The Story Is Lady Oriented. Their Fantasy Above Life – WTF Is CBFC Smoking?

Posted: February 23, 2017 by moifightclub in film, Indie, News, WTF
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Central Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) has refused to certify Alankrita Srivastava’s film Lipstick Under My Burkha. And the reason given are pure WTF. Here is the letter issued by CBFC. Do read.


Click here to read the full report. This is not the first time that they have been so dumb about certifying a film. And this surely won’t be the last. With bonafide morons at the helm of affairs, what else can one expect.

And the best part is the film has been doing the fest rounds for quite some time and has been getting some great reviews.


  1. Jiten Parikh says:

    I think everyone dreams what they don’t get or wants to have in reality if makers trying to show facts about life of women why some people in the name of society and to prove their ego ban such film,now a day audience is more smart they see what they wants to see by many more media ways,we should have flexible and practical members in such committees.

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