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Kaminey 2…… got stuck at the edit stage.

Blame us for this overdose of Kaminey, but don’t think there is a way out. Here is some fresh & exclusive dope about Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kaminey. After the shooting, Meghna Manchanda was suppose to edit the film. She earlier edited Vishal’s Omkara, her first film. And then his short film Blood Brothers.

After the film’s edit, Vishal wasnt happy with the final cut. He felt many sequences weren’t working. Also, Kaminey was a difficult film to edit, a desi pulp fiction. Vishal felt that Meghna wasn’t getting the right pulse of the film. He called up well known editor A Sreekar Prasad and got him onboard. And it seems Sreekar didnt charge anything for the film.

Vishal Bhardwaj was damn happy with Sreekar’s final cut. But it led to fallout between him and Meghna. Also, the situation became bit awkard as Meghna’s husband Supratik Sen is one of the four writers of the film. Supratik assisted Vishal on The Blue Umbrella and Maqbool. Though Meghna has been credited alongwith A Sreekar Prasad, but now its not all well between the director and miyaan-biwi.

….to ? Thats what we wondered when he heard the news. To the gentleman in the pic…..any guesses ??

Che Kurien

Dekho. Sochon. Samjo aur Guess karo! Ok, enough of braindead guessing, the guy in the pic is Che Kurrien. He is the editor of the Indian edition of GQ magazine. Look at the pic carefully and you can see GQ magazine in the background.

The couple recently had a hush-hush wedding, without any filmy naach gaana. A film actress marrying a journo…now thats straight from a filmy plot and a rare one in real life. Though Antara is nowhere to be seen in the movies any more but it seems she is planning an independent film soon.