First Look : Sujay Dahake’s Ajoba (Trailer)

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AjobaAt 25, Sujay Dahake made an assured debut with his nostalgia-dipped Shala. We all loved the film, had recco-ed it (here) and did a podcast with the director (here). The film was lying in cans for sometime, got a limited release initially and then went on to become critical and commercial hit.

Sujay is back with a new film titled Ajoba. The first trailer of the film is just out. Based on real events, it stars Urmila Matondkar and Yashpal Sharma. Have a look.

It looks so interesting but more than a trailer it looks like a short film. What do you guys think? Do comment and let us know.

And here’s the official synopsis –

Big Cat’s Big Adventure. Malshej to Mumbai in 29 days: Ajoba the leopard’s ambitious trek. Ajoba was rescued from a well and a tracking device was fixed on his neck, before being released back into the wild. He turned out to be one adventurous cat, as he made his way to Mumbai over the Sahyadris, i.e a cool 120kms.

– To know more about the film, click here for its FB page.

  1. Vivek says:

    Looks really good. Definitely will watch this

  2. Anonymous says:

    Trailer is impressive…

  3. Hats off to this guy. give him my best regards. And at this age the kind off consciousness he’s having with the sensitivity of the topic is really commendable . Definately will take time out for this.

  4. airborne says:

    Looks interesting!

  5. Ashwin Kumar says:

    This is one of the film i am looking forward to watch this year.

  6. जबरदस्त…. नक्की बघणार 🙂 🙂

  7. Gandu says:

    Also take a look at this amazing BBC documentary on leopards set in India and on the incidents took place in different part of the country. The trailer looks pretty similar to the docu and Urmila’s character looks so much like Dr. Vidya Athreya in this doc. Here’s the link:

  8. Very interesting. Looking forward to watch this.

  9. damitr says:

    This looks cool!

  10. Ramakrishna says:

    Loved it.. Thanks for sharing..

  11. Definitely to watch out for cast looks impressive…It looks like people from team of Valu and Deool, Hrishikesh Joshi, Dilip Prabhavalkar etc..

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