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Govinda 2If Manoj Night Shyamalan ever decides to make a sequel to The Sixth Sense, we would pray hard that Govinda gets the title role. Cole Sear can grow up into a chubby & funny man. Why ? Because Govinda is born to say that popular line – I see dead people! Believe it or not, but Govinda believes so.

Check out this story in today’s Mid-day. How Govinda and his brother Keerti talk to their dead mother. Ripley’s Believe It or Not or ROFL! For more colourful & bizarre Govinda stories, click here , here and here. All about Govinda slapping, abusing, cancelling shoots for the weirdest reasons you have ever heard.

And this is not the first time. The stories are many and here is one of your recent favourites. Govinda was in London shooting for Tigmanshu Dhulia’s King Con, which he wanted to name Show Man. One day suddenly Govinda called up the dialogue writer close to him, slapped him hard and asked him why he is conspiring to kill him. WTF can be the only natural reaction of any normal being. The writer complained to Dhulia and walked out of the film.

That was just the beginning. Next day,  there was a metal pole by the roadside at the shooting location of the film.  Govinda demanded that the pole be removed or he will not shoot. Why ? Because the pole is giving bad vibes. Now how to explain to Govinda that London is NOT India and he can’t just remove anything from any public place because its giving you bad vibe. Pole remained there. Shoot cancelled. Location change.

And more such incidents followed. He felt that the name King Con is not lucky and when Dhulia decided not to change the title, Govinda walked out of the film. He also refused to shoot in front of the Buckingham Palace because he was a sitting MP then and so he would not dance in front of London’s Royal Family Palace. Hehehehehohohoho! He even refused to dance in front of a Queen’s lookalike. In this scenario, calling him “Insane” will be under-rating him.

Last we heard, Dhulia has patched up with Govinda and have decide to work together. Terms and conditions will be according to Govinda’s ghostly interpretations. Boo!