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Writer-killer Krapash Jha

Posted: April 18, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, shit, writing
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He is writer, director, producer and is now contesting elections. Have always been known for his social-political films. When it comes to dierction, he is a control freak on the sets. We knew that. But he belongs to the club of writer-killers, we had no clue. We got the dope recently.

After all those social tamashas, how about paying the writer ? Naah. Its all drama. Count him in the writer-killers club. Yes, we will try to put out the names of all those producer/director who dont pay their cast/crew. Its best to avoid them.

Google and its easy to figure out that he has assets work 55 crore! Yes, 55 fucking crore! And nothing for the writer sir ? 

Looks like he followed Laloo-Paswan. Started honestly but went kaput! With him, write at your own risk!

And if you know of any more writer-killers, do let us know. We will make sure that they hit the headlines here. We are at

Good news for fans of Neil Nitin Mukesh! Anyone there ? If not, hopefully this stunt will help. According to Mumbai Mirror, Neil Nitin Mukesh has shot for a nude scene for Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail. neil Have a look…













pic courtesy : mumbai mirror

After the debacle of Aa Dekhen Zara,  hopefully Jail will offer something better. Atleast for his female fans. Otherwise this piece of wood from switzerland will be best remembered for his debut film.

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