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Imtiaz AliYes, Seven fucking crore! For Love Aaj Kal. And we are happy to know and share the info. Because this is one director who made it all by himself. From nobody to saat-lakhiya director as people in Jamshedpur must be calling him. 

He was paid only 25 Lakhs or so for Jab We Met, which is hard to believe. But it may be true because Socha Na Tha was a big flop though we don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like it. Some even prefer it more than Jab We Met. But as they say, strange are the ways of life! Learn to live and deal with it.

From the promos and songs of Love Aaj Kal, it looks like win-win situation for Imtiaz again. He is trying to get Hrithik Roshan for his next film. It seems Roshan baba is giving him sleepless nights to him. We will keep you posted on that too.

Here is a recent interview of Imtiaz Ali – on his love-on-the-run triology, Jamshedpur days, dialogue writing and more. Enjoy.

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Whats in a name!

BTW, someone whose opinion we value, told us today that we are fucking pretentious ( is the spelling correct ? Hmmm…we are not sure). Because our blog is called fight club and we are happy to serve gossip. Its NOT done. Ouch!

Not that it matter much to us but we are thinking about other options now. Because we believe everyone loves gossip. Some just deny it. So our fight club will surely have gossip. If not, we are willing to change the name of our blog.  We have shortlisted some options so that the theory of gossip gels well with our blog’s name. Let us know what do you prefer.

1. (what a title)

2. (cult classic)

3. (wet dream debut)

4. (thats what we feel)

We are damn serious!

First came out a really sad still from the film Love Aaj Kal. It was difficult to tell who looked more bored in the pic – Saif Ali Khan or Deepika Padukone. The link to the pic is here. But thank god for small mercies. Now there is more to discuss and dissect. Two posters of the film are out. And these are not as dull as the pic but still, well, have a look.


loveaajkalposter 2

Our conclusion – It seems Imtiaz Ali has again boarded the train. Its again a travelogue or road movie or whatever you want to call it. Thats what it looks like from the poster. This should complete his road triology with Socha Na Tha and Jab We Met.

The first poster has some character but nothing fresh about it. Second one looks straight out of Salaam Namaste. We know, we are reading too much into the posters. But when Imtiaz is considered as one of the directors to look out for, atleast his film should not have such unispiring posters. Or is it recession at creativity shop too. And when the expectations are so high, you should not fuck around with such shoddy ones. Not even the posters. Imtiaz, can we please have something better ? We are waiting and hoping for better.

For some inspiration, do check out the posters of Dev D. Who said you need shitload of money for everything!