Vishal Dadlani hates Zoozoo!

Posted: May 10, 2009 by moifightclub in Ad world, cast news, etc, News, WTF
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vishal-dadlaniZoozoos!! We love them. And the world around us also loves the Zoozoos. On Facebook, they have more than 1,30,000 fans. But seems music director Vishal Dadlani belongs to some other tribe. And has much better taste than us. Because Vishal HATES Zoozoo. According to a report in Mid-day, here’s what Vishal thinks about Zoozoo…

…What is this ZooZoo shit! They’re just gay mice! We don’t have the time to vote, we have the inclination to be fascinated by gay mice! Gotaa love the assholes who make up my city!

…..ZooZoo symbolises the nothingness of our minds. It’s like dumb shit has become a way of life for people in this country. Personally, I think they are irritating.

…..Don’t you see a Barbie doll and want to break her neck?” 

No problem, if you dont like them. But dude, you are mixing two completely different issues. Vishal, Whats the connection between not voting and liking Zoozoos ? We didnt get it. If you, let us know. Also, would like to know where has Vishal posted this blog ? Anyone, any clue ? Do let us know. Mid-day hasnt published the blog details.

  1. zoozoo says:

    he is right, they are quite irritating.

  2. […] He also criticised the Zoozoos saying they are irritaing gay mice. If you havent read it yet, here it […]

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