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Yes, you can! Onir is looking for producer for his new film Abhimanyu. And he is going the complete indie way. So, anyone can put in his/her money and contribute in every small way. If you are interested, read on. If not, pass it on to someone who might be interested.
onir-filmAbhimanyu is one of the five short films that Onir plans to direct. Its the story of a child abuse survivor.

Background : In India every one out of five girl child and every one out of ten boys faces some form of abuse. But the society and law at large is not still vocal enough and addressing the issue. Most incidents of the crime do not get reported leaving behind a traumatized and mute innocence to suffer. The heinous crime not only jeopardizes the present of a child but also disturbs the entire growth process of an individual.

 Anticlock’s Motive ( Onir’s proudction house) : The idea is to make available each film for educational / awareness purposes and at the same time, to put them all together and release as a single film. Because we believe that it is important for the normal cinema going audience to see this film.

And here is what you get if contribute…..

• Rs 5000 to Rs 25, 000 will be regarded with your name in the end credit roll.
• Rs 25000 to Rs 100,000 will be returned at the time of the release of the film and with acknowledgement in the end credits.
• Rs 100,000 to Rs 15, 00,000 will get credits in the beginning titles of the film and proportionate share in the profits.

The total budget of each film is Rs 30,000,00. ( Rs 30 lakhs
Funds in Place by Anticlock = Rs. 15,000,00 ( Rs 15 lakhs)

For more details, you can contact
 – or Amar : +91-9833748111

We love to wake up with two things by the bedside. Smell of coffee and hot gossip. This was one such day.

trishalaBombay Times ( BT), which otherwise a potty paper published an exclusive interview with Trishala. And what an interview!

Trishala spoke out against Sanjay and Maanyata, how she is no more close to them and how she doesnt care about them anymore. She is also not happy with her dad Sanjay Dutt joining Samajwadi Party and not congress.

Here are some pricessless quotes from the interview –

I am not in touch with him as much as I am with my buas Priya and Namrata. I talk to them daily.  I don’t care what he does. I have my own life and I am happy in that. I wish he had continued my grandfather Sunil Dutt’s legacy in the Congress. Even my nana is in the Congress. And so is Priya bua.

And some more…on her relationship with her dad…

I would say we were very close till two years ago,now it’s too late to find out what went wrong. I have moved on as far as he is concerned. I am not emotional about our relationship. I am like him in my temperament and attitude, so we cannot sort out our problems.

On the family holiday in the Bahamas….

He ( Sanjay) was hardly available. I would only meet him at night. That’s how Maanyata and I got to know each other. She’s nice to me but I still don’t know her well enough. 

On Sanjay & Maanyata’s family plans…

I honestly don’t care about their plans. It doesn’t matter. I am happy in my own little world.

Well, we love Trishala! No, dont get us wrong. We are all for K Jo’s big fat family, values and traditions, but with Sanjay Dutt & Maanyata, and knowing their history, we would prefer pure gossip! Here is the online link of the interview.

hissssMadam M is back! And this time with an international film, Hissss, directed by Jennifer Lynch, daughter of acclaimed filmmaker David Lynch. But how many “s” in Hissss ? Are they taking the punchline of the film “vengeance has a new sound” lil too seriously ? We think so.

Hissss is a fantasy horror film based on legendary tales  of snake-woman, the icchadhari naagin. It has Mallika Sherawat and Irfan Khan in the lead. To check out the trailor, click on this link. Or just scroll down and check out the post below this one.

If the promo is not enough and you want to know more, here is the plot detail of the film from the promotional stuff of Hisss….

The Curse of the Cobra Goddess – anytime man desecrates or violates the cobra, they are doomed to suffer the petrifying curse of the snake woman, of death and infertility. Only respect and worship can keep the population safe and the women fertile.

Over 4000 years ago the inhabitants of the Indus Valley sculpted the image of the shape shifting snake. These half cobras, half human creatures were said to inhabit an awesome, mysterious temple, made of material unknown to mankind, deep within the jungles, far, far away in the legendary spice forests of the Malabar Coast. Children grew up hearing about the story recounted to their grandfathers, by their forefathers about an ancestor, who had journeyed to the edge of the world, and came back to recount a frightening story about the Snake Goddess and her mate…. and from here the legend travelled across India, and the far east along the silk route – passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years until this day.

It is the year 2008, an American man, named George, packing high tech gear, and evil intentions, makes the arduous journey into the heart of the forbidden forest. He captures a male cobra the size of a large python when he’s at his weakest, while mating. Little does he realize when they embark on testing this mysterious creature in their high-tech lab, what horror and destruction awaits him.

Deep in the jungles of Periyar, the camera snakes through the thick, wet undergrowth, and a woman emerges stark naked at the edge of a tribal village. She’s beautiful, but has matted hair, bushy eyebrows and a body covered in mud. She observes a group of tribal women, sneaks into one of their huts, and later appears on the dirt road in clothes stolen from one of them. She has two raw crocodile eggs with her that she swallows whole, regurgitates the shells, and then licks her lips – her tongue is the forked tongue of a snake. She makes it to the nearest township and wanders into a slum where she’s lured by two drunken men into their shack. They speak to her, but she seems lost and incommunicative. They lose patience and pounce on her, tearing off her clothes. Before they know it the lower half of her elongates into a huge snake and wraps around one man. Then, huge fangs appear in her mouth, and in a split second she sinks them into the other man’s neck. Her jaws dislocate and her mouth opens wide and she proceeds to swallow him as his friend with her tail coiled around him in a deadly embrace, watches his friend being eaten in horror.

Six days later the stink of rotting flesh intimates the neighbours, and soon after the local cops are on the scene where they find a blue rotting corpse, and a ball of shredded clothes, human hair, and a melted mobile. They immediately call their DSP, who’s as perplexed as his cops, and finally the district SSP, Vikram Gupta arrives on the scene. Gupta and his forensics team cannot for the love of God figure out why the killer would stab someone in the neck and then inject him with cobra venom. And what’s the deal with the shredded clothes, a melted mobile, burnt with acid, and all the hair on a man’s head intact along with the hair follicles? Thus begins his quest for this mysterious killer who leaves a trail of bodies across India with stab wounds and injected with huge amounts of cobra venom.

The snake woman learns fast and rapidly changes her look, clothes and learns to deal with the human world. She tracks down the scientists, wrecks havoc at the animal testing facility, and rescues her mate. But it’s too late and he dies in her arms after being subjected to biological testing for months and here begins her quest for vengeance with SSP Gupta hot on her trail. On the way, she encounters various humans and animals including cobras, chickens, cattle, dogs, elephants, camels and a mongoose.

What follows is a chase at breakneck speed, with horrifying deaths, narrow escapes and special effects never seen before in India, as Gupta’s Clarice Starling chases down a beautiful sexy killer more dangerous, powerful and terrifying than Hannibal Lecter. This is India’s Werewolf, Vampire, and Hannibal the Cannibal, who has an axe to grind with the villainous human race who has dared to desecrate her environment.

Looks interesting. What do you guys think ?

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We have been waiting to get the breaking news! Even Neil Nitin Mukesh has done one. When will our actresses learn ?

kanganaAccording to Mid-day, Kangana Ranaut has agreed to shoot a nude scene for a Telugu film directed by Puri Jagannath. And as expected, she has been paid a whopping amount for it. The film is currently on floors in Hyderabad.

We always believed that she is the bold one. We love  Kangana for just one reason, the way she says Bastard, oops, its Baasteerd! Check out any film of hers, Gangster, Metro, Woh Lamhe, Raaz2. Nobody says it better than her. Now, we got one more reason to love her!

pic courtesy : Mid-day/ Daboo Ratnani

srk-kkrAccoring to this report in Rediff, Shah Rukh Khan has decided to exit Kolkata Knight Riders. Yes, finally! It seems the actor has already started talking to various companies to sell the team that he just bought a year ago for Rs 300 crore. 

Reasons ? Losses. On field and off field.

On field – welll, Kolkata Knight Riders team are at the bottom of the score card. This is what happens when you have too many heads and ego issues in the team. And only one man is responsible for messing it all. Shah Rukh Khan.

Off filed –  Here is the calculation according to Rediff…

Khan is supposed to pay Rs 30 crore per year for the next 10 years. The total annual cost for the team is about Rs 75 crore. 

To settle the dispute between Kolkata Police and the IPL organisers over the cost of security arrangements at Eden Gardens, Red Chillies Entertainment had to agree to pay Rs 75 lakhs as security fees.

Khan had earlier said that KKR was easily the most successful IPL franchise, making a Rs 13 crore profit last year. However, his costs trebled last year owing to interventions from the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Cricket Association of Bengal.

Red Chillies had to pay Rs 90 lakhs per match and was supposed to earn Rs 3 crore if all stadium tickets were sold at Eden Gardens. Red Chillies had to pay Rs 20 lakhs to the police and municipal tax of Rs 500,000. So its expenses per match would have been over Rs 1 crore. But this figure had trebled.

Last year,  Kolkata Police demanded Rs 2 crore as security fees, against Rs 50 lakhs that the organisers of the IPL offered. Then, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation demanded Rs 25 lakhs from Red Chillies as amusement tax for holding IPL matches at Eden Gardens.

Its much easier for Shah Rukh Khan to make money by dancing at weddings!

srk-kolkata-knight-ridersBad habits die hard. And if you are having bad days, then you will do anything to have some sunshine in your life. According to Juicymausi ( Shah Rukh Khan is back to Mumbai, not for the vote, but its all about notes! He will be dancing at the wedding of builder Kanti Govani’s nephew. And he has been paid 3 crores for the same. Few more bollywood stars are suppose to perform with him. If not on field, he can make good money off field for sure!

Also, according to, Shah Rukh Khan will NOT return to South Africa anytime soon. He will go back only if his team ( Kolkata Knight Riders) starts winning. Why ? Because its too much sadness all around. And he can’t take it any more. 

Someone needs to tell Shah Rukh and now- Dude, its not Filmfare that you can buy the trophy or put the demand that you will attend it only if you win. Nobody gives a fuck, Mr Shah Rukh Khan. With you or without you, the IPL will go on. 

First he took all the possible wrong decisions and when its time to face the consequences, he is running away. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going ( back home!).

bandayehbindaashai220th Century Fox has sent a legal notice to producer-director Ravi Chopra for blatantly copying their film My Cousin Vinny. Chopra is the producer of the film Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai starring Govinda, Lara Dutta and Sushmita Sen. Its seems Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai is frame by frame copy of My Cousin Vinny and 20th Century Fox is asking for compensation of 7 crores.

According to Ravi Chopra, they already have the rights of the film and have everything in record. They will reply in a day or two. So, who is the Liar or is it just miscommunication ? Watch out this space. We will keep you updated. And copycats, BEWARE!

Sundance Film lab has announced the names of the 12 particpants who have been selected for the filmmaker and screenwriters lab to be held in june this year.

In the directors list, we spotted a desi name – The Story of Ram/Ritesh Batra (writer/director), U.S.A./India

More details – The Story of Ram/Ritesh Batra (writer/director), U.S.A./India:  A chance encounter over the radio waves leads to an extraordinary friendship between the Prime Minister of India and an ordinary tea vendor, which ends up transforming a nation.

Born and raised in Bombay, India, Ritesh Joginder Batra is based in New York and attends the MBA/MFA dual degree program at the Tisch School of the Arts and Stern School of Business at NYU. In 2006, he was selected for the MAISHA Film Lab, and in 2007 completed the award-winning short film The Morning Ritual. Batra recently worked on a feature screenplay for director Santosh Sivan.

 Some of the films that came out of this lab in the past includes Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Hard Eight, Kimberly Peirce’s Boy’s Don’t Cry, Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream, John Cameron Mitchell’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Peter Sollett’s Raising Victor Vargas, Miranda July’s Me and You and Everyone We Know, Ryan Fleck’s Half Nelson, and most recently Cary Fukunaga’s Sin Nombre and Alex Rivera’s Sleep Dealer.

Slashfilm has published the names of other participants and their film details. Here is the link.

IIFA 2009@Macau

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IIFA, popularly knows as India International Festival of Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan (or India International film Academy), will be held at Macau this year from June 11-13th.

iifa1So, Whats new ? Well, new location, same old shit, same naachgaana and big fat cheques for Wizcraft ( the organisers) and the Bachchan family. According to gossipmongers, IIFA is a big money making racket and nothing else. It gets all kind of possible support from the host country, almost everything is sponsored, sells tickets at high prices and more money from tv rights. All on the name of promoting indian cinema. Indian cinema ? Just look at the nomination list and its easy to guess what cinema they promote.

Awards ? Who cares! And Amitabh Bachchan is the brand ambasador for IFFA…whatever that means!!

If you dont belive in what IIFA stands for, you can check out the nomintion list here. Abhishek bachchan has been nominated in not one, not two but fucking three categories! why cant they just hand him the award ?  Why take so much trouble to announce the nominations ?