First Look : Kanu Behl’s Titli (Poster,Trailer)

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Kanu Behl’s Titli is all set to premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. And the makers have just released the poster and the first trailer of the film. It looks so intense, and so unlike any other YRF film ever. Have a look.

And here’s the Offficial Synopsis

In the badlands of Delhi’s dystopic underbelly, Titli, the youngest member of a violent car-jacking brotherhood plots a desperate bid to escape the ‘family’ business.

His struggle to do so is countered at each stage by his indignant brothers, who finally try marrying him off to ‘settle’ him.

Titli, finds an unlikely ally in his new wife, caught though she is in her own web of warped reality and dysfunctional dreams. They form a strange, beneficial partnership, only to confront their inability to escape the bindings of their family roots. But is escape, the same as freedom?

Cast and Crew

Directed by: Kanu Behl
Produced by: Dibakar Banerjee and Yashraj Films
Music by: Karan Gour
Written by: Sharat Katariya & Kanu Behl

– Starring Ranveer Shorey, Amit Sial and introducing Shashank Arora

– Earlier Varun Grover wrote about Titli in this post.


  1. Stone says:

    First Ajay Bahl, then Vikas Bahl and now Kanu Bahl,
    I know sounds ridiculous, but still just curious – are they brothers?

  2. Cast and crew attached to the movie is good enough reason for this one to watch out for.

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