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arshad1Yes, thats what it looks like.

Kaun Bola is Arshad Warsi’ home production film. In an interview to Hindustan Times, this is what he said when asked about the similarties..

Thats the tragedy of my life. There are seevn people in the world who look alike and seven million people who think alike. 

The film’s script is original and I wrote it over a period of time thinking about how I would like a ghost film to be.

One day, a friend comes over and suggests I watch Ghost Town. To my surprise, ther were similarities.

The treatment of the story is similar. My charcater is liek Hwoopie Goldberg’s in Ghost. I can see the spirits around and communicate with them. The stylisation of the movies is alo quite alike. But the story is not the same.

Please, can we have a new excuse ? Circuit’s sense of reason, logic and excuse was never so bad! Where are you, Mr Hirani  ?