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Chillar Party is produced by UTV SpotBoy and directed by debutants Vikas Bahl and Nitesh Tiwari. Vikas used to head SpotBoy earlier. The film has a bunch of kids in the star cast and has music by Amit Trivedi.

And here’s the official synopsis …

Chillar Party is a fillam about a gang of innocent bachcha log who lead a carefree and fun filled life in Chandan Nagar Colony. Soon Fatka and Bheedu come into their lives and they become an inseparable part of Chillar Party.

The lives of these Bachcha log get difficult when Bheedu’s life is endangered, thanks to a mean politician.  Saath me they fight the big bad world of politics and show that even chhote bachche can move mountains.

In a world where reason outweighs emotions, Chillar Party teaches everyone to feel rather than think. They prove that what seems to be right is not always right.

peter gaya kaam seHere is the first look of second feature of Rajeev Khandelwal, Peter Gaya Kaam Se. 

The film is directed by John Owen and produced by UTV Spotboy. The shooting of the film is almost complete. Rajiv plays the main lead in the movie and southie actress Lekha Washington is paired with him.

Story/Synopsis : Set in Goa, the movie revolves around Peter, who likes only two things in life – football and bikes.  One day Peter decides to quit his job. But his sleazy boss Bosco persuades him to do one last job, the last heist. And Peter never realised that it will change his life forever. Aur Peter Gaya Kaam Se!