VOTD : Q & A with Imtiaz Ali on ‘Highway’

Posted: February 27, 2014 by moifightclub in bollywood, film, Q & A, video, VOTD, Xclusive
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As far as the reactions go, Imtiaz Ali’s new film ‘Highway’ is more or less on the same track like his last film Rockstar – completely divided between lovers and haters. And like last time, Ali was quite open and candid to discuss the strength and every weakness of the film, and took it all head on. We love and respect those filmmakers who are open to such dialogues. So thanks a lot, Imtiaz Ali. Whatever film you make, hope you remain like this.

We also hope more bollywood filmmakers will be open to such Q and As. Who really wants to read about the film pre-release, which is still quite the norm in the country. And post-release, they just vanish.

Also, it all happened because Navjot Gulati took the initiative, contacted Ali, sorted the logistics and made it possible. And thanks to Mihir Desai, Aniruddh Patankar and Sumit Purohit for the videos.

The film got over by 12:15 or so, and then the discussion went on till 2:30 am, and then it went on for some more time outside the theatre. It was great fun. Hope you guys enjoy the videos as much as we enjoyed the live session. Some questions might not be audible, so do use your headphones or speakers.

Thanks to PVR Andheri and Shiladitya Bora for helping us out with all the logistical support.

  1. Puneet Prakash says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful q&a session.

  2. nishidugar says:

    Thanks for sharing this video… But please try to give
    better sound quality! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  4. Bhuvan says:

    Too good, thanks a lot sir for this…

  5. Finally, watched this QA session with IA. Fabulous stuff. Great to hear about so many details about the film. Different perspectives, discussion over thought process behind the individual scenes. I hope Imtiaz releases Tu Kuja (Male version) online soon. Once again, thank you for conducting this and sharing with us!

  6. rahulandrd says:

    Thanks Guys for sharing this. indepted

  7. dbs73 says:

    Fabulous Q&A! Thank you moifighclub for doing this. Had so wanted to attend but the midnight timing was tough – so thanks for sharing.
    Had a question If anyone can answer – couldn’t get exactly what happened to Mahabir’s mother. She was beaten up by her husband and…there was a dialogue Mahabir said – about their women and our women. Something about the rich come into our homes and…couldn’t get the Gujjar accent.

  8. fiteyaal says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this :)) some really nice questions and beautiful answers by IMTIAZ ALI, no dodging, everything explained convincingly, such a pure heart he is.

  9. Crackednut says:

    Reblogged this on Decoding the static on Indian TV and commented:
    Big shout out to the movie lovers at MoiFightClub. They do immeasurable service to the community by highlighting all things related to good cinema. Another such effort is to use their contacts to generate dialogue between filmmakers & their audiences. Here is a 90 minute session with director Imtiaz Ali talking to viewers after the screening of his movie “Highway”

  10. […] the live session. Some questions might not be audible, so do use your headphones or speakers. VOTD : Q & A with Imtiaz Ali on ‘Highway’ | F.i.g.h.t C.l.u.b "My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right." "Its easy being […]

  11. Adhiraj Bose says:

    It’ll be great if you inform us about such sessions on this space so that we too can try and make it to these live events. On video, a lot is lost. 🙂

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