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Its that time of the year when we love making those lists. The best, the worst and the top ten. We sat down with some of our favourite music in non-stop loop and made our list of the good, the bad and fuglies. Whatever caught our attention, from every possible extreme. 

1. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not – We had Himesh Reshammiya in non-stop loop! He had Rekha Bhardwaj for company, but this Himesh is all new. Check it out, if you still havent!

2. Cuss Word Converter – Give a cuss word to him and it will never be the same again. The reason why Gul-still-Czar! Add Vishal’s vocals and you have the best title song of the year! Meri aarzoo kamini, mere khwab bhi kaminey, ek dil se dosti thi, yeh huzoor bhi kaminey!

3. Whats In  a Name Song – Earlier they had no names. It was kabootar ja ja ja and atriya pe lotan kabutar re! Rahman and Prasoon Joshi made sure that we all googled Masakalli. And you are still wondering whats in a name, that too of a dove!

4. Religion Converter Song – It seems that A R Rahman is hell bent on making sure that we go for religion conversion soon. First it was Piya haaji ali, then Khwaja mere khwaja and this year he gave us Arziyaan. If I ever convert, blame it on Rahman, only Rahman. For cheap thrills, we still try to count the number of times “maula” is there in the song. Whats your count ?

5. Killer One Song  – Shankar Ehsaan Loy had the complete album, Amit Trivedi killed them with just ek gaana called ek taara!

6. New Genrae – Piyush Mishra invented a new genrae of mujra, polticial mujra!  Jaise door desh ke tower me ghus jaye re  aeroplane. Gulaal. Now our only worry is if he can be denied USA visa for putting 9/11 in a mujra

7. Legends Should Retire – Dont attack us! But if this is what we get, legends should remain as legends. Illayaraja’s music did little for Cheeni Kum and it was the same for Paa. Except the theme tune nothing worked in Paa. The udi mudi judi or whatever it is, doesnt stay even for few seconds! or May be legends should never work with their fanboys!

8. Song ONLY for the Big Screen – It proved us wrong. Dhan tedan! Its only for the big screen, in a dark theatre. We saw it once. We went again. Watching it on tv, we were wondering why has Vishal shot a song inside a nightclub in such unimaginative way. We saw it on the big screen and ate all our words, twice!

9. Musical Aag of The Year – Is Ashutosh Gowariker’s music sense complete zero ? Was it all Rahman ? Like his film, the music CD was quite a fat one packed with 13 forgettable songs! And shot in similar way! Is this the same man who shot yeh jo desh hai tera & khwaja mere khwaja ?

10. Music That Was Hit in Fantasyland – The album was hit in twittosphere but shit otherwise. Aladin. The cast and the crew went on overdrive with their tweets but as Time Out’s Nandini Ramnathan wrote, it was all gone in sixty seconds!

11. Vishal Dadlani must be the only rock-star who writes nursery rhymes. Have you heard the “hey baby, you may be” whatever shit it is! But he can put his vocals to great use. Kurbaan hua had our Rocky in full throttle!

12. No Pun Intended SongPocket me rocket hai, pocket me. As a friend said, it sounds like a great jingle for sex toys.

13. Cheap-est Thrill-est Song – Only for Adults! Bold and bitchy! Dev D. Courtesy lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya. Pyaar, emosanal atyachaar, bitch and (w)hooooore – all at one go!

14.  Best Installation Art in a song – Chandni chowk came close to New York, Gau Mata was near Gucci and we had our eyes wide open because Dil gira daftan.

15. Mohit Chauhan can do a masakalli and melancholy with equal ease! Can we now spare him! Why only rona dhona senti menti songs?

16. Best of 2009 – Bunch of kids got together in an “Audio Garage” and delivered the album of the year and the love anthem of our generation. Dev D. Music director, lyricist, singers – all new. Amit Trivedi, Amitabh Bhattacharya and the gang! ( If Rahman and Bhardwaj dont deliver, who will. So, would not put them here). 

17. A R Rahman gave us a musical note for boo boo. Its called Buuloooo.

18.  Best Closing Notes of the Year – Check out the last 2 mins of Rehna tu! Pure bliss. Can someone enlighten us what instrument it is. 

19. Underrated Songs of the YearPankho ko from Rocket Singh – Salesman Of The Year and Delhi Destiny from 99. Everything else gets so much overplay that the joy of discovering a good song is almost dead. Jaideep delivers one of the best lines of the year…..uljhe nahi to kaise suljhoge….bikhre nahi to kaise nikhroge.

20. Imtiaz Ali is going for formula in his music too. One punjabi bhangra for closing credit, one peppy number with english words, one sad song in Mohit or Raahat’s voice and blah blah! Partner in crime – Pritam.

21. Weirdest Words of the Year – Bhangra bistar! Courtesy – Jaideep Sahni.

22. Wannabe BPL Rock Album of the Year – London Dreams.

23. Worst Musical Import of the Year – Kylie Minogue with chiggy wiggie! whatever that means.

24. Worst Musical Export of the Year – Rahman with Couples Retreat. Why, O Dear Lord, why ?

25. Self-Flagellation Song of the YearBebo main bebo!

26. Musical Sucess Party of the Year – Dulha Mil Gaya! Yes, they threw a party to celebrate its musical success. Who is listening ?

27. Jingles of the Yeardil titli…dil titli….kabhi yaadon ka…kabhi sapno ka and Yeh kis pyaari hifazat me ho befikri ki haalat hai..yaara o yaara. First one is by Swanand Kirkire and second by Gulzar.

28.  Few things that never change – Atif still singing out of tune, here, there, everywhere. But its still working…tu jaane na ( Ajab Prem ki Ghajab Kahani )nobody knows why and how! Confession – we also love it!

29. Cinematic Homage Song of the Year – Akira Kurosawa from Chintuji. Its a riot…Kapola kapola! Listen carefully and see how many filmmakers you can spot!

Coming up next is filmy fuglies of the year!

PS. BPL – Below the Poverty Line.

After Kaminey, this one got to be the title song of the year…Kurbaaan hua! We have it in non-stop loop! What powerful lines….Poori huyee har arzoo, har dastaan meri…..yeh tum shuru huye jahan…main khatam hua…kurbaan hua! And Vishal Dadlani does a terrific job with this song after he bored us to death with his Aladin nursery rhymes!

The film stars Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi and is directed by Rensil D’Silva. The promotional music video of the film is out. Have a look.

Aladin - Ritesh Deshmukh, Jacqueline Fernandez & Amitabh BachchanFor the first hundred people!! Yes, thats what he tweeted on monday late night after watching Aladin! And like us, if you are following his tweets, its difficult to say how many times he has already seen the film. He saw the film during edit – alone, with Sujoy, with Shekhar, on big screen – with Ritesh, with Sujoy and again and again! Have lost the count. To quote his tweet …

you know what? after tonight, i’ll stick my neck out. i’ve rarely seen a film as big as ALADIN, yet so complete as an emotional journey. 

And the ticket refund one….

 loved ALADIN so much tonight, that if you go, and don’t like it, i’ll refund your ticket-price, for the first hundred people! there!

Woohoo! So, BIG is the key word here. The film is directed by Sujoy Ghosh and stars Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Ritesh Deshmukh and Jacqeline Fernandez. The cast and the crew have been tweeting non-stop about the film since last few weeks forming a mutual admiration club. Here’s what Ritesh tweeted after the screening last night….

saw Aladin @sujoy_g extremely proud of you and the film. You delivered more than u promised me. BIG THANK U for my BIGGEST FILM

“Big” is again the key word. It becomes bigger to BIGGEST! Big B also blogged about it. To quote from his blog….

I live with the images that last night’s trial of ‘Aladin’ have impressed upon me. I am proud to have been a part of this venture, that has certainly created a finesse and grandeur in fantasy film making much much more than what I had expected from it. It is smooth and vibrant and not in your face yet effective enough to know that it is. The characters , the settings, the music and the situations all have been blended in a most ingenious manner. For the first time in my entire career of film trial history, the audience that habitually consists of trade people, applauded after a song sequence came to an end. We in the business have become accustomed to watching films with the patent ingredients that help us assess the potential of a film. It was and is difficult for me to state whether I found those ingredients last night in ‘Aladin’ and therefore a prediction is difficult to come by. But then some of the last few releases had drummed up sufficient passion in their patent ingredients, but did not come up winners. The unpredictability of this business is the only predictability.

Well, unlike Vishal, Bachchna is not willing to stick his neck out but wraps it up on a slightly skeptical note. So, what do we know ? Here is what our spies told us.

OK. Its BIG in scale. Big is surely the key word! And better. Much better than anything you have seen in a hindi film. Unlike other hindi films, the special effects are damn smooth. But its a children’s film, as in, its a complete masala entertainer for family. With a hero, heroine, villain, love story and a Genie – what else can you deliver!

So, you going for Aladin or London Dreams this friday ?

Himesh ReshammiyaAnd is it really possible ? Ripley’s Believe it or not! According to this report in Mumbai Mirror, Himesh Reshammiya went through a vocal surgery to get a new voice. WTF!?!? Well, to quote from the report…

Himesh has quietly put himself through surgery a couple of months ago and added one more voice, apart from his nasal voice. He has now become the only singer to have two completely different voices and the new voice will be heard in his forthcoming films. He has already recorded songs in his new voice.

BTW, the report doesnt have any reporter credit. We wonder why ? And reacting to the report, music director Vishal Dadlani  twittered..

Today, i read about someone having vocal-chord surgery to get an extra voice! What dumb faacks write this, and what suckers believe it?

And some more…

Questions re: surgery to get extra voices should be directed to the ‘tards at the m’bai mirror who wrote this crap! Who is this genius doc!?

And now Indiafm has put out a new song from Himesh Reshammiya’s new film Radio and its in his new voice! Woohoo…check it out. Mann ka radio! Surprisingly, Himesh is all quite so far.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Like us, if you are googling and shouting out Dhen Tedan at regular intervals, we got something more. The complete lyrics of the title track of Kaminey – Dhen Tedan! Now sing along! Lyrics – Gulzar. Music – Vishal Bhardwaj. Singers – Vishal Dadlani &  Sukhwinder Singh.

For a change, we are putting something in hindi. So if you are not comfortable with hindi, bear with us.

Kamineyगीत : ढेन-टेड़ान
फ़िल्म : कमीने (2009)
गायक : सुखविंदर, विशाल डडलानी
संगीतकार : विशाल भारद्वाज
गीतकार : गुलज़ार

आजा आजा दिल निचोड़ें
रात की मटकी तोड़ें
कोई गुडलक निकालें
आज गुल्लक तो फोड़ें

तिल तिल तारा मेरा तेली का तेल
कौड़ी कौड़ी पैसा पैसा, पैसे का खेल
चल चल सड़कों पे होगी ढेन ढेन
ढेन-टेड़ान टेडाटेडान
ढेन-टेड़ान टेडाटेडान

आजा कि, वन-वे है ये ज़िंदगी की गली, एक ही चांस है
आगे हवा ही हवा है, अगर सांस ले तो ये रोमांस है

यही कहते हैं, यही सुनते हैं
जो भी जाता है, जाता है, वो फिर से आता नहीं

आजी आजा दिल निचोड़ें…

कोई चाल ऐसी चलो यार, अबके समंदर भी पुल पे चले
फिर तू चले उसपे या मैं चलूं, शहर हो अपने पैरों तले
कहीं खबरें हैं, कहीं कब्रें हैं
जो भी सोये हैं कब्रों में, उनको जगाना नहीं

आजा आजा दिल निचोड़ें
रात की मटकी तोड़ें
कोई गुडलक निकालें
आज गुल्लक तो फोड़ें

तिल तिल तारा मेरा तेली का तेल
कौड़ी कौड़ी पैसा पैसा, पैसे का खेल
चल चल सड़कों पे होगी ढेन ढेन

ढेन-टेड़ान टेडाटेडान ढेन-टेड़ान टेडाटेडान

And if you haven’t heard the song yet, click on the video link for the complete song.

piyush_pandeysays Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman & NCD, India and South Asia, O & M.

This is in reply to music composer Vishal Dadlani’s blog rant where he linked zoozoo with voting pattern in Mumbai. He also criticised the Zoozoos saying they are irritaing gay mice. If you havent read it yet, here it is.

Piyush Pandey’s reply is published in today’s Sunday Mid-day. Here it is…

I am ashamed that he lives in Mumbai and yet he  is ashamed of Mumbai.

I hope he doesnt have children otherwise they would be very hurt because he wants to break the necks of all Barbie dolls…rathr insensitive, dont you think ?

If he believes I am writing this letter because I am involved with zoozoo, he’s sadly mistaken. Because yes, Zoozoo are loved by everyone else but him. And if he is so insensitive to the world around, then he should change his name from Vishal Dadlani to Vishal Dudlani.

Well, Vishal asked for it. Because liking or disliking the Zoozoo is fine but he linked up two completely different issues. Is Dadlani or Dudlani going to reply to Piyush now ?

Vishal Dadlani hates Zoozoo!

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vishal-dadlaniZoozoos!! We love them. And the world around us also loves the Zoozoos. On Facebook, they have more than 1,30,000 fans. But seems music director Vishal Dadlani belongs to some other tribe. And has much better taste than us. Because Vishal HATES Zoozoo. According to a report in Mid-day, here’s what Vishal thinks about Zoozoo…

…What is this ZooZoo shit! They’re just gay mice! We don’t have the time to vote, we have the inclination to be fascinated by gay mice! Gotaa love the assholes who make up my city!

…..ZooZoo symbolises the nothingness of our minds. It’s like dumb shit has become a way of life for people in this country. Personally, I think they are irritating.

…..Don’t you see a Barbie doll and want to break her neck?” 

No problem, if you dont like them. But dude, you are mixing two completely different issues. Vishal, Whats the connection between not voting and liking Zoozoos ? We didnt get it. If you, let us know. Also, would like to know where has Vishal posted this blog ? Anyone, any clue ? Do let us know. Mid-day hasnt published the blog details.