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The Deadlock continues. Bollywood’s producers forum ( United Producers Forum)and Multiplexes Assosciation met today to find a solution on the revenue sharing issue. Multiplexes offered 50, 40, 30 percent profit share in 1st, 2nd and 3rd week of the film’s release.

Producers body insisted on 50%. Arguements. Counter arguements. No solution came out. Both the parties walked out finally.

Now, producers are planning to go ahead with their scheduled releases in single screens and the small independent multiplexes. So,  all you film buffs get ready and locate the single screen close to your home. Coming soon.



20th century Fox has sent a legal notice to B R Films ( Ravi Chopra) on plagiarism charges. For copying their film My Cousin Vinny and remaking it in hindi as Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai.

Ravi Chopra’s story – Since quite some time, Ravi Chopra has been telling everyone that they have officially bought the remake rights of the film My Cousin Vinny.

Real Dope – B R Films didnt buy the rights of My Cousin Vinny. They mailed the producers of the film stating that their film idea is similar to My Cousin Vinny. Everything else is different. Since there is no copyright on idea, 20th Century Fox asked Ravi Chopra to go ahead with his film.

20th Century Fox’s story – Now that the film is almost complete, the studio guys realised that its not only the idea but the film’s story is exactly the same as My Cousin Vinny.  Only few cosmetic changes have been made.

Where it stands – 2oth Century Fox has moved to Bombay High Court against B R Films. It has also sought Rs 7 crore as damages. Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai has Govinda, Tabu and Sushmita Sen in lead.

So, thats the real dope!

The Making of Zoozoo

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Like us, if you are a big fan of Zoozoo ( the new vodafone commercial), then here is something more.  The making of Zoozoo commercials. First one is in english, next one has more details and is in hindi. Enjoy!

Well, there is nothing filmy here. But she deserves the headlines.  Shubhra Saxena has topped the UPSC ( Union Public Service Commission) Exams this year.

She quit a well paying IT job to sit for the IAS exams.  An IIT-Roorkee alumnus ( in Paper Technology 2002), Saxena joined Oracles in Hyderabad in 2002 but shifted to Noida when her software engineer husband Shashank began working for CSC. Soon, Shubhra too joined her husband in the same company, but she was not satisfied with her job.  Itching to serve the rural population, she would deliver free lectures to students who came to her for guidance on rural development schemes.  And then came the IAS dream.

Born in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareli, Saxena had most of her education in Jharkhand as her father was an engineer with Coal India.

And the cherry on the top is that this year, all the top three positions have been bagged by female candidates. At second position is Sharandeep Kaur who has done her MA from Punjab University. And Kiran Kaushal has secured the third position. Woohoo! Go Girls go!

For more on Shubhra Saxena, click here.

Some people are born with all the luck. Otherwise how do you explain the success of Freida Pinto. She didnt have even 10minutes role in Slumdog Millionaire and she walked away with all the jazz.

Here’s a music video which she shot during Slumdog Millionaire and now its getting lot of attention because of her new found fame. Its for canadian singer Dal Hothi’s song I Promise You. Have a look