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david….we think so! Because not many can claim to die at the pleasure point! We know one person who will surely endorse our view. Ram Gopal Verma. Now why we are talking death and sex on a cinema blog ?

If  you are still not aware, its because actor David Carradine is dead. David, the dude from Kill Bill. The cause of death – sex act gone horribly wrong. His dead body was found in the closet of a luxury hotel room in Bangkok, with a rope tied to his neck and genitals. Gossipmongers suggests  its called auto-erotic asphyxiation, a practice designed to boost sexual pleasure. You can read more about his death here

The actor was in Thailand to shoot a film called Stretch. Blame it  on our sick sense of humour, but why would you stretch yourself so much for sex ? On second thoughts, its fine to do so but not in auto-mode sex!And complete no-no if you happen to be Bangkok where its dirt cheap.

We are the last guys to talk moral issues but we could not stop ourself from wondering why would David do it if he was…

1. In Bangkok. Just shout out and you will get sex.

2. He was 72! Not the right age to expriment.

3. He was married five times! And still nobody with him.

Who would have thought BILL would KILL himself and in such a shocking way! RIP!