Ashim Ahluwalia’s ‘Miss Lovely’ gets a new trailer

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Ashim Ahluwalia’s film Miss Lovely is finally all set to release on 17th January, 2014. For its domestic run, the makers have released a new trailer of the film.

The film premiered at Cannes Film Festival in the Un Certain regard section and it stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Niharika Singh and Anil George.

Official Synopis

Set in the lower depths of Bombay’s “C” grade film industry, MISS LOVELY follows the devastating story of two brothers who produce sex horror films in the mid-1980s.

A sordid tale of betrayal and doomed love, the film dives into the lower depths of the Bollywood underground, an audacious cinema with baroque cinemascope compositions, lurid art direction, wild background soundtracks, and gut-wrenching melodrama.

To know more about the cast and crew, check out this embedded pdf file to read their profile.

  1. Reblogged this on Just My Perception and commented:
    People in India complain about quality of movies and when one look seems like it…then no body cares.This movie seems haunting and show case one whole industry (which everybody likes deep down but no one wants to talk about publicly) and Boogie Nights style of movie. I loved nights and is waiting for it.All characters seem natural and Vicky Duggal is a Criminal still echoing in my ears.No less to expect for Awesome Nawazuddin Siddiqui.
    One review on IMDB titled “A visionary piece of Indian cinema” says it all.
    Watched this at Cannes and early reviews were initially confused, almost dissuading me from checking it out and sometimes positioning it as a Boogie Nights style American film, other times describing it as Wong Kar Wai-like. IT IS NOT ANY OF THE ABOVE! It’s expressionistic, strange, captivating, surreal, eccentric and one of the more beautifully designed movies in recent memory, specially if 1980s Asian pulp & auteur cinema appeals to you as it does me. Its fragmentary plot is uncompromising, yet deeply rewarding as a complex genre movie makes way for a much more poetic take on what it means to be trapped in a claustrophobic economic/ social world with no way out. Feels like a marriage between von sternberg and andrei zulawski (kind of)..def art house, though. The narrative is just straight enough to follow whilst being daring enough to baffle – many feel that the character of Pinky, the dream-girl that drives much of the film is too opaque, but for me she felt just right – a kind of mona lisa of the bombay underground. highly worth checking out.
    Only problem is what if they don’t release in Gwalior?No Worry, Then Delhi Calling in any condition 🙂

  2. The Sun says:

    […] Ashim Ahluwalia’s ‘Miss Lovely’ gets a new trailer […]

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