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writing for others

Posted: April 17, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, writing
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Here is a small  note from a friend who has been trying to get a break as a film writer since last 2 years. Frustrated, he has now taken up AD job and is trying to pitch in with his script whenever he manages. Forget Syd Field, listen to someone who is on the field, facing it all….

Unless and until you are Abbas Tyrewala, its tough luck here. Because every director wants a good writer.

And good writer means one who can type fast. Because every director just wants a typist who cant type exactly what the director wants. But what the director wants, he/she also doesn’t know.

And if you type something that the director can’t think of, then you have more trouble. How can you think better than him/her ?

Better to write your own script and then look out for director/producers. Thats what i have realised in the last one year.

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