If you missed our earlier post in this 2013 flashback series, here’s the list – 20 Things We Learnt At The Movies and 13 Unanswered Questions is here, Top 10 Musical Gems We Discovered This Year is here, and 15 Film Fanatics on 17 Terrific Films That Have Stayed With Them is here.

In this post, Rohwit looks back at some of the best bollywood tracks that we looped this year.

Amidst the 100 crore musical disasters, few albums and some songs tried to stand tall, and that wasn’t tough even for a slightly above average song because thanks to the automatic tunes that come pre-fed in some expensive keyboards owned by some music composers, the ‘average’ bar is pretty low in Hindi films these days.

Here is our pick of 14 songs (ok 16! ok 17!) that made us sit up and sway! The order below is not in a ranking form. Some of the points contain 2 songs. So what? We cannot make up our mind. Yes, we get confused. Music does that to us.


1. Yes, it is based on a Beethoven symphony. Yes, it has a very ‘अरे ये पहले सुना है’ feel. Still, I haven’t heard a spookier lullaby in 2013. So take a bow Kumaar for penning this superb song and take a bow Sangeet Haldipur for singing it beautifully! Yes, it is one of the best songs I have heard this year. We are indeed referring to Aaja nindiya raina beeti jaaye rey from Aatma.


2. Khamakha hee-Badal Uthiya (Prem Dehati version) – from Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola. It took a local Harvanyvi singer (who hasn’t appeared on the again after this album by the way) Prem Dehati to mesmerize us with raw talent and touching melody. Not many songs have the longevity to survive in playlists these days but this song will be there for a long time.

In fact it was Prem Dehati’s splendid participation in Khamakha that lifted the already superb song to a level very few could match this year.


3. Manjha (Kai Po Che!) – Every Time A.R. Rahman’s music is about to hit the scene, there is so much anticipation and Amit Trivedi enjoys the same effect on music lovers at large. So it wasn’t a surprise when this splashed all across and we were treated to this song.

Swanand Kirkire has penned one of the best songs this year in Manjha. Simple lyrics, exquisite arrangement and we cannot get tired of Amit Trivedi’s studio singing. The other two songs were no less but somehow Manjha shall always be played before the other two.


4. Tum hi ho (Arijit Singh) – So it turns out that Arijit singh is turning everything into gold just by singing it! Easily a much better film to look at than it’s first part, Aashiqui 2 had this mother of a song that was overplayed to the extent of irritation. But can you dismiss it as being one of the stickiest song of 2013? No! Why is it featured on the list? Ask yourself if you don’t like humming it. We know some of you are humming it right now.


5. Khoon choos ley (Go Goa Gone) – There is a lot of Monday hatred (or so it seems on all social media platforms), so a Monday song was long overdue. The song in my view was wasted in the film Go Goa Gone and even the half-hearted music video wasn’t promoted well. Still, this has to be one of the best ‘I hate to wake up and go to work’ song we have heard in Hindi films. The nasal start, the ‘rrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrr’ part and splendid lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya makes this one a treat!


6. Badtameez Dil (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani) – More than anything, we cannot get over the fact that Amitabh Bhattacharya used ‘dhimka falana’, ‘paan mein pudina’ and ‘moorhi bhaat’ so effortlessly! While the song belonged to RK on the screen (deservingly so), Benny Dayal is no less a rockstar to sing this with so much zest that even people with two left feet were seeing dancing at the mere mention of this song. Kudos to the brass band and Pritam for this one!

7. Raanjhnaa hua main Tum Tak (Raanjhanaa) – Yes. While many of us (including yours truly) started out disliking the million ‘tum taks’ in the song, the second half of the song, the shehnai (and the excellent use of manjeera) redeems this  song and how!

Be it the faint guitar riffs or excellent Jasvinder Singh (who made a guest appearance in the song), the title song of raanjhanaa had all going for it. More so, the emperor ARR was at his yearly best in this album as a whole.


8. Ghanchakkar babu (Ghanchakkar) – Amit Trivedi was heard having a ball in this one. While the album was not bad at all, this song stood out (and was on the loop for a long time) thanks to excellent arrangement and superb back up vocals. Trust Amitabh Bhattacharya to give an insightful touch to ‘Nala Sopara’! Top class song! Muuuuuuuuuuwaaaaaaah!


9. Monta Re (Lootera) –  The ‘chik chiki chik’ whispers by Swanand Kirkire, the quiet atmosphere, exquisite lyrics and a delicate presentation. This is easily the best song of the album that sounded more like Udaan part 2 than anything. We mean it in a good way. No. Really.


10. Mera Yaar – From the fantastic album Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Javed Bashir was given a song that was right up to his comfort zone and he hit it out of the park. We loved the entire album (without the ‘andar kaala bahar kaala PAR sachcha hai sala’ part) and were relieved that Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy are back to making good music, just like the good old days.

11. D-Day – A fantastic album overall. Be it the definitive Qawwali ‘Murshid khele holi’ or the heart breaking ‘Alvida’,  the album even made Mika tolerable when he attempted Dama dam mast kalandar. (Rekha Ji, सुन रही हैं ना आप?)


12. Shudh Desi Romance – Be it those tiny musical bits with Rajasthani sound or those lovely songs, Jaideep Sahni and Sachin Jigar served us a musical treat with  an adorable marriage of contemporary words and folksy-dinchik arrangement. Our pick from the album will remain ‘Tere mere beech mein kya hai’


13. Ram Leela – Though the album was filled with grand arrangement and excessive noise throughout, we really liked the adaptation of ‘Mor bani thangat karey’ and Lal Ishq (without the excessive noise towards the end).


14. Dil ki toh lag gayee (Nautanki Sala) – As an album, it had a distinct ‘townie’ sound to it (much like Bluffmaster). However, what blew the socks off the senses is Saba Azad’s super hot singing in ‘Dil ki toh lag gayee’. Ignore the horrible presentation of the song on screen though. A fantastic effort, insanely melodious at all times and very very saxxxay! Sing more Saba, we are listening!

We also enjoyed :

– Early morning (Chashme Baddoor) A lot of us debate where is Sonu Nigam and why isn’t he singing more. While we do not have anything to add to that, but we loved the way Mr. Nigam was having fun singing this wonderful song from a not so wonderful remake of a classic.

– ‘SPB ho ho!’ part from the title song of Chennai Express. There are very few occasions that compare to SP Balasubrahmanyam having fun in a song.

Ajnabi (Madras Cafe) The songs were wasted in an otherwise brilliant film but the whispering voice of Zeb left it’s mark. It’s a pity that this song went unnoticed.


Very Very Special Mention :

Padmanabh Gaikwad for singing Sapne rey sapna (from Ek Thi Daayan) . A fantastic voice that resonates innocence. We are way too tired of Gulzar saab doing splendid job every time he sits down to pen a song, so we won’t even stress the fact that we are in love with the ‘Bhoore bhoore baadalon ke bhaalu, Loriyaan sunaaye la ra ra ru’ part of the song. Hope to hear more from Padmanabh.

So which songs you looped this year? Let us know in the comments.

  1. Palak says:

    Finally I have found someone who liked Mor Bani Thanghat Kare 🙂 Brilliant list!

  2. smrutika panigrahi says:

    dont agree with the list… some songs dont deserve any place in this list.. early morning being one of them.. and from lootera.. ankahee, shikayatein, zinda and man marziya didnt even make it..

  3. rahulandrd says:

    Where is Manmarzia (Lootera), Kali kali (Ek Thi Dayan), Yeh laal (RamLeela)?

  4. rahulandrd says:

    its been long time that MFC has post as mediocre as this one. Didnt like at all.

  5. rahulandrd says:

    Tere mere bich me (SDR), Early Morning (CB) on the Loop? Wow !!!

  6. Here’s my top 10 fav albums list:


    We are more or less on the same page. 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Re: Raanjhanaa – Jaswinder Singh not Jaswant Singh. Good list of songs though 🙂

  8. Shashaank says:

    I was quite surprised to see this list and went to Wikipedia to see all the movies that were released this year. It is quite shocking that most of the great films of the year – didn’t really depend on the songs. Which basically meant that Bollywood had an average year with songs and the list kind of covers most of the good film albums. I haven’t listened to the song from D-Day and Chashme Buddoor. But I absolutely don’t agree with Bhaag Milkha Bhaag on the list. For me it was the worst album by SEL – with only a few lines from ZInda hummable, forget looping. I would add Ambarsariya from Fukrey to the list and Zinda from Lootera.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but the list kinda sucks 🙂

  10. Surprised there is no mention of M M Kreem’s Special 26!!

  11. Suanshu Khurana says:

    Would have loved to see Ek ghadi here. But glad you put in Maanjha. It will remain one song that I missed out in my list. But then I could only pick five..

  12. Pragati Ojha says:

    Yaaram? Such splendid lyrics by Gulzar sahab!

  13. My List:

    1) Manja, Meethi Boliyaan and Subhaarabhm
    2) Murraba
    3) Tum Tak, Aise Na Dekho, Piya Milenga
    4) Lazy Lad
    5) Alivda
    6) Mujh Mein Tu and Tujh Sang Lee
    7) Ambarsariya, Rabba, and Fukrey
    8) Yaaram
    9) Khoon Choos Le
    10) Manmarziyan/ Swaar Loon

  14. Mahaveer says:

    You sure about “Early morning” even to be mentioned here? :O……apart from that I agree with the albums Rohwit but not sure if I’d pick the same songs from those for my loops. My picks:
    5) Babaji ki booti – which ALSO was wasted in Go Goa…)
    6) Kabira – from Ye Jawani… even though it sounds like a minor tweak of Iktaara but yes Badtameez dil would be my second
    9) Sanwar Loo – even if it was the obvious choice from Lootera 🙂
    10) Bhag Milkha (title track) or Slow motion Angreja
    11) Ek Ghadi – I didn’t pick this Rekha Bhardwaj song, just to pick on you 🙂
    I’d say Ambarsaria (even though this Fukrey track was also “overplayed to the extent of irritation”) and Maula Tu malik hai (Inkaar) were also the ‘maja-aa-gaya’ songs of the year.

  15. Anand says:

    didnt loop anything from this list except Manjha and Badtameez dil…I remember looping sawaar loon and ankahee from Lootera as well as Sun Raha from Aashiqui 2…

  16. Sukanya says:

    What? NO Aunty police bula legi?? :O

  17. amit says:

    not a good list ..missed some of the songs..

  18. […] 2013 Rewind : 14 Bollywood songs we played in non-stop loop […]

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