Aamir Khan’s dress rehearsal for Guru Dutt biopic ?

Posted: July 4, 2009 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, first look, News, pics, Thoughts
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Aamir Khan & Katrina Kaif

So is Aamir Khan all ready for the Guru Dutt biopic ? Well, he still has to say yes to the film. Ad filmmaker Shivendra Singh Dungarpur has approached Aamir for the same and Anurag Kashyap is writing the script. Nothing has been finalised so far. But it seems he doesn’t mind bit of dress rehearsal. The pic is from the cover of Cineblitz magazine. Aamir Khan as Guru Dutt, hmmm, ok, we don’t have much choice. But Katrina Kaif as Waheeda Rehman ? WTF!! We can’t be so desperate. Just look at her. If only make up & photoshop could get the right expressions. Huh!

And here is the original one.

Pyaasa pic

Talking of Guru Dutt, here is an absolute favourite pic from his other classic Kagaz Ke Phool. So much expression packed in a pic. Aha…pure magic! Waheeda Rehman may keep on denying everything, from scratch to finish, but then how do you get such expressions ? Just acting. Rumours for her, life & death for him. They don’t make them like him any more.

Kagaz Ke Phool

  1. Akash Ghosh says:

    Won’t Abhay Deol be a better choice…!!

  2. horrow story this one is going to be…What on earth made them pick Katrina for this role…..Thats an insult to waheeda. They should have picked a better actress.
    She is gonna screw it so much…Why is Aamir letting this happen 🙂

  3. BENAFSHA says:

    katrina kaif is the cutiest and the prettiest actress in the world.katrina i have seen your every single movie and i will never miss any of them.also your couple is awesome with all the actors especially akshay and salman. LOVE YOU KAYS TAKE CARE!!!!

  4. Ramesh says:

    This is the last thing one should think of on this planet…No one can match up to the standards of Guru Dutt. Amir & that bitch- who doesnt even know how to spell Hindi should be shot dead for casting in this.
    Guys at least try to see what drama Guru Dutt created..before giving your idiotic views.
    its just impossible for any human being to match up to his greatness.

  5. Adrij says:

    What the crap? Katrina’s the most unobvious choice. Vidya Balan would b a better choice.

  6. Nicka says:

    Amir Khan is a very talented and brilliant actor. But even still he can not be compared to Guru Dutt!! And Amir Khan, as we know him, is the on person who — we would expect– would understand this.. and maybe that is the reason he still has not agreed to do this film because he doesn’t feel he or anyone else could be compared to the legend that was Guru Dutt. He probably just gave in to do a dress up rehearsal. But if he does end up doing this film I would still watch it because Amir Khan is my all time fav actor and to keep my respect intact for him, i would like to see if he can do justice to Guru Dutt even in a least bit.
    As for Katrina.. okay, taken she is very beautiful and pretty.. but the woman can not act!! They declared this whole idea a flop by signing her as Waheeda Rehman. Even if Amir Khan is able to pull off playing Guru Dutt, Katrina opposite of him as Waheeda would bring his performance down.

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