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Like us, are you guys also ROFL whenever you see the new Vodafone (Hutch) campaign ? If yes, then read on. Vodafone’s last campaign with the pug was a big hit. And if the intial response to their Zoozoo campaign is any indication, its a sureshot blockbuster. Who needs stars to endorse the brand when you have Zoozoos!! Small creatures, big heads and bigger idea.

zoozooAt a time when IPL is on and with so many tv commercials on air, its impossible to get the eyeballs and create the right buzz. So, ladies nad genteman, please put your hands together for Ogilvy India (the brains behind Zoozoo) and Nirvana Films (the production house which executed the plan).

And here is the big question. Are the Zoozoos real or animated ?

Well, we were wrong like everyone else. They are REAL. Yes, real human beings in body suits.

Agencyfaqs has published a detailed story on the making of Zoozoo – from idea level to execution. You can read the article here.

And if you still haven’t seen the Zoozoo tv commercial, then just click on the play button. Its a must watch.