Crowd-sourced casting for “Your Chin” music video

Posted: September 17, 2014 by moifightclub in Indie
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Our friend and super talented Vijesh Rajan is planning a new project and is looking for actors. Read on for more details –

I’m shooting an indie music video soon with a bunch of friends. The band’s name is Your Chin and the song I’m making the video for is called ‘fingerprints and mugshots’. You can hear the song on this link:

And so I am looking for casting options for the same. As of now, we have a poster designed for the effort – which we put on and rollingstone india. I have attached the poster herewith.

The plan is to shoot this by month end – 27th, 28th, 29th September.

About me:

I’m a Mumbai-based Vfx artist and director. Here’s a music video I directed recently for Karsh Kale –

Here’s the opening title for Dewarists season 3 that I had directed –

Here’s some of my Vfx work –

About the video:

The song I’m making this video for is called “fingerprints and mugshots”. The song is available on Your Chin’s SoundCloud.

The story revolves around a despondent man who lives alone and his friend who turns up to cheer him up.

The friend in question is a hybrid animation character, whose reference image I have attached. The character will be created using a hybrid of video footage of an upside-down chin + 2d animation elements for it’s body. This is to play on the name of the band and to lend some humour to it.

As for what an upside down chin looks like, singing lyrics – here’s a test I did sometime last year to understand upside down expressions:

(This is without the animated body, of course.)

The expressions are tricky because when you’re upside down, then you also have to do upside down expressions – a frown becomes a smile and a smirk looks like disappointment. But I’m expecting this to look pretty interesting.

We’re looking for at least 10 early /mid / late 20 somethings for a party sequence in the video.

Apart from crowd sourcing the cast, since this is a completely indie effort, we are also looking for help in terms of monetary contributions. Those interested in helping us in any way can contact us on

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