FTII #StrikeIsOn Enters Day 6 – Writing Is On The Wall (Pics)

Posted: June 17, 2015 by moifightclub in cinema, News
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Today is the Day 6 of students strike at FTII against Gajendra Chauhan’s nomination. And here’s another great thing about the strike – the writing is now on the wall, literally. Have a look.

(Click on any pic to start the slide show)

  1. Anand Sashidhar says:

    These graffittis sound so pedestrian and yet the Left overs do not even realise it.Like the house lizards on the ceilings, they believe that they are supporting the whole edifice of art and society.

  2. Vindhya Sing says:

    As all the attention is fixed on FTII, people do not seem to have noticed that Suresh Gopi has been appointed as the Chairman of NFDC. He is extremely moronic. That is because he said recently that police should be used against the protesting students of FTII.

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