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Bored and dead of watching all those mushy V-Day videos? Here we are, the cynical bunch, the anti-VD group.

And here’s the perfect VOTD for V-Day. Watch and have fun.

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After the success of Pancham Unmixed, the National Award-winning film on RD Burman, filmmaker Brahmanand Siingh is now working on another feature length biopic, this time on legendary ghazal maestro, Jagjit Singh, titled “Kagaz Ki Kashti…”

“Kaghaz Ki Kashti…” is planned to be an evocative account of a down-to-earth small town boy from Rajasthan who became a legend in no time, but not without his share of struggle. In the process, the film will capture that extra something in his music that gave his compositions a certain polish and a soul at the same time which delighted millions of listeners across countries, cultures and age segments.

Through visual and sensory experiences, the film intends to take us on a journey of his choice of poetry — simple but touching world of Urdu lyrics that he chose to sing (sometimes nazms, sometimes ghazals), setting them to soulful tunes and introducing western instrumentation to make them textured, contemporary, and rich. The film will also take us back in time and trace the zigzag marathon run by a man with passion, fire, and soulful melodies within him, which kept him alight all through his luminous career as well as in some difficult personal times, all with a seamless and gripping narrative.

The lyrical film aims to use his music and the poems he chose to tell his own story of love and loss, of tribulations and triumphs. In the process, the film creates a warm portrayal of the man behind the visible, and the artist behind his creations.

Brahmanand’s previous film “Pancham Unmixed” went on to become a big success at film festivals and won two National Awards, among many others, and was a big draw at over 40 International film festivals.

– For all the updates on the film, click here to go to its FB page.

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Echoes, the annual cultural festival of IIM Kozhikode, in association with filmmaker Shekhar Kapur had launched a short film making competition titled “I Love Paani”. We had posted about it here.

The filmmaker has picked his Top 3 favourite shorts, and has tweeted the reasons why he liked them. We are embedding the shorts below each tweet.



screenwriting-215x300WHAT : NFDC Screenwriters’ Lab 2014 gives an opportunity to six independent screenwriters to develop their skill under the guidance of a variety of industry experts from across the globe. Through one-on-one sessions with their Mentors, the Screenwriter Fellows are advised on tools and techniques required to improve their scripts and methods to pitch the same in the international domain.

WHY : The Screenwriters’ Lab is specially re-designed to prepare screenwriters with original Indian stories for working with the international filmmaking market.

– The Screenwriters’ Lab also creates a unique opportunity for these scripts to gain a direct entry to the Film Bazaar Co-Production Market.

– This two stage script development lab, now in it’s 7th Edition delivers intensive coaching tailored to the precise needs of each writer and project selected for development.

– Screenwriters bring to the lab a script in development to be part of an in-depth group and one to one creative discourse. From session one of the lab at Sarajevo Film Festival, international industry knowledge and sessions with renowned, award winning mentors will prepare the writers to present their projects during NFDC’s Film Bazaar in Goa.

Submission Requirements : 2 page synopsis

•- You will have two months to submit the screenplay if short listed.

Session 1 :

Will be held in Sarajevo, during the 2014 Film Festival. August 15 -23, 2014

Session 2 :

Will be held in Goa, prior to and during the Film Bazaar, 21 – 24 November, 2014

DEADLINE : 5th March, 2014

DETAILS : To know more about the lab, rules and regulations, how to submit, click here.

True Love Story

Gitanjali Rao’s new animation film ‘True Love Story’ bagged the Golden Conch Award for Best Animation Film at the recently concluded Mumbai International Film Festival. This 18 minute animation, set in the streets of Mumbai explores what happens when the ultimate Bollywood fantasy is applied in reality.  It gives glimpse into the influence of Bollywood on real life in Mumbai, told through puppet animation.

Here’s the trailer of the film

More about the film from Scroll – It’s a frame by frame painted 19-minute film about love, told from the eyes of two migrants who come to Mumbai and fall in love with each other. The boy in the film is hugely influenced by Bollywood and he falls in love with the girl across the street. Who will teach him how to woo her? This is a boy-meets-girl story, from the perspective of people who find themselves adrift in the big city.

As we have said million times in the past, and still keep repeating ourselves, if you have not seen Rao’s work, you have not seen the best animation that this country has produced. So we are embedding one of her popular animation films here. Do watch.

From her official website –

‘Printed Rainbow’ describes the loneliness of an old woman and her cat, who escape into the fantastical world of match box covers.

Gitanjali painted the entire film frame by frame over three years as a labour of love dedicated to her mother and cat. The film went on to premier in Cannes in 2006 and won her the first set of laurels with three Awards for the Best Short film in Critic’s Week, Cannes 2006. Then followed 22 international awards and screenings in over a hundred international festivals.

– She also did the delicious opening credits of Stanley Ka Dabba. To know more about her work and films, click here.

Gulabi Gang

So far we have been hearing about Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawala starrer Gulaab Gang directed by Soumik Sen. And now, there’s a twist in the tale. A documentary film titled Gulabi Gang by Nishtha Jain is all set to release before the Bollywood feature. Interestingly, both the films explore the same subject. Our guess is the bollywood film will have much more to it than just the story of Sampat Pal and her Gulabi Gang.

Gulaab Gang is set to release on 7th March, 2014. And PVR Cinemas is releasing the documentary Gulabi Gang on 21st February. Its presented by Sohum Shah, actor-producer of Ship Of Theseus. The film has been doing the festival rounds for quite some time. It also won the Best Director Award in the International Competition section of the recently concluded Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) of Shorts, Docus and Animation.

Here’s the trailer of the film –

With the comparisons being made, recently Nishtha clarified few things on her FB post. We are copy-pasting it here –

I’m dismayed and partially amused with a lot of wrong reporting in the print and audio-visual media about my views on the Bollywood film Gulaab Gang, about my own film and it’s theatrical release. I guess I should have expected that nuances will get lost but some of the stuff the media has been putting in my mouth is blatant lies. I just want to clarify that:

1. I have not given the name Gulabi Gang to this group of women. They have been working in Bundelkhand since 2006 under this banner. I’ve only made a documentary about their work. This is not the first or the last film on them. There have been many before and I’m sure there’ll be more. And Budelkhand is not a village it’s a linguistic region of UP and MP.

2. Also I’ve never said that the Bollywood film Gulaab Gang is based on my film. I’ve not seen the film, only their trailer. The makers of Gulaab Gang didn’t need to take permission from me but from the real group called Gulabi Gang for using their name, concept etc.

3. I have never said that mine is the first documentary to be released in India, there have been many before.

4. I have never said my film is entertaining. Yes it is in parts but the words I have been using are engaging, engrossing, disturbing, grey, complex etc. Maybe in common parlance that makes the film entertaining.

5. And this quote which is being curculated bereft of it’s original context “I’m not an ‘activist-filmmaker’. Nor am I ‘woman-filmmaker”. This is what I had said in answer to the question by Dear Cinema:

Dear Cinema: In India, most documentary filmmakers are also activists in their own right. How do you see yourself in that light?

Nishtha Jain: I’m not an ‘activist-filmmaker’. Nor am I ‘woman-filmmaker’. I don’t like all these labels. I’m a filmmaker, a feminist and when the need arises, an activist. My films grow out of my world view and interests.

– To know more about Gulabi Gang, click here.

– To read Nishtha Jain’s interview on the film, click here.

Read the poetry. Guess the film.

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It started on Twitter. Just as a casual conversation. We thought it would be fun to share it here too. So here it goes – first one in English, second one in Hindi. First one gives you all the hints. Easy to guess. Second one was written just like that. The writer saw a film and wrote it.

Here’s the first one –


Now guess the film.

It’s written by Parth Vyas and was shared by Dhruve Gandhi.

Second one is written by Shashank Kumar. And came via Varun Grover.

घर में बेतरतीब पड़े हैं लम्हे:
रसोई में जाकर
कुकर से मांगता हूँ थोड़ी भाप
चश्मे पोंछने के लिए,

उम्र की गर्द इकठ्ठा है पेशानी पर,
गुसल में जाकर
साबुन से मांगता हूँ थोड़ी झाग
माथे की सलवटें साफ़ करने को

ठण्ड से सिकुड़ा हुआ है दिल
बालकनी से
थोड़ी सी धूप ले कर आता हूँ;
भीगी हुई हैं आँखें,
पर्दों पर टांग कर सुखाता हूँ

घर में बेतरतीब पड़े हैं लम्हे:
इधर उधर बिखरे हैं
बस कि काम चल जाता है जरुरत भर
लेकिन, घर बड़ा बेढब सा दीखता है

ऐसे में कोई आये तो क्या सोचेगा,
अच्छा है कि आजकल यूँ भी
आते नहीं हो तुम!

You might think of many films after reading this one. But this was the writer’s note when he shared the Hindi poetry – XXXXX YYYYYYY dekhi (paas me thi, lekin aapke ek tweet ke baad ek-a-ek yaad aaya ki dekhi nahi abhi tak), beech me hi kuchh likhne jaisa feel hua, fir socha ki aapko bhej doon so haazir hai.

Try if you can guess the movie title from number of X and Ys – XXXXX YYYYYY.