‘raas’. It is only natural that Krishna in the Mahabharata essays the role of a ‘sarathi’, in other words, a guide.

Cast & credit :

Cast: Ayushman Mitra, Sreemoyee Kasturi Banerjee, Neeraj Dugar, Sneha Ghosh, Zoheb Akbar, Yashodhara Basu Mallick, Sharmistha Jha, Urmila Subhadra Majumdar, Gautam Vir Prashad and Gosto Kumar

Director: Ayushman Mitra

Story & Screenplay: Ayushman Mitra , Sreemoyee Kasturi Banerjee

Director of Photography: Gairik Sarkar, Rusha Bose

Editor: Gairik Sarkar Creative

Producer: Rohini Ghosh

Music: Sambit Chatterjee, Yudhajit Biswas, Ronodeep Bose

Production Designer: Ayushman Mitra

Production Manager: Anirvan Sengupta

Costumes: Sneha Ghosh

Co-Producers: Sumit Mitra, Srijon Kaushik Banerjee

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