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The critics have thrashed the film completely but Akshay Kumar is quite gung-ho about it. He thinks Kambakkht Ishq is family entertainment, great timepass and has nothing offensive or vulgar. CNN IBN’s Rajeev Masand attacks Akshay Kumar directly, on the show To Catch A Star, and Akki defends the film completly. To read the interview, click here for the complete text. To watch it, click on the video. Its a six part video and the direct link to the video page is here.

He also explains in great details the funda of Kutta, kuttteeeeee, kutiya, dog & bitch. Its a must watch! 

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Like us, if you are googling and shouting out Dhen Tedan at regular intervals, we got something more. The complete lyrics of the title track of Kaminey – Dhen Tedan! Now sing along! Lyrics – Gulzar. Music – Vishal Bhardwaj. Singers – Vishal Dadlani &  Sukhwinder Singh.

For a change, we are putting something in hindi. So if you are not comfortable with hindi, bear with us.

Kamineyगीत : ढेन-टेड़ान
फ़िल्म : कमीने (2009)
गायक : सुखविंदर, विशाल डडलानी
संगीतकार : विशाल भारद्वाज
गीतकार : गुलज़ार

आजा आजा दिल निचोड़ें
रात की मटकी तोड़ें
कोई गुडलक निकालें
आज गुल्लक तो फोड़ें

तिल तिल तारा मेरा तेली का तेल
कौड़ी कौड़ी पैसा पैसा, पैसे का खेल
चल चल सड़कों पे होगी ढेन ढेन
ढेन-टेड़ान टेडाटेडान
ढेन-टेड़ान टेडाटेडान

आजा कि, वन-वे है ये ज़िंदगी की गली, एक ही चांस है
आगे हवा ही हवा है, अगर सांस ले तो ये रोमांस है

यही कहते हैं, यही सुनते हैं
जो भी जाता है, जाता है, वो फिर से आता नहीं

आजी आजा दिल निचोड़ें…

कोई चाल ऐसी चलो यार, अबके समंदर भी पुल पे चले
फिर तू चले उसपे या मैं चलूं, शहर हो अपने पैरों तले
कहीं खबरें हैं, कहीं कब्रें हैं
जो भी सोये हैं कब्रों में, उनको जगाना नहीं

आजा आजा दिल निचोड़ें
रात की मटकी तोड़ें
कोई गुडलक निकालें
आज गुल्लक तो फोड़ें

तिल तिल तारा मेरा तेली का तेल
कौड़ी कौड़ी पैसा पैसा, पैसे का खेल
चल चल सड़कों पे होगी ढेन ढेन

ढेन-टेड़ान टेडाटेडान ढेन-टेड़ान टेडाटेडान

And if you haven’t heard the song yet, click on the video link for the complete song.

Among the new breed, Dibakar Banerjee is one of our favourite filmmakers. Two films, Khosla Ka Ghosla & Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, and you know he belongs to a different tribe. Outlook magazine has done a cover story on the lovelogy of  indian cinema. There are essays by Sudhir Mishra, Paromita Vohra, Santosh Desai and others. To read Dibakar’s piece, click here or scroll down.

I Love You. Now Make Tea.

What film romances don’t talk about when they talk about love

dibakarMost of love is but a memory of it. How it used to be. How it used to feel. I was reminded of this while watching two of the most haloed Bollywood romances ever, late one night while researching for my next film—which is about love.

I choked, saw most of the films through a teary film over my eyes and my minus five glasses, then got up and spooned with my wife and partner of fifteen years and pretended I was seventeen again.

Now I’m told love conquers all. I have proof otherwise. Making tea in the morning conquers all. Coming back home early from work conquers all. Cleaning out the study conquers all.

But try making a film out of these things. Or even a memory. I dare you.

Hence, the memories of love long gone. Memories of when you were seventeen. When she walked into class, hesitant, shy. You looked at her face once and looked away. Memories of a knee-length skirt, perfectly waxed calves ending in a pair of Nikes you could never afford.

You never thought of touching her. She walked in a light of her own, glowing, carrying her own backlight and diffusion filter that made stars shine out of her earrings.

Some days you noticed her body, as she played in the basketball court. But you turned away, hot and confused. Most days you thought of dying of cancer in a luxurious hospital single room, while she wept quietly at your bedside, holding your hand and a thermometer. She could be loved, all your life, safe in your memory, tucked away, close at hand, and you could make a film on her anytime.

Bitch is, they had made them already.

How on earth could they know what you were thinking at night, nuzzling your pillow, alone, nursing a heart aching to be broken?

Which came first? These memories? Or the films that stole them?

More importantly, whose memories do I steal?

Could someone love someone like the following?

Nearing forty love As against Forever Seventeen love. You can see the wrinkles around her eyes. She works, earns more than you, cuts through your macho nonsense, is bullshit-repellant, has a potbelly, has married once and doesn’t want kids. Can she be loved? I mean superhit, six-weeks-running loved?

Dishwasher love She does the dishes. You do the home alone writing while your wife travels. It started with guilty, slum it sex. It’s become love now. She’s ready to leave her wife-beater husband for you. If only you gave her the guilty respect you give your wife. Can she, in all her rough-fingered, detergent-corroded glory, be loved?

She gave head once love At seventeen, she was caught on tape performing fellatio on her boyfriend in a bmw 7 series. She denied it, made a fool of herself, went away and is now back in Bombay with a hideous I-don’t-care grin on her face while trying to make it big in B movies. She’s not even that pretty now. Can she be loved?

Unfair, unlovely love She’s dark and pimply. She stands all day at a shop counter wearing an ill-fitting T, cheerfully trying to find you just the right shade of pink lipstick. She smells of sweat, cheap perfume and stale coconut oil. But she finds you your pink. Can she be loved?

Bitch left me love You picked her out of the gutter when she was ready to kill herself. You got her her revenge. You gave her the strength to go out and win. Then she leaves you because you’re a loser. Can she be loved?

Making tea for her in the morning after fifteen years love She loved you when you were boyish, funny, unknown and followed her like a pooch. Now she loves you when you’re overweight, stressed and daily late from corporate dinners because, once a month, you make morning tea. Can she be loved?

One day, they’ll spoon to these loves, you’ll see.

For most of love is but a film someone else made.

For Sudhir Mishra’s take on Devdas, click here. Also, Santosh Desai on the love story without baggage, Paromita Vohra on the love games, Prasoon Joshi on lovelogy songs and Naman Ramchandran on taboo love. Interesting!

Mallika Sherawat is on a promotional over-drive for her film Hissss. And her mantra is twitter twitter! So she is twittering about every move, every pic, every bit of news and videos of her. And if its Mallika Sherawat, who would mind! Here’s a new pic of Mallika Sherawat from her forthcoming film Hissss. Mallika going back to basics! The eve era. Enjoy!

Mallika Sherawat

For more on Hissss which stars Mallika Sherwat & Irfan Khan and is directed by Jennifer Lynch, click here and here. It got  the story/plot/synopsis and the trailer.

And we are loving it! Finally. Someone spoke out the truth. Mansukhani deserves it and much more.

Tarun Mansukhani directed Dostana which was a fart that achieved only one thing. An excuse for Abhishek Bachchan to win the award for the best actor in comic role in his Dad’s film award function IIFA 4( India International Film Award of Amitabh, Abhishek & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan). What more ? Yeh, it gave an anthem to all those mothers who don’t understand their gay sons, to sing & joke around…ma da ladla bigad gaya! And guess what, NDTV India was playing the same song when the Delhi High Court ruling came out decriminalising gay sex. What an irony! The song says exactly opposite of what the court said. NDTV India played the visuals of the celebrations with the audio of the Dostana song! The channel lost it long ago. So we are cool with that.

Coming back to the topic. Those of you who follow Pritish Nandy on twiteer, must have read his tweet. And those who don’t, take a look.

Pritish Nandy tweet2

Nandy’s tweet reads – Guess what, Tarun Mansukhani has just claimed that his film Dostana helped change the attitude towards gays in India. What a pompous ass!

As soon as the Delhi High court verdict came out, Tarun Mansukhani gave hundred interviews claiming how his film Dostana helped in changing the attitude towards gays in India. We thought it did the reverse. Made a big joke out of it. For one such interview, click here. And here is one more where he even talks about Brokeback Mountani. Guts!