An Open Letter To Gajendra Chauhan From An FTII Student

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(Disclaimer – This is an expression of an individual student and in no way is representation of FTII’s official position)

Dear Mr Chauhan,

I am choosing to address you personally after listening to you respond on several TV news debates about the recent opposition against your appointment as Chairman at FTII. I am a student of FTII and part of the protest.

When we first heard about your appointment we knew little about you except those of us who had grown up on ‘Mahabharata’ the B.R. Chopra serial. We then began to look for more information to get to know your background and work profile. When we did, we saw a huge anomaly in your body of work and the very principles and aesthetic, FTII stands for. We began to smell a rat. Given your political affiliations and given the fact that the ruling party is becoming notorious for making completely irrational and high-handed appointments since it has come to power, it was clear to us you were meant to be a puppet of the Government and chosen despite your capabilities and inspite of your body of work. The protest wasn’t against you personally, coz we never knew you or about you. You, as we saw, are unfit for the job (reasons below) but more important than that this is a strike against the increasing interference of the ruling party to drive their agenda throughout the country without considering the principles of democracies and those of the said institutions. I think, this may satisfy the ‘surprise’ you felt when you heard about the protest before even you joining. This protest was not about you, Mr Chauhan as an individual. This may also satisfy a certain insecurity you may have, going by your own admission of you being a ‘chhota aadmi’, of depriving you of your chance to shine and become ‘big’. (Given your political affiliations I am sure you will receive a much better post, as you again by your admission iterated, that, ‘If you had to use your political power than why FTII, why not a big and more important post?’ I hope you see the contradictions here, Mr Chauhan. First you say give me a chance to progress, then you imply FTII isn’t that important a place to progress with. Strange.)

Now it is comments like these that compel me to write this letter. Because, now that we have heard you speak, we know you better and now that we know you we are dead sure you are wrong for this post. Before I tell you why you are wrong, let me educate you a bit about FTII and what this institution means to cinema as well. On the way you may learn something about cinema too, because as you may not be aware, ‘Khuli Khidki’ isn’t exactly cinema.

What FTII stands for –

  • Freedom of thought – We are allowed, encouraged and groomed to think independently to understand the world around us and our own art without any agendas, something I don’t see many institutions that can boast of. We are also taught to respect each other’s opinions as artists. Do you see yourself being able to encourage that?
  • Freedom of speech – We are allowed, encouraged and groomed to express our independent opinions without fear of repercussions, disturbing the status quo or upsetting power equations. This, you may not know, is a very important constitutional right of every citizen of India and the cornerstone of democracy which the ruling party you are associated with is trying to systematically euthanize.
  • Individuality and unbridled self-expression – FTII grooms students as individual artists above their technical domain, constantly keeping in mind that it is the person who creates and not technology. We are pushed to develop and express ourselves through our art for constant evolution irrespective of our specialisations. Having said that, FTII produces the best technical experts the industry has, on a yearly basis too.
  • Justice and fairness in all areas to all sections of society based on the philosophical principles of the Socialist Democracy we are. FTII has always stood for equality and justice for all irrespective of class, creed or gender and this has shown in the films it produces. Cinema, you see, is a wonderful tool of mass communication and if it can be used for propagating ideas of equality and justice, then why not?! These ideas don’t go down very well with your political party unfortunately and that is worrisome for us.
  • Only film institute in India to have a global perspective on cinema as a pure aesthetic medium without any mercenary considerations. It is an art form and it is upheld as one here, without compromises. Cinema here is taught from the lessons and learnings of world greats by people who understand it as an art-form, to students who want to become artists not assembly line film-makers. This requires a certain bent of mind and commitment to cinematic arts. Do you think you have it?
  • The only film institute in India that considers cinema as a vehicle as much of self-expression as much as a mirror to the society we live in. Cinema, for us, cannot be divorced from a personal voice and the socio-political context within which we live. Cinema, for us is about comment and expression not distribution and titillation. Do you understand this distinction?

Now you may say, you will uphold all these principles. Fine, we may consider your earnestness to get your ‘chance’ but what about the fact that one must understand these principles to execute them? Your body of work and now more importantly, your responses, clearly show you don’t. If you still don’t get it, let me tell you why you are wrong for this post –

  • You have no connection whatsoever with FTII to understand this space. You are not an alumnus nor have you worked or associated professionally with students or artists from here. I doubt you have even visited this place ever. You may say you will learn on the job, but Sir we aren’t talking about hiring an intern. YOU are supposed to be guiding US, deciding our future. Without knowing what this place is all about, how will you?
  • You have nothing in your body of work that shows any kind of affiliation to the philosophy or aesthetics of cinema we practice here. If you haven’t studied or practiced then you don’t understand, you see. Then how will you show us the way ahead? How will you approve, disapprove and draft policies, make decisions, appoint people to take our learning forward in the way it should be done?
  • You have nothing else in your body of work to show any kind of inclination to arts and aesthetics, or an intellectual or questioning bent of mind. This especially, is disastrous for both of us. You may not know, but the key ingredient in learning and teaching, especially of arts and aesthetics is a constantly questioning mind.
  • And because of these three points above, your political affiliation troubles us a lot. Because a fourth standard student can see why you are not fit for this post but the Government of India has handed it to you on a platter. Hence, even if you are sincere this very lack of understanding can easily make you a pawn in the hands of the Govt to push their decisions on to the institution. In that case, for your own peace of mind and job security with your bosses I think this could be unhealthy for you. Why would you want a job where you can’t prove your own mettle as you so badly seem to want to do? Please seriously re-consider and withdraw.
  • If we talk of pure heritage, the post of the Chairman has been held by the following – (Please google them if you don’t know of them and you will know more about why you are wrong for this place.)

Adoor Gopalkrishnan – Director, writer and producer, FTII alumnus and 16 National Awards, Padma Shri, Padma Vibhushan and Dadasaheb Phalke awardee. (The last, you may not know, is the highest honour conferred in the field of cinema.) If awards don’t cut it for you, it doesn’t for some of us either, then maybe the fact that he started the ‘New Cinema’ movement in Kerala that synthesized the mainstream and so-called art cinema for a wider appreciation of cinema as an artform.

Shyam Benegal – Director, writer, faculty at FTII before he became the Chairman twice. 12 National Awards, Padma Shri, Padma Vibhushan and the Dadasaheb Phalke Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. His films have been nominated at Cannes, Berlin and Moscow in competition sections. But more importantly he was a huge influence and constituent of the parallel cinema movement in India which changed the shape of cinema forever.

Girish Karnad – Actor, director, writer, playwright, recipient of 9 National Awards, Padma Shri, Padma Vibhushan, Sahitya Akademi and Janpeeth Award (highest literary honour of India). He marked the blooming and maturing of Kannada literature in the sixties.

U.R.Ananthamurthy – Novelist, playwright, poet and literary critic, Padma Bhushan, Sahitya Akademi, Jnanpeeth awardee. Finalist of the Man Booker prize. He had no association with cinema and we protested his appointment too despite holding his body of work and the power of his intellect in high regard.

Saeed Mirza – Director, writer, novelist, producer, FTII alumnus, 3 National Awards winner and a very important film-maker whose films gave impetus and shape to the parallel cinema movement of the 70’s.

And now some GK about FTII in the last decade, actually just last two years is enough. I wouldn’t have taken the pain but I read you mention somewhere that Rajkumar Hirani was the last film-maker of reckoning FTII produced. Not so long ago, in 2009, ‘Vihir‘, a terrific Marathi film was chosen at Berlin in the competition section and it was made by an FTII alumnus. Last year, in 2014,‘Killa’, a Marathi film has won the Crystal Bear at Berlin. And you know, the director was a cinematography student here, by the way. He also shot ‘Masaan’ which won two awards at Cannes this year. Yes, two. And to talk mainstream, he has also shot the soon-to-release Ajay Devgan starrer ‘Drishyam’, and this guy is hardly in his early thirties. Another film in competition this year at Cannes was ‘Chauthi Kooth’, made by another FTII alumnus. For God’s sake our diploma films have been selected in competition at Berlin this year, ‘Kamakshi’ being a case in point. Oh by the way, ‘Chitrashala’, another short film selected at Berlin this year is made by Amit Dutta, an FTII alumnus again, and an avant-garde and important film-maker of our times.

(If you can, please note how your reference points are so mainstream that you are not even aware of the wonderful and important work FTII alumni have been doing and which have even made recent headlines.)

I can go on, Sir. But I think I have explained myself in so much detail that you must have got the point. And in case you didn’t, it proves once again why you just aren’t right for this post. Apologies but we can do little about that except protest until you step down.

Thank you

Most Sincerely

An FTII student

    • Rahat Yusufi says:

      Yes!! Its comprehensive and makes your / our position crystal clear. Thank you for placing me in the loop. Bravo!! & All the very best to you all current budding artists of Cinema Practice.

    • Krish Menon says:

      i have only one question to all these students – who is running this institute – who is funding this institute – from where are the huge investments being made in the institute – will one of the students pls answer this!

    • narendra says:

      Government should send all those leftist students home who do not like Gajendra because of his political affiliation

      • whose home to be sent them to, Narendra? this country is their home and they are just urging the Govt. to allow them to belong there. Subversion is RSS Parivaar’s forte. it is at its peak at present. Take IITs, IIMs, TIFR and like. British enslaved our intelect, these people are out to do the same with us now. Bigots as they are,they brand anybody as ‘Leftist’ who do not agree to be ‘Safronized’. With Smruti Irani as HRD Minister, Chouhan is the fittest for his post too. They always try to sale ‘Hindutva’ packed in ‘Hindu Culture’. Their catch line is “Rich Traditions and Glorious History”. They adminster this Opium to masses to keep them in perpetual intoxication! Strong fight back and zero tolerence is the only only antidote for this. We should all fight this Hydra with Unity of Purpose. Bravo.

    • jodhani satyawan says:

      Former FTII Chairman Ananthamurthy never acted in his life, Mrinal Sen & Girish Karnad (poor chap organized beef festival in Bangaluru, instead of Mumbai where beef is prohibited) are leftists, Mahesh Bhatt makes porn films & biggest importer of cheap artists from Pak, an enemy country, even though we have artists available here. Do students want Rajkumar Hirani of PK, which mocked Hindu Gods & Hindus. Had he made such film on minorities, what would have been his fate, every one knows.

  1. vr says:

    Why have you not mentioned Rasool Pookutty who won an Oscar

  2. Anonymous says:

    Satyajit Ray, Marinal dada were also chairman of FTII

  3. mithunda says:

    FTII students resent all forms of authority , they spend years on campus completing a diploma that should only take 3 years resulting in zero admission years (last 2). The students at FTII like to bask in the attention and security of the institute and are left wanting in the real world. Their pseudo ideologies make them aim for artistic standards that require a worldview which needs to be acquired through an open mind and not by growing beards.

  4. Anaconda says:

    The only thing you have managed to highlight with the help of your comment is how much you like to stereotype and generalize, which probably clouds your perception about what having an open mind really means. If you could do a little bit of research and find out more about why the protests are happening instead of judging it superficially, you will *probably* understand that this is part of a bigger problem that other institutions have already witnessed. Frankly, you sound more like a person who has an unresolved personal problem with the institute and has decided to vent on this blog. I hope you find the peace that you long for.

  5. the greyingmoron says:

    Umesh Kuljarni 2004 FTII student very imporatnnt filmmaker in Marthi cinema, has contributed immensely to the revival of Marrathi cinema onece more…. And Mithunda despite of what you say FTII students are pushing the envelop time and again in whichever fields…. Dont give this juvenile ‘Authority’ argument….Why dam a raging river …Creativity is a life force and we are our own Shivas to control it…Not you or anybody

  6. Would like the author to clarify a few doubts that I have after reading this article:

    “given the fact that the ruling party is becoming notorious for making completely irrational and high-handed appointments since it has come to power” – Could the author list out 3-5 such appointments so that it is clear for people like me if there is a real pattern?

    You have listed 6 things that the FTII stands for. All of them basically say – you want freedom of speech. And then you ask if the new Chairman will stand for it. And then you say, you are not sure if he will stand for it, because of his “responses” recently. What exact response of his made you feel he will clamp down on your freedom of speech, thought, justice, equality etc?

    Your only contention is that Gajendra Chauhan is not as qualified as his predecessors to lead this institute. Why bother bringing in freedom of speech into this? (And other very loftly crafted arguments too!).


  7. MJ says:

    Complete piece of trash

  8. MJ says:

    Just found out that David Dhawan, who makes complete nonsense movies of Govinda, is a FTII gold medalist. No wonder!

    • Gaitling says:

      Not just David Dhawan, But almost half of the starcast of that movie Gunda ( which by these lot’s definition would be a B grade film) are former FTII students (Mithun da, Shakti Kapoor etc).Also Raza Murad, Navin Nischol have also done some “b grade ” films.

      But the reason why these people are opposing his appointment is because he has a certain political bias. And the irony is that they are talking about having always stood for equality and justice for all irrespective of class, creed or gender . What a hypocrite bunch.

  9. Dr.Chinmay Kulkarni says:

    You have proven him guilty even before him committing a!!very democratic.This article says that Chauhan’s political party doesn’t believe in equality and justice. What a sweeping generalization.Don’t you know that they are obliged to believe in these ideals if they want to run an election?the article talks about freedom of thought and the writer ready to give the same freedom to BJP people?I don’t think so.politics is all pervasive .Many of the previous chairmans believed in some political ideology(everyone knows Benegal,karnad’s political affiliations.)did the students protest then because they were ‘political’?.No because their political affiliations were same as writer’s. If you oppose a chairman Just because he is from a political party you dislike then this act itself is undemocratic. Would you support if we doctors start a strike because Medical Superintendent appointed in a hospital believed in political ideology we don’t like?.

    • Gaitling says:

      How is this protest different from the incident with that Indian student being denied by German University because of their prejudice about Indian men’s rape mentality?

  10. Bharat Chawla says:

    Lots of experienced and deserving people from film freternity are there and who are eligible for this post… They should be given a chance through fair and transparent process…

  11. Chintan Upadhyay says:

    I am sure whoever is this Gajendra Chauhan is not someone who can inspire a leading institution in the country. It is very clear that that FTII is not only an institution of cinema but an institution of Aesthetic. It will be a disastrous action if a professional politician take the authoritative position. It reeks of an agenda to stop progressive thinking and push the mediocrities and regressive thinking. The government should not forget that the manner of the public will get affected by this action and will take the country and aesthetic much backward. It is a professional institution with much broder prospective and vision. And only specialised person should lead the institution.

  12. Hello FIGHTies,

    Even as a layman, I feel Gajendra Chauhan isn’t a suitable choice. There are many worthy people with approprite credentials out there. However, I wish to draw your attention to a grave discrepancy.

    You said :

    >> … but more important than that this is a strike against the increasing interference of the ruling
    >> party to drive their agenda throughout the country without considering the principles of
    >> democracies and those of the said institutions.

    Do you really mean democracies? I saw the legacy of the chairmen you mentioned. I am particularly interested in two gentlemen. They are U.R.Ananthamurthy and Girish Karnad. Let’s see where they fit in democratic setup.

    1. U.R.Ananthamurthy : This gentleman wanted to quit India if Modi was to come to power. This is an absolutely undemocratic statement. He has questioned the competency of the People of India, the prime source of political power. Does he not know that Modi is not even chargesheeted in Gujarat riots case? If Supreme Court refuse to recognise Modi as a perpetrator, why does he wants to blame Modi? Does he not believe in Supreme Court’s verdict?

    2. Girish Karnad : This gentleman is a known communist. Do democracy and communism go hand in hand? Are they like chalk and cheese? Or should I say knief and cheese? Hah! You decide!! Let me tell you that communism is an extremely violent sect hell bent to dismember India.


    I advise you to remove unnecessary clutter from your expression. If you want to say it, you should mean it.

    Wish you all the best. 🙂

    Humbly Yours,
    -Gamma Pailvan

  13. Anonymous says:

    The writer of this article does not seem like an artist. It feels like this article is written by DIGVIJAY SINGH or SALMAN KHURSHID of CONGRESS party, ya, the same congress party which made a puppet like Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister of India.

    I think Gajendra Chauhan is a decent choice for the post, anyways AMITABH BACHCHAN, OR AKSHAY KUMAR don’t have enough time to spend on this thankless low paying job where the so called students behave like congress puppets.

  14. will work for guddu dhanoa anyway says:

    What does a strike by FTII students mean anyway nothing much beyond bumming around , smoking up and ideological banter happens on campus. Very few actually have the talent to utilize the opportunity.

  15. Sunil says:

    A peace of crap, written with a jaundiced mind! It proves that this institute really needs an overhaul!

  16. Vicky Solanki says:

    Obviously most of the comments here have come from those who are supporting the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan, therefore clearly posted by men who have least interest in the well being of FTII. What these men fail to understand is that the moment Chauhan holds this very important post even for a day, it will result into a drastic fall of the institute’s equity. Like it or not, the Institute may not be able to attract any one worthy of the job ever in future. Gajendra Chauhan maybe a good, passionate, hardworking and willing man, but please look for another job where your qualifications and skill sets fit, where you will be able to contribute, where you will be respected. Not FTII, please. The Institute cannot afford to lose precious time on this issue that’s a no-brainer. Let the Government not get stuck on this appointment. Accept it as a silly mistake and move on. Keep aside the ego, and get Mr Chauhan off the handle before the poor man faces more embarrassment. Thank you in advance.

  17. […] protesting students of FTII have articulated with eloquence how unqualified Chauhan is for the top […]

  18. […] protesting students of FTII have articulated with eloquence how unqualified Chauhan is for the top […]

  19. Anand Sashidhar says:

    Going by the profiles of the past directors of FTII, i guess it must be a shit hole by now.Better that Gajendra Chauhan recuses,to save himself of the rotten stench.

  20. hats of for you guys for standing up…

    From the Censor board drama to the Maggi noodles being replaced (banned for) Ramdev baba’s to sell his noodles… to the Lalit Modi fiasco…this is a systematic rot that has been setting in from the time this govt took over… this kind of thing is unprecedented in the HISTORY OF INDIA.

    If he had any respect or sense he would resign but just like Sushma Swaraj and Vasundra Raje will not resign he too will not resign.

  21. Archives says:

    […] as one may expect, with different students declaring inherently contradictory objectives: this post here talks of the absence of personal enmity against Chauhan and a railing against the very process to […]

  22. harun says:

    if the rules are laid long time back that FTII body/chairman can be appointed by Government, why the fuss now? The strike should have taken place when the rules were laid down and not during each appointment. Chauhan is appointed officially hence no court or any association has right to remove him and he should be allowed to do his job. No association has can deny the right what Chauhan has got. Please give him a chance.

  23. Parvez Akhtar says:

    हालाँकि गजेन्द्र चौहान टीवी इंडस्ट्री से सम्बद्ध हैं; लेकिन उनका फ़िल्म-कला में कोई विशिष्ट योगदान नहीं है, सिवाय इसके कि वे व्यापारिक टीवी-सीरियल के औसत अभिनेता हैं।
    जिस संस्थान के साथ ऋत्विक घटक, श्याम बेनेगल, सत्यजित रे, अडूर गोपालकृष्णन, मृणाल सेन, गिरीश कर्नाड जैसे अंतर्राष्ट्रीय स्तर के फ़िल्मकार, विचारक और शिक्षक के नाम जुड़े हैं, उस प्रतिष्ठित संस्थान के लिए गजेन्द्र चौहान सर्वथा अनपयुक्त हैं।

  24. Sanjukta says:

    Appointing Gajendra as FTII chief is like appointing a street side quack as AIIMS chief or a dubious palm reader from the village fair as Head of astro physics department. Yet this doesn’t make the Bhakts angry. Their disdain for left leaning politics and congress is so blinding that they have become dull headed and inert bereft of all logic and reason. They cannot see this as a simple case of undeserving candidate rising to a post on the basis of political association, a case of an unqualified person given such big responsibility.

    Who says we should have Congress sympathiser left leaning head of FTII, the BJP government is more than welcome to find a right leaning RSS sympathaiser with some cinematic credentials, intellectual bent of mind and one who can command some respect in the heart of the students. But the point is they cannot find one such person. As Ramchandra Guha has observed that the right wing doesn’t have intellectuals. Because intellectuals, people who can think critically, do not support right wing’s divisive extremist politics. And in all honesty, they don’t even want such intellectuals in their regime. Who wants thinkers? They need deaf, dumb, blind inert, brainwashed sheep who only have herd mentality. And the Modi government is systematically turning the young generation into sheep. These appointments one after the other are calculated steps to destroy the intellectual capacity of the next generation. That would be the only way they can stay in power otherwise people would see through the deceit. That is why the attack on NGOs, the apathy towards scholars and premium educational institutions.

    Sadly, the Modi Bhakts cannot see it. The Bhakts are the proverbial boiling frogs.

  25. Nachiket Patwardhan says:

    Congratulations for a very well written letter covering all crucial issues; I appreciate the fact that you have focused on the larger issue of appointing party members rather than experts in the various academic fields under the Government; instead of promoting and encouraging autonomy, the Govt. is trying to censor, control and restrict free thinking and a questioning mind. If India is to compete in the world, we cannot go back into feudal and narrow minded objectives.

  26. Ravi P says:

    Dear FTII students,
    You are being misguided by vested interests who want to shut down FTII to privatise it. Don’t fall prey to their designs. No alumni have said that they succeeded in their studies and career only because there was a great chairman. It is the teaching staff and above all the efforts and talent of the students that counts. Build up courage to say NO to strike.

  27. akshay says:

    i am a strong supporter of the modi government but this appointment has disappointed me a lot. Even if BJP wanted somebody from their ranks, they could have chosen anupam kher or say shatrughan sinha , hema malini etc but appointment of gajendra chauhan is a disaster of a decision.. his credentials are not at all worthy for such a position. this job is not just about giving a chance to anybody. you are not being chosen to be trained, its a chairman position. as for the teaching staff, just see pallavi joshi , santosh sivan etc have resigned on this issue and they are correct. somebody was speaking about mithun (he has won national award), david dhawan (he has made some excellent movies) , shakti kapoor (has had a great career with so many different roles – gajendra cannot eve dream to match him). irrespective of which party is behind the protest or any such right – left wing arguement, lets accept , this choice is absolutely wrong. as a strong supporter of BJP, i would just like to say that lets not act blind on this…..we all know in our hearts that this was not a good decision…..

  28. Vicky Solanki says:

    Agree with you, Ravi P. Not wise to waste precious time on this issue, and yes the performance [and eventual success] of any student is less dependent on the Principal/Chairperson of the institute and more on the teaching staff, the teaching techniques, and the infrastructure, and the students own abilities and hard work. But don’t you think all of this IS influenced by the man/woman at the helm? Gajendra Chauhan has lost respect even before his appointment to the position. How do you think is he going to win confidence, and make an impact? The film fraternity, slowly and certainly, is warming up to the cause. Does not mean the ongoing strike is the solution, and does not refute your assumption of vested interests to privatize FTII. But Gajendra Chauhan certainly is a wrong choice to lead.

  29. Mr. ‘an FTII student’, i would like to know how long you have been in this institute. If >3 years, then you are a pathetic free-loader and do not have any right to say anything on any FTII issue

  30. Sourav says:

    I agree with the fact that Gajendra Chauhan is not the right choice. There are better options. However I disagree with some of the logic put forward here :

    1. Doing B-grade films should not be the reason for his disqualification. Many extremely talented and renowned people even from FTII have acted in such films. There are financial constraints in a country like India; as students you may not be aware of real world difficulties yet. So do not pre-judge people.
    2. The chairman is pretty much a high level manager for the institute, he need not be himself excellent in cinema. However you need to be aware of the work and what is the way forward. Take an example even for the best organizations in the corporate world – the guys at the top hardly know how their employees do their work.

  31. RaviP says:

    Dear FTII students,
    Enough of acting as being disgruntled students, it is time now to get back to classes and working hard. The books, the films, the cameras, the lights are waiting for you….

  32. RaviP says:

    Dear FTII students,

    I only meant that your careers are more important than who the Chairman is. When you get success in this highly competitive field, you will agree with what I said. Best wishes

  33. Kamakshi says:

    Dear Anupam & Rishi
    I wonder how both of you, despite being responsible & senior actors, how can you humiliate another known actor in society who is trained by most renowned director Shri B R Chopra and played a lead role in a TV mega-serial – “Mahabharat” which was super-hit all over India and translated in other regional languages and telecast throughout India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari., when India had only two TV channels –DD1 and DD2.

    Each and every TV spectator from 5yrs to 95 yrs of age watched “Mahabharat” regularly every episode on Sunday mornings where city streets would be empty as if there was a curfew.

    How can you forget this important & glorious history of Indian Film and Television Industry?

    Can any Bollywood/ Hollywood director today make such a super-hit mega-serial of our Indian history?

    Do Hollywood directors know about “Mahabharat”? If you think that they need not know about “Mahabharat” created by Shri B R Chopra, then why Mr Gajendra Chauhan should know about Hollywood and other world film directors of other countries for being Chairperson of Film and Television Institute of India?

    How many students of FTII today who are on strike can speak fluent Hindi and Urdu with good pronunciation before taking admission in that school? Have they passed any language test? Or are they thinking that they can become a mega-star like Katrina Kaif and budding star like Aliyaa Bhatt without knowing the language?

    Do you have any wisdom and sound mind to think over this?

    Arnab knows only to bark and scream in the name of debate on Times Now channel without letting anyone speak and does not know anything about Bollywood movies, actors and directors!

    I had great respect for both of you since my younger days till you publicly offended by hurting self respect and human rights of Mr Gajendra Chauhan- your own fellow professional in public through media.
    In this way I feel you hurt the spirits of great directors of Hindi Films and Television –Late Shri B R Chopra and his son Shri Ravi Chopra.

    I appreciate Mr Gajendra Chuhan’s fighting spirit, self- respect and self-confidence- which is most essential for any human being who can be considered for being a highest form of human by protecting his own rights- this teaching comes from every movie of Shri B R Chopra right from the start of his career- I myself learnt these messages from Shri B R Chopra’s movies and this is true “practical learning” of becoming “Honest & Good Human Being” before becoming an actor rather than posing as “Being Human” like Salman Khan despite killing human beings through drunk driving and absconding from law like a monster. Can you deny the pathetic status of Bollywood film Industry where everybody is “Niporing-Kheesay” in front of Salman including both of you?

    Being an Indian mother, I feel like giving Salman two tight slaps on his face and ask him to go and surrender in front of public to law! This must be the lesson for every new student who wants to be an actor.

    “Honesty, Sincerity and Modesty” must be there in every actor – be it in it real life or on big screen.Just remember that “Bad-tameez” students of FTII are never fit to be Actors!

    “Aap logon nay aaj TV par Dharmraj Yudhishtir kaa Cheer-haran kar kay Swargeeya Shri B R Chopra aur Shri Ravi Chopra ki Aatmaaon koh Chot pahunchayee hai”.

    In his own movies- Shri B R Chopra has given a message to us, “Insaan ko chaahiye, Waqt say Darkar kar rahe, Kab na jaanay kis Ghadi, Waqt ka badlay Mijaaz” – if you don’t know this; just learn it today and teach that to the striking students of FTII & your acting school and teach them their first lesson of “Discipline” before becoming students despite how much ever amount of money their parents may throw at your faces.

    The second lesson for being a good actor is knowing fluent Hindi and Urdu with good pronunciation- Mr Gajendra Chauhan can do that!

    Mr. Rishi Kapoor, if your father faced such “Bad-tameez” students- would he have accepted them to be trained by him- he would surely have kicked them in their butts and thrown them out of the boundary walls of RK Studios!

    Just remember Shri Raj Kapoor’s message, “Kisi ki muskuraahaton pay ho nissar, kisi ka Dard mil sakay to le Udhaar, Kisi ky Waastay ho tere dil mein pyaa, Jeena Isee ka naam hai”

    Do you believe this or not?

    So, learn to face the reality of “Samay” – which always spoke in the mega-serial “Mahabharat” – the FTII student representative must take one lesson- to watch every episode of mega serial “Mahabharat” with all the other striking students and they will realize how every aspect of film making: acting, dialogue delivery, camera work, editing, set design, costume, special effects, music, back ground music, script writing, continuity flow, crowd management, voice-overs, and unit management with team work working together with mutual respect and compatibility – all these can be gained just from watching Shri B R Chopra’s masterpiece mega-serial “Mahabharat” – which is like a thesis of a film institute in itself and above all if the students understood the language- they will learn true lessons of wisdom & Reality of life as well and become good human beings and good professional actors- through learning from the wisdom within “Mahabharat” phenomenally simplified and projected by the genius Shri B R Chopra and can carry his legacy forward in future Hindi films and television through your schools.

    Stop being a “Sadak-Chchaap” by bullying your own fellow actor and supporting the undisciplined students of FTII who are trying to take charge of appointing the Chairperson of FTII!

    I therefore request you to issue through media a public apology to Mr Gajendra Chauhan to preserve his dignity as a fellow actor.

    I am now quoting Sant Kabir’s doha., “ Jahaan Dayaa tahaan Dharm hai, Jahaan Lobh tahaan Paap; Jahaan Krodh tahaan Kaal hai, Jahaan Kshamaa tahaan Aap (God Almighty!)”

    God loves you both, Mr Gajendra Chauhan and good actors and good directors of Hindi cinema and so do I!
    Kind Regards & Best wishes
    Kamakshi Swaminathan
    Freelance Journalist and writer in Hindi for Global Media Outlets

  34. Raj says:

    Dear all,

    There are many serious allegations against FTII students too, which cannot be ignored.

    Public opinion is against the strike. Citizens feel that whether Chauhan should be appointed as Chairman or not is one issue. A totally separate issue is that students cannot give themselves extra-constitutional authority to dictate who the chairman or other members of the society will be. The citizens strongly oppose the students on this issue.

    The government is giving a subsidy of Rs 12 lakh per student. This is tax payers’ hard earned money. But do the students deserve it? No subsidy means students would take loans. No subsidy, no strike.

    Because of the subsidy, many students do not study and clear their courses and attend the institute for years. These seniors have no desire to graduate. They do not mind if the institute is closed down.
    The government should reconsider the subsidy and its amount, since it is not yielding desired results. Citizens may file a petition for withdrawal of subsidy.

    The students have democratic right to protest, but not to strike. They also have a democratic duty to attend classes which are paid for by tax payers. Duties should come before rights. In a democracy, they are free to resign and study elsewhere.

    The FTII students have brought the functioning of the institute to a halt. This is serious indiscipline and a sufficient ground for being rusticated. However, the authorities should first suspend the students and get the premises vacated. Then they should be asked to give a written undertaking or else they can be rusticated.

    Workers on contract may face unemployment thanks to the students.

    If at this stage, Chauhan is removed, it will set an ugly precedent. In every institute, those who don’t get appointed have only to instigate students to go on strike. This will spread to all institutes.

    Citizens are fully supporting the government. It must not back out at any cost. Chauhan is here to stay. The rule of the law must be upheld. If the students want FTII to be closed, so be it.

  35. Vishu says:

    who give a fuck what u know n what u did U guys r known locally only because at front of FTII people get paratha’s at night n also because supply of Ganja ……….. Now basic fact about u that might u not know , we all know u are born free frm all ur liablity from ur family n from ur country but u speak well n show ur emotion well-ly about them few tym u started crying to proof ur emotion but this is only happens when u became high u r talking about rules n ruling but what u all r doing here ruling a riot ……
    U all r piece of jerk who got a chance to came out from ur Cow-Yard … Gajendra Chouhan was not fit but what u did at Ramleela maidan is ????
    U idiots r not misses a single chance to sledge India because ur activity n work is actually Europian
    n m sure just because of ur small pocket u r here unless u move from here…. u guys r only needed bash at urs ass… Go fuck urself u useless junkies…. go n check ur parents they might need u, because mostly they regreting always about that night when u became a seed only, go n prove them wrong….loosers

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